Andy [Arnold] McCardle…MURDERED!

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From: MK
Subject: Whistleblowers Newsletter 06-01-05
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 19:30:25 -0000

Andy McCardle State Murder etc.



Dear Dr Lindsay Thomson, Consultant Psychiatrist,

On 29 December 2004 I telephoned you on Tel: 01555 840 293 Ext 446 about the
sudden death of Police whistleblower, Arnold McCardle (RIP) and his unlawful
incarceration, at your behest, in the State Hospital, Carstairs. You
terminated our telephone conversation by putting the phone down on me.
Bearing in mind that you are the same, “Dr Lindsay Thomson, held a care
review on 25 November 2004 to assess the effect of forcibly injected
anti-psychotic drugs on Mr McCardle’s long-held ‘delusional belief’.”


Dr Thomson, In order to protect the lives of members of the public from your
own delusional beliefs, the IBRG request answers to the following questions

1.. Why were you so eager to get ALL my details: and no worry whatsoever
about the death of Arnold McCardle?

2.. Why was Arnold McCardle incarcerated against his will at the State
Hospital, Carstairs?

3.. Why was Andy McCardle forcibly injected with anti-psychotic drugs
(against his will) at the State Hospital, Carstairs?

4.. Was it to pervert the course of justice that you illegally detained
and DRUGGED Mr. McCardle against his will?

5.. Please supply all the evidence to support your claim that Mr. McCardle
had a long-held “delusional belief”.

6.. Please supply the relevant law that ‘allowed’ you to deprive Mr.
McCardel of his liberty, and beliefs.

7.. Dr Thompson please supply the name of the medical school where you
gained your primary medical qualification.

8.. Please supply your date of birth?

9.. Please supply details of ALL complaints against you, whether they be
oral or in writing, etc.

10.. The name(s) of the persons who contacted The Sun Newspaper about M.
McCardles death.

11.. How many ‘patients’ have died in the last seven years while under
your ‘care’ – And their ages please?

12.. Please supply the names of the persons who administrated the last
drugs to Mr. McCardle, and the TIME.

13.. Supply the telephone log of Mr. McCardle’s call to James Todd of
VOMIT: 020 7727 5300 on 26 Dec 04 at apprx 5.00pm.

14.. What time did Mr. McCardle die? Supply the names of ALL the people
who witnessed his death.

15.. Did Mr. McCardle die in the isolated torture chamber – the one with
the mattress on the floor?

16.. Did other ‘patients’ witness Mr. McCardle’s death, OR hear his

17.. Were there Police Officers on the ward when Arnold McCardle died?
Their names and numbers please.

18.. Were you on duty Psychiatrist, Dr. Thomson when Mr. McCardle drew his
last breath (RIP)?

19.. Please supply ALL the names of the people on duty, and all the people
present when Mr. McCardle died.

20.. Mr. McCardle was a European Community Citizen; how did you ensure his
legitimate expectations?

21.. At apprx 7.00pm on the evening of 26 December 2004, two Police
Officers visited the home of Kenneth McCardle and informed him that his
brother Arnold McCardle was released from Carstairs State Hospital – alive.
Please supply ALL the names of the persons who authorised this. It is also
imperative that you supply the exact time that you gave the Police Officers
this message.

22.. Please supply the exact time that the staff changed over on Boxing
Day evening, 26 December 2004.

23.. Why did Carstairs State Hospital want to CREMATE Mr. McCardle’s body?
The names of the persons who wanted this please.

24.. Psychiatrist, Dr. Thomson, did you murder Arnold Lowe McCardle? Did
you not have a vested interest in his demise?

25.. Would Arnold McCardle be alive today if you had not incarcerated him
and forcibly injected anti-psychotic drugs into him?

26.. Can you sleep at night now, knowing that you have cured Arnold
McCardle’s “delusional beliefs” forever? Just as you promised?

27.. When was the last psychiatric assessment done on you Dr. Thomson?
You are a serious danger to the public, are you not?

The following submissions are brief, but adequate enough to demonstrate that
it was you Dr. Thomson who suffered long-held delusional beliefs, and not
Arnold Lowe McCardle:


“The Sudden Death of Arnold McCardle unlawfully detained in Carstairs State

Message dated 27 December 2004 from Ann Mallaby
“The police visited me at 4.15 this morning to inform me that Andy McCardle
had died suddenly yesterday evening in Carstairs ‘hospital’.
Rest in peace Andy. May you not have died in vain. May those who caused
your death, directly or indirectly, feel your pain in this life. May
those who never knew you come to appreciate your struggle to bring the truth
to light, for all our sakes. Ann”

In order to remind readers of the enormity of this death at the age of 54 we
quote from last week’s VOMIT 52.

[[[[One of Mr McCardle’s solicitors Yvonne McKenna, claims that she has
written to Chief Executive of Carstairs, Adrianna Adamson, three times
including one letter by recorded delivery requesting documents to enable her
to proceed with Mr McCardle’s case. Adamson has not replied and Mr
McCardle is slowly being converted to a cabbage by Thomson who should be
disciplined by the General Medical Council, which protects the killers in
the medical profession. In the circumstances McKenna should have applied
to the court for access to the necessary documentation. Mr. McCardle was
told by Adamson that he could now make unsupervised telephone calls to his
solicitors. The ward manager countermanded her instructions. Mr
McCardle’s promised computer has not arrived.
Mr McCardle has been unlawfully detained in the Carstairs cesspit since 6
September 2001. He has information about notorious criminals acting with
policemen, judges and solicitors in organised crime. Several solicitors
have taken up his case but have backed off without giving a reason.
Solicitor Yvonne McKenna can be contacted at McKenna Law Partners, 10 Acorn
Court, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5LZ Fax 01592 756460
James MacDonald of Stirling who agreed to be Mr McCardle’s Curator ad litem
has been visiting Pakistan. Steven A Anderson, solicitor based at Sighthill
(Fax 0131 442 3344), in spite of his multiple Legal Aid certificates has
still done nothing to secure Mr McCardle’s release and compensation.]]]]

On the evening before his death Mr McCardle telephoned us. He was allowed
an extra call on account of Christmas. We told him about our ‘cabbage’
statement. Mr McCardle agreed that Thompson could be injecting an unknown
substance, which could kill him. He had stated repeatedly that the only
way he would be allowed to leave the Carstairs State Hospital would be in a
box. On 26 December he was upbeat with no signs of distress. He said
that Adamson had told him that she had sent the documents to McKenna but
they must have been lost in the post and that she had sent another set of
documents. We joked about the outrageous stupidity of Adamson and we
suggested that an AK45 was called for. Mr McCardle corrected us saying
that we meant and AK 47 and (laughingly) said that he could use one.
Our telephone is now being used to warn us to keep quiet by buzzing us every
time we deal with the McCardle scandal. See VOMIT 52 04 for further
information on Cullen, Dunblane and Crichton.
On 29 December 2002 -yes! 2002 – we circulated a copy of Mr McCardle’s
letter dated 19 December 2002 in which he wrote “I don’t expect to last much
longer” and “I don’t have much faith in Andersons, Sols., Unit 6, Sighthill
Centre, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4AN. Tel. No. 0131-442-2244.”
We added a note, which said, “Andrew is lucky to be alive. He may receive
treatment, which will turn him into a zombie with no memory recall. His
is a classic case of Masonic corruption and the measures taken to stop
exposure.” End.

We have always noticed that Christmas is a very dangerous time for any
person who the British State have targeted to destroy, example: 1) Mr.
McCardle lost his life on 26 December 2004. 2) The above letter of 19
December 2002 where Mr. McCardle states, “I don’t expect to last much
longer”. 3) On 19 December 2000 I had to run for my life at Northwick
Park Hospital. Note the 19 December on both cases. 4) On 6 December 1996
I was fraudulently bankrupted. 5) On 21 December 1998 I was robbed of my
home by the Inland Revenue who were in collusion with the High Court to
manufacture the necessary fraudulent High Court Orders:


As the attached Dr Alix Lewis document demonstrates: I had a close shave
with death myself on 19 December 2000, in exactly the same way that Mr.
McCardle was murdered. Dr Alex Lewis was working with the authorities and
members of my family, behind my back, to entrap and incarcerate me in Pond
Ward at Central Middle Hospital. I foresaw the outcome, which helped me
to generate speeds far in excess of Lynford Christie’s best, across the
grounds of Northwick Park Hospital, while the transport was on its way to
cart me off to Pond Ward to be medically murdered. Please see Phillip
Inman’s three-page report in The Guardian, Jobs & Money of 10 May 2003, for
the evidence of why I was to be murdered in Pond Ward. We now have the
evidence that Pond Ward and Carstairs State Hospital are state murder
chambers to medically dispose of whistleblowers exposing corruption and
persons whose face, or ethnic origins doesn’t fit:

Do you know that the police in the UK hold a SECRET Irish blacklist? See
The Times of 20 December 2003 for the evidence of this Irish oppression.
Where are the Irish: Psychiatrists, Doctors, Solicitors, MPs, Judges and
Businesses in the High Streets of the UK, etc, because of this RACIST
oppressive corruption? How can you give credence to a Police Force who
are involve in the genocide of an ethnic community?

Do you know that, Billy Tracey, the Yorkshire Ripper is still walking the
Streets of England a free man, due to a mammoth Police and MEDIA cover-up?
Tony Holland and Noel O’Gara have the evidence of this. I will deal with
the Real Ripper later in my correspondence. Why won’t the Sun Newspaper
cover this story?

SOCIETY”? Hence the reason why over 500 Firms of Solicitors refused to take
on my case against the Inland Revenue, and the endemic corruption in the UK.
Was the regime in Iraq under Saddam Hussein as bad as this? End.


Please see the attached document, “Mhijn Ashok – Victim of Endemic
Corruption in the UK”. Mr. Mahajan has 18 years + experience of endemic
corruption in the UK under his belt: What chance would this gentleman have
with your delusional beliefs, Dr Thomson? End.


Please see the attached document, “Yolande, Lauren & Tom, Little Caring
Farm”. What chance would this persecuted family have with your delusional
beliefs, Dr Thomson? Would you ‘remedy’ the corruption here also with your
syringe? End.


Please see the two attached documents and websites, “Noel O’Gara – Judge
Kerry MacGill” and Tony Holland, “How to corrupt a UK Police Officer. CI
Surjeet Manku”. Noel O’Gara Author of The Real Yorkshire Ripper :

Was Tony Holland the last man to be transported to Australia – 1982? Where
is The Sun Newspaper on this ONE? Is The Sun also waiting for Tony Holland
to die before they start spewing crap about him?


Dr Lindsay Thomson, why did you hold a ‘care review’ on 25 November 2004 to
assess the effect of forcibly injected anti-psychotic drugs on Mr.
McCardle’s long-held ‘delusional belief”? What was the outcome of your
‘caring review’ treatment? Murder! Dr Thomson, you had Mr. McCardle
illegally incarcerated in Carstairs State Hospital: Are you telling us that
you cannot tell the difference between a madman and a man madly seeking
JUSTICE? Where are the courts of law, and access to justice in the UK? I
have been madly seeking justice for 24 years, Tony Holland is madly seeking
justice for 23 years, Ashok Mahajan 18 + years, Yolande, Lauren and Tom
Lindridge who were terrorised and denied justice and Police protection for
years; now have the ‘caring’ Psychiatric Hit Squad on their trail, Richard

21 years crying out for justice, illegally sectioned in Springfield Hospital
Tooting to stop him claming compensation, Norman Scarth 10 years, Margaret
Brown 25 years, defrauded of property, Jean Hooper 8 years, abducted from
her home by the Psychiatric Hit Squad for reporting her GP to the GMC: He
operates under TWO names; Dr Hazem Anwar Mohamed El-Naghi and Dr Hazem
Lloyd, and is also a Police Surgeon, Colin Peters 20 years, defrauded of his
property, Roger Jones 27 years, defrauded of his property, Margaret Gomm 12
years, defrauded of her property, James Todd 43 years, George Wescott 17
years, fought another running battle with the Psychiatric Hit Squad, Ann
Mallaby 10 years, defrauded of her property, and Sheriff Robert Younger
ordered her to have a Psychiatric Report, Raymond Fox 7 years, John and
Blanda Masefield 27 years, Pamela Greenslade 11 years and Maurice Kellett 18
years etc, etc:

Dr Thomson, are you open minded enough to see the enormity of the picture
that has emerged here? With NO access to justice, and you and Dr Alix
Lewis, (Psychiatric Hit Squad) putting this country’s ‘problems to right’
with your syringes. Was it the sadism in you and Dr Lewis that attracted
you to this profession in the first instance? Dr Thomson, you may not like
many of the questions in this correspondence but you will ‘fully’ understand
that these are pertinent questions now under the circumstances of Mr.
McCardle’s sudden death, and his illegal incarceration at Carstairs STATE
Hospital. Doctor Thomson, what questions would Mr. McCardle be asking you
today if he could talk? End.


International Mens Organisation and Fathers Fighting Injustice
Press release


Fellow Citizens

Whistleblower Andy McCardle (RIP) died suddenly on the evening of 26
December 2004, in the State Hospital, Carstairs. An inquest must be held. Mr
McCardle (54) had been in good spirits – he was expecting to attend court
this week to secure his release.

On 5 December 2003, the Edinburgh High Court of Justiciary declared that Mr
McCardle’s two-year detention in the State Hospital, from 2001, had been
illegal therefore he was “a free man”. His freedom was short-lived, though:
no sooner had he stepped outside the court, when he was forced into a van
and taken back to Carstairs – despite the lack of production of any warrant.
A warrant was later produced, dated 4 December 2003, the day before the
Court’s declaration.

Mr McCardle complained to the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman about the
Faculty of Advocates’ handling of his complaint against Graham Bell, the
Court-appointed Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) who, although securing
his release, did not present the vital pieces of evidence, which would prove
criminality within the State Hospital. The Faculty stated, and the Ombudsman
agreed, that Mr Bell had properly exercised his discretion (not to do so).
In view of this, Mr McCardle had good reason to fear for his life whilst
incarcerated in a State facility whose employees had vested interests in his
demise, and who felt protected from exposure.

The State Hospital’s consultant psychiatrist, Dr Lindsay Thomson, held a
care review on 25 November 2004 to assess the effect of forcibly injected
anti-psychotic drugs on Mr McCardle’s long-held ‘delusional belief’. Dr
Thomson concluded that this ‘delusional belief’ – of collusion between
Strathclyde Police, named lawyers, court clerks, judges and psychiatrists to
pervert the course of justice by preventing him testifying in court and
producing evidence of State involvement in the illegal drugs trade – was not
cured. She therefore felt duty-bound to continue to hold and treat Mr
McCardle as long as he held such belief.

Was it co-incidence that the legal watchdog website,, was unlawfully closed after the Parliamentary and
Health Service Ombudsman read the damning evidence, publicly displayed,
about Mr McCardle’s illegal detention and criminality within the State
Hospital? Did Andy McCardle pay the ultimate price for his efforts to expose
the endemic corruption in the legal system, the police, the court service,
the medical profession and the judiciary? Was he, in fact, murdered?

Many questions need to be answered.

Contact details for Dr Thomson:

Dr Lindsay Thomson, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist
The State Hospital
Lanarkshire ML11 8RP

Tel: 01555 840 293 Ext 446

Dr Lindsay Thomson, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry, University of
Department of Psychiatry
Kennedy Tower
Morningside Park
Edinburgh EH10 5HF

Tel: 0131 537 6509

Date: 27/12/2004 15:45:31 GMT Standard Time
To:,,,,,,, times),
HERALD),, Courier), (Daily Telegraph), on sunday),
(guardian),, on sunday),,, express),
telegraph),, Stuff), tv),,,,, News), Scotland).,,,,,,,

International Mens Organisation and Fathers Fighting Injustice
Press release


Sunday 26 December 2004

Andy McCardle died in suspicious circumstances in Carstairs the day after
Christmas .Andy had many supporters who knew he was being persecuted for
whistleblowing on Police involvement in drug trafficking .
This has now moved Scotland up the ladder of state murder by proxy (using
psychiatric wards to hide and then kill those who expose state corruption)


Previous Press Release February 2004

Date: 20/02/2004 13:08:15 GMT Standard Time

To:,,,,, times),
HERALD),, Big Issue in
Scotland), Courier),
Sunday Post), (Daily Telegraph), on sunday), Face), (guardian),, on
sunday),,, express),
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International Mens Organisation and Fathers Fighting Injustice
Press release

McCardle case update

Subject: Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs


Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
John Connaughton (Medical Director)
Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)


Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

Further to the McCardle case

They have gone ahead with the treatment order.
They will now do what they did to our member George Farquhar
forcibly inject him with anti psychotic drugs.

The UK is turning into a cesspit of EVIL.
Hitlers Nazi spirit is alive and well within the hallowed walls of
Carstairs Persecution camp.

Extract from McCardle Petition

10. That the Petitioner (A McCardle) is the holder of numerous documented
proofs of acts of criminal corruption by all of the following senior staff
of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)



Submissions were made by Carstairs State Hospital and Andy McCardle.

Despite evidence to the contrary – and supporting emails and faxes from
supporters – Sheriff Stewart stated that Andy is suffering from a mental
illness, namely “delusional disorder”, and must be treated by forcible
injection of anti-psychotic drugs. She therefore granted the State Hospital
a Section 18 Order under the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 to legalise
his abduction, unlawful detention and forced treatment.

During the hearing, the sheriff unfairly criticised Andy for not being
fully-prepared – yet she made no adverse comment about the reasons for this,
ie the theft and illegal withholding of Andy’s crucial documents by
Carstairs staff, and his former solicitor’s negligence. (Mr McQuillan was
absent today, though Andy had requested his presence.) Nor did the sheriff
comment on the psychiatrist’s perjury. She was lenient, almost defensive
towards the professionals involved. Andy stated that his human rights and
statutory legal rights were being abused, not least because of the disputed
matter of jurisdiction, which could render these proceedings unlawful. Why
the sudden urgency by the psychiatrist to “treat” him? No plausible answer.
Andy’s legal arguments sounded utterly convincing but, it appeared, the
outcome was pre-determined.


In my opinion, a public jury would have considered this scandalous and would
not have condoned the State Hospital’s actions. It was abundantly clear that
the Hospital management and staff had a vested interest in drugging Andy,
who had evidence against them as well as against corrupt police, negligent
lawyers and known drug-dealers. The sheriff read an article by the News of
the World (19th? January), submitted by Andy, which substantiated
allegations he had made. It seemed, though, that no amount of evidence would
influence the sheriff’s opinion, which was based on the psychiatrist’s
report. There was palpable relief from Carstairs staff and representatives
when Sheriff Stewart announced her verdict.

I was shocked and appalled at the professionals’ criminal deception, the
sheriff’s facade of legality and the lack of recognition of the enormity of
their deeds: a man’s life is at stake.

Judges are routinely authorising property dispossession and forced drug
treatment of whistleblowers without waiting for the appeal process, knowing
that their actions will be legalised by hand-picked judges in higher courts.
Criminal miscarriages of justice are occurring in civil courts, which can be
closed and where recordings are not taken. The legal machine is out of
control and seems unstoppable, as nobody is ever made accountable. Where
will it end?

One can only imagine the living nightmare that Andy has to endure (unless he
is allowed to commit suicide).

As a gesture, I bought flowers and left them by the courthouse door, with a
carefully-worded card:


a man of great courage, dignity and integrity

He acted in the Public Interest.



Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

18 February 2004

INTERIM REPORT by AM (Courtwatcher)

I attended Lanark Sheriff Court yesterday, as a courtwatcher. The case
involves Carstairs State Hospital against Arnold (Andy) McCardle. Sheriff
Stewart is to decide, today, whether to allow the Hospital’s consultant
psychiatrist, Dr Colin Gray, to forcibly inject Andy with anti-psychotic

Dr Gray and colleagues allege that Andy has a mental illness, specified as
“delusional beliefs”. This illness “manifests as delusions”. Andy’s
“delusion” is that, having seen Strathclyde police officers drug-dealing
with known criminals, his life is at risk whilst he is a potential witness.
Neither the police officers nor the criminals wish Andy to testify against
them, so have a vested interest in preventing him doing so. Certain
incidents have occurred – most recently, Andy’s abduction from Parliament
Square, Edinburgh, where he had left the Supreme Court buildings “a free
man” after three senior judges considered that he had been illegally
detained under an unlawfully-imposed section order by Dr Gray.

It now transpires that Dr Gray had failed to tell anyone, prior to or during
that hearing, that he had imposed another order, allegedly the day before
the hearing. Having abducted and again illegally held Andy, Dr Gray now
wishes to start “treatment” before the criminal courts can determine whether
Andy is the victim of organised crime. Andy requested Sheriff Stewart to
sist Dr Gray’s case until the criminal case has been heard, as he could not
otherwise have a fair hearing. The Sheriff said she could not do so as this
hearing must be taken “in isolation, as a civil case”; and Dr Gray alleges
that drug treatment “may help Andy to conduct his criminal case”.

When I attended the hearing yesterday, Mrs McLean, the court clerk, did not
wish me (the only member of the public) to be present. She instructed the
usher, before the sheriff arrived, to find out who I was and ask me to leave
as “it will be a closed court”. I asked that Andy be allowed to decide
whether he wished it to be a public hearing. The sheriff allowed me to stay,
at Andy’s request.

Andy represented himself. His former solicitor, Mr McQuillan, had had to be
dismissed at an earlier date as he did not wish to act on his client’s
instructions; but he attended throughout on a voluntary basis. Anyone in
Andy’s position would feel traumatised. He has been illegally-held since
2001 and had his human and legal rights abused. His formal complaints to
numerous authorities, including the Legal Services Ombudsman who
investigated the action of the Amicus Curiae (“court’s friend”) Graham Bell
QC, have been upheld but no action taken.

Andy was quietly-spoken and respectful in court. I was very impressed by his
rationale and cross-examination of the two consultant psychiatrists, who
constantly repeated that Andy had delusional beliefs. Dr Gray had to admit,
though, that his statement that Andy had refused to attend leisure
activities and education was a lie: Andy had been denied access to leisure
activities, and his choice of courses – legal theory and legal framework –
had been deemed “inappropriate”. And Lord Abernethy’s order, that Andy be
allowed access to his own documents, was not complied with, as “it is not
hospital policy”. The Hospital authorities are being allowed to flout the
law, and the wishes of senior judges.

The case will conclude today. Andy considers the hearings to be illegal and
has stressed that he has no wish to be a human guinea-pig and have his
memory distorted through drugs: he will resist treatment and “would rather

Anyone who has suffered harassment, persecution or victimisation for blowing
the whistle on corrupt professionals is a potential victim. According to Dr
Gray’s criteria, whistleblowers are mentally ill (ie. have “delusional
beliefs”) if they admit to the above “symptoms”. Sheriff Stewart asked Andy
whether he wanted to call any witnesses: what better witnesses than other

Sheriff Stewart
Lanark Sheriff Court
24 Hope Street
Lanark ML11 7NE
Scotland, UK

Tel: 01555 661531
Fax: 01555 664319
DX 570832

Andrew McCardle Nobile Officium
18 February 2004

Re: The release of whistleblower Arnold McCardle by Lord Justices on 5th
December 2003; his subsequent abduction and illegal detention; and his
blocked Petition to the Nobile Officium (see below).


(Lodged on 23 December 2003)

Humbly Sheweth:-

1. The Petitioner is Mr Arnold Lowe McCardle (Hereinafter the Petitioner)

2. The Petitioner having appeared before the Bench of the High Court of
Appeal at Edinburgh on 5th December 2003, that said
Bench comprised the Rt Hon Justices Clark, Osborne and Johnston.

9. That the Petitioner has been detained since 13th July 2001 till being
moved to, and further detained in the State Hospital at
Carstairs on 11th February 2002.

10. That the Petitioner is the holder of numerous documented proofs of acts
of criminal corruption by all of the following senior
staff of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)

11. That the Petitioner avers and believes that all named in Statement 10
above are at present actively involved in a wilful and
deliberate conspiracy to pervert the lawful course of justice by the
criminal abuse of their trusted positions that they hold in
the State Hospital at Carstairs.

12. That the Petitioner is in imminent perceived danger from those named in
Statement 10. He seeks the urgent protection of the
courts as promised by Lord Justice Clark on 5th December 2003. As a matter
of the utmost urgency,

May it therefore please Your Lordships:

1) Make an immediate order to remove the Petitioner to a “place of safety”
pending total thorough investigation of all alleged
crimes listed herein.

2) Make an immediate order to hear the Petitioner and view the supporting
proofs of all allegations herein.

3) Make an immediate order for the return of all documents and other
property unlawfully seized by State Hospital employees.

4) Make an urgent order to make a thorough investigation into the
maltreatment of a patient in terms of Section 105 (2) of the
Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

5) Make an immediate order to prevent any attempt to administer any
anti-psychotic medicines or other treatment which the
Petitioner avers and believes will be administered solely in an attempt to
defeat the purposes of justice by destroying the
memory of the Petitioner.

6) The Petitioner avers and believes that should the High Courts choose to
refuse to hear this Petitioner, they could only be seen
to be condoning and abetting state abuse and murder to suppress (exposure
of) serious criminal activity.

According to Justice
A McCardle (Unlawfully Detained Petitioner)


I, Arnold Lowe McCardle, at this time being subject to unlawful detention in
the State Hospital at Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP:

That unlawful detention being currently undergoing process of appeal in the
High Court of Justiciary at the present time, asks the Bench to order that I
be removed from the sphere of control of those at The State Hospital who
would wish me harm to prevent any exposure of their own criminal acts.

In the belief that this Court may have any concern that I might possibly be
deemed a risk of any kind whatsoever to the public or anyone else, I hereby
ask to be removed from The State Hospital at Carstairs to a place of safety.
Or any secure prison in the UK for the duration of any reasonable time
period that this Court deems right and proper to facilitate the lawful and
proper investigation of all allegations of any criminal conduct or abuse by
those involved in my false and malicious arrest and detention since 13th
July 2001.

I therefore undertake to waive and forego any legal right to sue for damages
or compensation for any period of time spent in custody that this Court may
decide right and proper to facilitate the proper lawful investigation asked
for in the interests of Justice.

In that there are a considerable number of prominent people in the employ of
the Police, The State Hospital and others who would wish me harm to prevent
exposure and prosecution for their own criminal involvement in my illegal
detention since 13th July 2001. I ask this Court to remove me immediately to
a place of safety to afford both myself and evidence the full protection of
the law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

A McCardle

Dr Lindsay Thomson how do you psychologically assess the above submission
from International Mens Organisation and Fathers Fighting Injustice on
behalf of Arnold Lowe McCardle NOW? Dr Thomson, you must be meeting
Psychiatrists on a regular basis; why haven’t they diagnosed your mental
illness before now? End:


Please see the attached document, and Arnold Lowe McCardle’s website, “The
REASON why Arnold Lowe McCardle was MURDERED – RIP”: A Terrifying Tale :

Is this the savage lawless country that we call ‘Great Britain’?


In the interest of justice, public interest and respect for Arnold Lowe
McCardle, and the hell he suffered in this life for his legitimate beliefs;
the IBRG are demanding the following on his, and his many supporters behalf:

1a) That Arnold McCardle’s suspicious death is now criminally investigated
by an out of area Police Force.

2b) We demand that Mr. McCardle’s body is NOT cremated. This is crucial
evidence now and must be protected.

3c) We demand, that an Independent Forensic Pathologist carry out a second
post-mortem on Mr. Arnold McCardle.

4d) We demand a full independent toxicology evaluation be carried out on
Mr. McCardle’s body.

5e) We demand an independent Public Inquiry into ALL the circumstances
surrounding Mr. McCardle’s death.

6f) We demand an independent Inquest into the cause of Mr. McCardle’s

7g) We demand that none of Mr. McCardle’s Medical Records are altered lost
OR destroyed.

8h) We demand that ALL of Mr. McCardle’s Medical Records are removed to a
safe and neutral place.

9J) We demand in Arnold Low McCardle’s name (RIP) that these UK Murder
Chambers are closed IMMEDIATELY.

w is officially Arnold Low McCardle’s next of KIN. It raises
further suspicion that Carstairs State Hospital is having BIG problems with
this, and wants to deal with a solicitor only. The memorandum of
understanding between the Police and the Law Society is coming in to play
here again to cover up murder. This must be fully investigated by the
European Union Commission in Brussels before we all round up murdered in the
UK Member State, under this evil regime.

Due to time restrictions, and the serious nature of this correspondence we
expect you to give it your FULL attention forthwith.

Thank you in advance.

Yours truthfully,

PC, Caseworker for the IBRG – And Victim of British State

PS. Everyone has a duty, to do their duty, to uphold law and order in the

PPS. Is this the service you expect for your TAXES in the UK?

PPPS. May you rest in peace NOW – Arnold Lowe McCardle.

More to follow.



One of the many and rising number of victims of the corrupt UK

And see: ” This man was murdered” youtube:


NB – I am merely passing this information on…ed.

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