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The prison warders at Cardiff prison refused to let Maurice Kirk take his legal papers he had in his cell before throwing him out of the prison recently – he was later found slumped on the pavement by a supporter who called an ambulance – 69 year old MK was released from the hospital 3 hours later.

UPDATE from MK 6 Aug. 2013 =

“FAO Clerk to the Courts of Cardiff Crown, Count and Magistrates Courts 1.

Please confirm hearing is on the 17th of this month at Cardiff Magistrates as I need copy of the 14th November 20 Court Order issued to the magistrates by HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC, currently refused me, before I can defend it. I had in prison a CPS letter dated 28th August over some suggestion I might agree with the case going to Crown instead. Some time period was given to me but I cannot remember what it was? This is not my current view but without proper disclosure of all correspondence, sent to me by e-mail and CCTV of the five police incidents just where is this case going?

2. On 2nd Sept 13 the prison confiscated all my legal papers and clothes with it being the day of my release. I was refused access to my own ‘high risk’ category cell to even pack them up in some orderly manner. Can you send me copy please, of anything you may have sent since 30th January 2013? Thankyou

3. Can one of the Cardiff courts, please, hand down an Order to get my papers back from the prison for the 17th hearing as, without, I am unable to take advice?

4. In prison I was refused carbon paper (removed from incoming post) so please return copy of my letters to your courts and applications, in order to take advice…thank you

5. Last year on a longer prison sentence, whilst un-convicted, with all charges eventually dropped, I was promised the police depositions, including the doctors’ statements I had harassed them both at home. I continue being refused by CPS….Can any court order them is it relates to the 17th September 13 magistrates hearing?

6. Now I am told, having telephoned Caswell Clinic as their registered mental patient, the two psychiatrists are suspended….is that true?

7. Not just one but both doctors and each on one year joint £300,000 tax payer paid sick leave salary. AND that is not allowing for their joint income on the private psychiatric work they continue to do. Sickness is recorded as being due to my purported home visit when the police ‘moved me on’…..I have no idea where they live nor any desire to know.

8. The clinic promised to telephone me back but have not over the doctor who authorised my August 2009 brain scan revealing, unless miraculously cured by prison food, my ‘significant brain damage and possible cancer. THE CPS told the Crown Court all this just to block my bail in 2009 for nearly 8 months so how can I be now eligible for bail or fit to defend this case in England without another brain scan, this time using the correct procedure? Without clarification of the above issues the Bristol CPS, again, just like last time these judicial Cardiff games were played over an alleged ‘common assault’ allegation, will remain in some difficulties and so not oppose my appeal. A most unsatisfactory way of dishing out so called justice when the conspiracy cover up by failed disclosure wins the day.

9. In the five weeks of my recent incarceration I have asked all three courts for information and Crown Prosecution Service for disclosure disclosure of evidence under their control. None of my letters had achieved a reply from any one department within Cardiff. fg. Why would that be or may I transfer all cases, both civil and criminal out of the clutches of THE CARDIFF CABAL?

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Hunger strikes, beatings, solitary, canteen denied – you name it – its denied by Cardiff prison regime: Here are some random posts,circa late 2011, particularly fitting regarding the appalling treatment Cardiff prison dishes out seeing as MK was found slumped on the pavement outside the prison after being ejected from it recently. Surely the “warders” mustve known he was in no fit state to go anywhere if hes found lieing on the pavement by a supporter who then takes MK to hospital, from which hes released 3 hours later. Also included in these links – the call from MK on 18 11 2011 telling of his being “knocked about” by “17 prison officers”, my call to the chaplain 20 11 2011 who of course denies that anything like MK describes could ever take place “under his watch” in the hellhole. 

CALL TO PRISON CHAPLAIN 20 NOV 2011… ——————————————

Maurice beaten in Cardiff prison – call from MK – 18 Nov. 2011

I quote M Kirk at the start of his call to me = 

“hi Maurice here…im on crutches…I got really badly knocked about by 17 prison officers. I got taken to the hospital in Cardiff central yesterday for an x-ray and im on crutches…” [continues] .

MK in Cardiff Central hospital 17 Nov. 2011 on his being taken there


——————————————- kirk 1ba

MK and his legal files for his hearing at Cardiff civil court March 2013



Maurice Kirk has not been heard of for 2 days now. He had been restricted to 3 x 10 min. phone calls per day {with certain numbers disallowed}, had been stopped buying postage stamps, denied medical treatment even tho he has bleeding stomach ulcers – denied even being weighed, all in-going and out-going mail to him has been denied, even from his lawyers, he has been denied blankets in a freezing cell, and had attempts to put him in solitary confinement which he refused also. He said himself he thought in a couple of days he would be unable to stand up. That couple of days has now passed. When I called the prison earlier on Sunday evening I got no information at all: The 3 other calls Ive received from Maurice whilst hes been on hunger strike in Cardiff prison are below. Lets hope and pray he is ok.


This is a 10 minute call from Maurice on Friday 28 Oct 11 – the last time I heard from him, where he states his health is deteriorating = Description: MAURICE CALL 28 OCT You can use the following link to retrieve your file:


Papers which show collusion against him, denying him justice =



Maurice Kirk, the silenced supporter and campaigner for the Nigerian visitors the Musa family who have had 6 children snatched by a certain council on totally disproven allegations is on hunger strike in Cardiff prison, though the prison now denies this. The reasons he gives for being on hunger strike is here:

and on this site there is much more on why Maurice is being denied his Human Rights by the South Wales judiciary, police, prison, courts and other authorities who are all colluding and conspiring to break the law and keep Maurice Kirk FIRMLY SILENCED!! :

Other details, and the full shocking story is available here – . Since the details were received from Maurice of why he is on hunger strike, certain things have happened. Some of these things being: Cardiff prison denies Maurice Kirk is on hunger strike. He has been denied certain letters sent to him, possibly from his legal representatives. He has been denied seeing a doctor now for 2 weeks, which is totally unacceptable as he has a serious medical condition – bleeding stomach ulcers which need immediate treatment – an endoscopy too.

He states in a phone call to me {below} they refused to take a blood test today, and refused to weigh him – this would prove his being on hunger strike, and he has already lost 9 kg in weight since entering Cardiff prison. Due to his medical condition he needs to be monitored constantly, which the prison are refusing to do. He was also bedridden for a while on entry and still is refused treatment in the hospital wing there, apart from being denied him seeing a doctor, apparently on orders from “someone high up”. Maurice has been to crown court twice recently where they have refused to hear his bail applications. Other rights have been withdrawn from him = viz. phone call allowance, stationary etc. Put simply – he is being silenced as he knows too much.



From: butlincat Sent: 27 October 2011 17:18:32

To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; + cc’d 109 others

Dear MPs and worldwide media,

Sir, This is a message concerning Mr. MAURICE KIRK who is at present on hunger strike in Cardiff prison – no. A7306AT. The process of law is not being allowed for this man, hence my notifying you, the Crown Prosecution Service Wales, and your police force, and many media worldwide. His basic Human Rights have been taken away by prison staff, police, and you – Crown Prosecution Service, Wales. Mr. Kirk has been trying to appeal: ref. BS614159 KIRK v S WALES POLICE Mr. KIRK and was prevented from going to court on the 28th September – the prison refused to give Mr. Kirk appeal documents to file an appeal – the county court on the 17 October 2011 answered his letter saying they were refusing to give him Court of Appeal papers.

You are hereby notified of these actions. Whilst in prison Maurice Kirk has been denied a doctor for the last 2 weeks, has lost 14 kg since his entry into Cardiff prison, and has bleeding stomach ulcers which demand medical attention which the prison has refused. All mail is now refused for Mr. Kirk in prison, and he is in an unheated cell and has been refused blankets to compensate for the cold, and other basic rights such as being denied the purchase of postage stamps.

More importantly has also been denied access to the hospital because of “orders from someone high up”. This message will be sent {and it was} by Recorded Delivery Royal Mail on the 28th Oct. 2011 to: CPS Wales 20th Floor, Capital Tower Greyfriars Road Cardiff CF10 3PL and to others.

from Maurice Kirk 25 Oct. 2011:

FAO HMP Cardiff Governor / Cardiff Courts

1. I am on hunger strike because I am being refused a proper application for bail and to have my medical records clarified or corrected.

2. Also, both South Wales Police and HM Prison have conspired to confiscate my legal papers, computer, cash and proper access to both telephone and secretarial facilities to defend myself.

3.More importantly, the current reason for ‘HM Partnership Wales’ conspiracy to pervert the course is just to block my access to both the civic and criminal courts in the UK, in my civil action for damages due to 20 years of South Wales Police bullying.

4. 17 Oct 2011 county Court letter indicates my appeal for further disclosure of 10 MAPPA meetings,in both police stations and their forensic Laboratory, Caswell Clinic, was dismissed as I failed to attend on 28th Sept. 2011.

5. Likewise with BS614159, appeals FD10C00242, FD10C00195 and current JRs,including CO/4298/2011 again because prison refuses my request to contact the court.

6. HHJ N. Cooke QC refuses, with Cardiff Magistrates, to consider my private persecution information laid against Dr Williams for falsifying my medical evidence at the request of the Police.

7.’HM Partnership’ Wales refused to provide me of notify my legal representative alternativein my place, for High Court and administrative court 28th Sept & 4th Oct hearings, knowing Iwas seriously incapacitated during the first two weeks in my current remand in custody to face a Section 2 Harassment Act 1997 complained by Dr T Williams.

8. In September 11 I was transferred from London Police custody for ‘tape recording in court’, attempting to breakout of Tottenham Police Station, demanding my own lawyers hand over my own legal papers and best of this nonsense, conspiracy by aeroplane to abduct 6 young Nigerian children snatched by Haringey Council.

9. Cardiff Prison refuse me my legal papers, basic stationery to be able to interview my own defence witnesses or get proper medical attention. 10. By Sept 11 letters, the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC have given the South Wales Police dispensation from an enquiry of their ‘shoot to kill’ policy and painting the ‘machine gun’ a different colour to fool the Jury. 11. HM Prison refuses to release my faxes from my lawyer. —————————————————————————-

Maurice Kirk – in 2009 {bcc’d x120} =========================================

32 Calls from M Kirk from Cardiff prison Aug. 2011 onwards:

File 1: File Name: kirk3 .mp3 File Size: 5 MB Direct Download Link:

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File 10: File Name: Recording (2).mp3 File Size: 25.8 MB Direct Download Link:

File 11: File Name: VN850125.mp3 File Size: 12.1 MB Direct Download Link: =============================================== File 1: File Name: kirk 13 apr court.mp3 File Size: 2 MB Download Link:

File 2: File Name: kirk 20 feb.mp3 File Size: 7.2 MB Download Link:

File 3: File Name: KIRK 27 FEB.mp3 File Size: 6.3 MB Download Link:

File 4: File Name: kirk call 1 mar.mp3 File Size: 15.3 MB Download Link:

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File 6: File Name: kirk call 2 29 feb.mp3 File Size: 26.1 MB Download Link:

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File 8: File Name: KIRK CALL 14 APR 12 X2 .mp3 File Size: 6.8 MB Download Link:

File 9: File Name: kirk call 14 mar.mp3 File Size: 4.6 MB Download Link:

File 10: File Name: KIRK CALL 17 3 .mp3 File Size: 9.1 MB Download Link:

File 11: File Name: KIRK CALL 20 MAR.mp3 File Size: 16.3 MB Download Link:

File 12: File Name: kirk call 23 mar.mp3 File Size: 7 MB Download Link:

File 13: File Name: kirk hospital call .mp3 File Size: 23.1 MB Download Link:

File 14: File Name: kirk sat 25.mp3 File Size: 10.7 MB Download Link:

File 15: File Name: kirk2.mp3 File Size: 2.8 MB Download Link: =======================================

File 1: File Name: kirk 1 29 feb.mp3 File Size: 16.9 MB Download Link:

File 2: File Name: KIRK 2 1MARCH.mp3 File Size: 2.4 MB Download Link:

File 3: File Name: KIRK 6 MAR .mp3 File Size: 2.1 MB Download Link:

File 4: File Name: kirk 8 april.mp3 File Size: 22.4 MB Download Link:

File 5: File Name: kirk 10 apr a.mp3 File Size: 3.5 MB Download Link:

File 6: File Name: kirk 10 apr b.mp3 File Size: 12 MB Download Link: =============================================================

Many more posrs at and on MK’s site

N.B. John Graham aka butlincat wishes to state categorically and emphatically that he is in no way aligned to the self-publicist Sabine Mcneil or any of her alleged “organisations” or “sites”. Many people say she is working for the other side and he agrees with them!!

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