The State abducts and trafficks children for MONEY and perverts..

The State abducts and trafficks children for MONEY and perverts..

September 14, 2013 at 6:58pm
Core Assetts , We are all getting fat stealing your children for profit and gain. Worldwide obscenity.Read more: your own website for free:


Staffordshire Council Steals A One Day Old Baby

And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born.–Revelation 12 – The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon…..FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

decided to join these two editions of the UK Column together, as it not only shows you the criminal behaviour of the UK Social Services and the police for supporting child stealing, but the second half is an interview of the Father, Paul Robert’s, who explains clearly what has been happening to his family over the course of several years.This video is disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.We really do need to expose these criminals who are rotten from the top down.Please share far and wide, and please subscribe to the UK Column if you can.I would also like to ask people to keep their comments respectful towards the family, and not make any ego driven judgements, mainly by macho men who claim they wouldn’t let this happen to them, it resolves nothing. Not all of us are big and burly, and not all of us know how to fight. Focus your efforts on the real criminals here. Besides, any act of aggression towards these people would only result in the parents losing any chance of getting their children back (although the chances are slim at best regardless) and violence never solved anything. Paul Robert’s showed great courage in remaining calm.Any comments not adhering to the above will be removed.www.ukcolumn.orgThank you for your support.LINKS TO CASES FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE SOCIAL SERVICES ARE INNOCENT:………IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT THAT SOCIAL SERVICES TAKE CHILDREN FOR NO REASON THAN DO SOME DAMN RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SPEAK !SADLY I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE THE COMMENT SECTION, AS FAR TOO MANY TROLLS/IGNORANT UNEDUCATED FOUL MOUTHED MORONS, FIND IT AMUSING TO POST VILE FILTH HERE. THESE WERE PROBABLY VICTIMS THEMSELVES AS CHILDREN AND HAVE HATE FILLED HEARTS AS ADULTS, THE OTHERS ARE PROBABLY GOVERNMENT SHILLS TRYING TO SOFTEN THE BLOW MADE BY JUDGE MUNBY TODAY.

Because of this Fathers Couragious act in recording these criminals the following has occured.

Stafforshire County Council totally exposed in wrongdoing, breaking and entering and stealing an hour old baby from mothers breast has applied to the Royal courts of justice to stop the UK Column exposing this,,, shooting themselves in both feet. As we now have a presedent to protect families and children from these monsters who wish to throw a brick and hide their hands.. example.

one hour in on thisnews clip explanation on Judge Mumby latest ruling. megga fail for CEO and Legal department to gag the world, they really believed they could stop this from coming to your attention..

This corporate child stealing and trafficking industry through Local Authorities throughout the commonwealth and the entire world is nothing more than a criminal corporate mafia of megga rich criminals, who are using the world children as cash commodities. They destroy families for cash to feed banksters. Wake up folks, you and yours are NOT safe. Australia America

California lawmakers have voted unanimously to order an audit of the state’s powerful Department of Child Protective Services after testimony from parents who stunned their representatives with testimony of atrocities.

“It’s the most helpless feeling in the world when this happens to you. It feels like there is no hope left. I have not seen my daughter since December… she doesn’t even look like the same child any more. There is nothing in her eyes. She looks hopeless and there is just nothing I can do…” THE PAEDOFILE: A conflict of interest waiting to become a scandal How to protect every paedophile in Britain

International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst a disgrace that this acquisition is being allowed to go ahead.


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