1] from x, concerning another victim of the so-called “UK justice system”:

“This email contains shocking advice about the up to date situation in respect of Gloria Musa. I have just spoken to the partner of the Congolese lady who visited her today at HMP New Hall in W Yorkshire travelling the 4 hour journey each way with her brother and friend. She has apparently lost 11kg in 5 weeks in prison their not providing the sort of food she is used to. Have also discovered that the partner and family were not allowed to leave clothes they had taken with them and had been told to post them instead?! and there is apparently no other Swahili speaking prisoner for her to speak to and no one appears to be taking the trouble to explain things to her so she didn’t know how the visits system operated hence the delay in organising visits or the fact that she was supposed to have filled in forms to request for clothes to be sent in. She has also completed forms related to attending classes but thus far has not had the chance to attend any. She also reported that when working in the kitchen she discovered that some of the tinned vegetables they were given to prepare were several years out of date. She also complained that the prisoners spend long hours locked in their cells.
She has recently been sharing a cell with a Bulgarian lady neither of whom speaks the other’s language. She was also apparently rushed to hospital with massive pressure in her head and according to her partner she was in a bad way yet no one contacted him or her family.
What kind of regime is being operated by the ‘Justice’ system in this country if vulnerable, non-violent foreign national women are being treated in this way?!!! Where is the humanity, decency and respect for the human rights of the individuals concerned?!!


2] The report of the 27 Oct. 13 visit to see Gloria Musa in HMP Send, Woking, Surrey.


“We saw Gloria Musa this afternoon Sunday 27 Oct. 13 at HMP Send, near Woking, Surrey. Friend B had come down from Tilbury to Woking, taking 4 hours, to visit Gloria.

We saw Gloria who was tearful much of the time in a decrepit old wheelchair falling to bits – the new one supporters bought her costing £104 has vanished, but was delivered to Holloway on 4 March – the records from the delivery firm confirm that. This is theft.

Gloria was denied the use of her slippers for the visit, as theyre more comfortable…. How a person can be denied the use of their own slippers beats me.

She had to leave the visit early – an hour early – because she was in so much pain.

We heard that she is still bleeding profusely from internally, in her groin area, and is not allowed to wash her blood-soaked clothes out properly. She can only rinse her undergarments out in her cell and dry them by hanging them up somewhere in the cell. No wonder a massive lump has appeared now in her groin and a painful infection too has existed for months – both of which are denied medical treatment. It is a fact if you or I were bleeding from the groin it would have stopped a week or so later after being given the proper medical treatment. Gloria has been bleeding for over 19 months now and the authorities have ignored every message and notification about this outrageous situation. Other ailments still exist too – inflicted on her by the police when they snatched the 1st baby at 3 in the morning after Gloria had just given birth to her and was breast feeding her, in mid-2010. At least 6 police and a number of social workers we are told burst into her single cublicle in hospital and proceeded gving her a good hiding whilst removing the baby – strangling her at one point to near unconciousness. Other patients heard the commotion but were told to ignore it. Gloria got a damaged hip and knee out of that, [and photographs exist of injuries received then] which has never had the proper medical treatment, hence her need for a wheelchair – and Holloway witheld the one that was got for her and was delivered on 4 March 2013 – what happened to it?

Also Gloria is forced to do cleaning jobs even though she cant stand up without aids, such as crutches. They forced her to clean her cell windows, and of course you cannot ask a person who cant stand to clean high-up windows 6 feet from the floor. They wouldn’t have it that she couldn’t stand and clean windows and just gave her grief.

Gloria is still living on bottled water, bananas, oranges and noodles bought from the canteen, and I wouldn’t eat the prison food they dish up either as it could well have been compromised with anything, such as illegal drugs. Gloria cannot take the risk that one of the continual crazy drug tests she has to undergo come back positive for illegal drugs, or whatever.

Also she told us a letter was delivered to her that i sent last March 2012!!! Holloway had not delivered it to her and those at Send gave it to her the other day. We have been aware since her entry into Holloway prison on 28 November 2011 that mail to and from Gloria is messed with neverendingly – some gets through – some doesn’t and I know I have complained about this along with others to no avail – also Chiwars mail is messed with also with important letters not reaching their destination, and not being received also by him.

Also Gloria said she doesnt go to the toilet anymore and hasnt for months. Thats bad news as well and not natural, brought on by her sparse diet.

…..Thats it. What an awful day. I feel so much for Gloria in her situation. Prison sentences aren’t meant to be like this, but hers has always been sustained far from the norm, with certain high-up prison officers continually treating her with scorn, insult, ridicule and often outright hostility and injury. I know of examples of each unacceptable quality just described, and prison warders, especially the governor and those of similar ranks, are required to perform their public duty to a certain standard with a level of caring professionalism – sadly these 2 qualities are extremely often very much lacking regarding their behaviour towards Gloria Musa – these government employees warders simply fail the oath they took when taking the job – it is a public scandal Gloria has been treated with such contempt since November 2011 – Chiwar Musa too – yet when authorities are informed about the constant irregularities, they do absolutely nothing, thus showing the utmost contempt not only for their rules and regulations but also towards another human being, for example:
a] Glorias’ constant internal bleeding continues still after 19+ months with no proper adequate medical treatment,
b] Glorias’ trips to Downview prison earlier this year for a supposed prison transfer – twice – were highly irregular as she had to lie on the floor of the transporting vehicle to the place and back as no adequate seating was present – her lieing on the floor of the vehicle on her luggage for hours at a time caused her great pain and distress. These visits to Downview were a hoax – as twice she was taken there but the Downview regime refused to accept Gloria as she was in a wheelchair, which they don’t cater for which surely Holloway personnel knew about as they surely liase beforehand – they just don’t turn up with prisoners on a prison transfer , they discuss it first – so the Holloway prison personnel mustve known the fact that inmates in wheelchairs aren’t catered for – if not regarding the first trip but definitely the 2nd but still Gloria was subjected to this cruel callous irregular treatment by Holloway prison staff. After the first trip to Downview Gloria was returned to Holloway and got back during the evening but was put in a new cell but couldn’t get onto the bunk bed. She tells that when trying to get onto the bed because she is disabled she fell and was left for hours lieing on the floor of the cell as she couldn’t reach the button to call the warders higher up on the wall.

Why isn’t Gloria being cared for properly? She tells us prison warders tell her there is nothing wrong with her and she is putting it all on. Why then don’t they take her for an x-ray on her hip, or knee, for example, both of which Gloria tells us are badly damaged? X-rays would show conclusively if she is lieing or not, as if the blood-stained sheets all the time don’t show she isn’t lieing. Of course the prison regime wont arrange for x-rays because its 99% probable that any x-rays would show irregular medical conditions that are in need of urgent medical treatment, which has never been given and very much should’ve been.

And what is that lump that Gloria speaks of in her groin that has recently developed since getting the chronic infection and constant internal bleeding in her groin area? The prison authorities in 2 prisons – Holloway and Send – don’t want to know about any of that – it is disgraceful how these characters working in the prisons and from their lofty perches in the so-called “Ministry of Justice” in Monck St., London take their over-the-top taxpayer funded salaries year in, year out yet do sweet nothing for the people they took a public oath to protect. We’ve come to realise theres no chance of that, and it is a public scandal.”

27 Oct. 2013

C.Booker “Sunday Telegraph” – “Worst scandal I have ever seen…”


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