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Nigel Cooper
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To the Prime Minister and the Lord Justice Mr. Thomas

Sun, 10 Nov 2013 18:11:22 +0100

Nigel Cooper

To:, “PS Oliver Letwin – Cabinet Office [Restricted]” , Andy Peacher , “Sharon J. Bainbridge” ,,, “Thorpe, Lord Justice” , John Hemming , “Thomas, John, Employment Judge (TS, Cardiff)”

To each person who receives this email,


“Ignorance of the law forgives no man”, “Failure to comply to the law is contempt of law”, “Turning a blind eye makes you as guilty as the criminals”

You know the law? Therefore obey the law! [The Magistrates act of 1980 and THE MAGNA CARTA of 15th June 1215]

As a police-person, under your oath, you are there to keep the peace and uphold the law! [Ignorance excuses no man] – I target this line towards Neil Williams of the Metropolitan Police and Ian Hails (PC 1362) of Sunderland Police.

As a judge [You may NOT choose or REFUSE a man’s right to the law, in doing so you breach your oath of office]

As a member of parliament [You are there to serve the people who elected you, where failure to the people is failure and dereliction of duty to the civil population of the UK]

Directed at Mr. John Hemming M.P.; You, you coward, philander, cheat, womanizer, and adulterer, who spends more time with your penis in “The Directors of CORE ASSETS” than in your trousers in Parliament! He declares publicly “Am I a sex god ~ See Daily Telegraph”, who holds the position in parliament as the “man of the families”, who is the man of the child, who protects children and defends parents, when informed by myself presenting the evidence to him…”Go away you silly little man, your not so clever now are you”; is that how a PUBLIC SERVANT speaks to a person when the person asks for help? One could sit pontificating on the right and wrongs of morals, though I have to ask this unfortunately, physically disproportionate, and rather rotund aged philander, “Are you still as clever as you thought you were, given the fact that you in your actions you seem to perform better as the private parliamentary bike for CORE-ASSETS than the father of the family! How much in “Kick-backs” do you receive from CORE ASSETS for “Services rendered”, I am sure under your law’s that is known as prostitution, [be it male or female], the same company who provides all the I.T. infrastructure to the social Services and the Forster homes, or, do you just receive , (like so many others) a child for your own pleasure? Looking at ones educational ability as declared by yourself, it does not take a professor of quantum physics to be a simple honest man and protect the parents and children of the UK. Your a father, a father of two, what kind of father takes money from the civil population to feed his child, knowing full well that he fraudulently gained that money in the dereliction of his duties of office! “There you go my dear, an ice-cream just for you, its paid for with the blood of many children”. Sir, YOU are an insult to the British population, you head should be hung in shame be in in public or private for what you have done to the children of the United Kingdom. For reference:

To the many other members of parliament that I have contacted, [all witnessed by the multitude of receipt notes that I hold in my possession], You all breached your oath of parliament and the CROWN, you done so to line your pockets with ill gotten gains in the form of a salary, paid for by the citizens of the United Kingdom, for who, you have openly LIED to, committed perjury to and denied them their lawful right of justice! You are a disgrace to the very word “Democracy” where your act’s and actions can only be expressed as “treacherous” to the CROWN of England and the civil population of the United Kingdom.

The CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICES – Your are in contempt and your actions are treacherous [period]!

The Parliamentary ombudsman – You are also in contempt before the eyes of the civil population of the United Kingdom!

I Nigel [the real person and not the UK legal fiction] have repeatedly informed the UK at all levels of the criminal actions within the UK, yet the UK have, in their blind arrogance refused to obey the law! [sic] One might use an excuse as “Well he needs to come forward”, what utter “RUBBISH”, as the powers within the UK are aware of criminal activity and it is their obligation to see justice served; in that action the powers within the UK should have opened this case in my absence, contacted me by ANY means, though my contact details have been submitted time and time again. [re-sic]

One might say, “Mr Cooper needs to appear before our courts in public”; well my response to that is a simple “BOLLOCKS”! You, [The UK] have had your chance in law, for which you acted in a fraudulent and corrupt manor, thus negating YOUR RIGHT to hold a court! The moment you wrote “refused” and STAMPED this document with the OFFICIAL SEAL of the Royal Courts of justice, you, [THE UK] REVOKED your right to conduct a court as you [The UK] breached:

The Statute of Rome;
The Treaty of the European Union, [Signed by the high contracting parties including Queen Elizabeth II, also known as Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Alexander Windsor of Buckingham Palace, London England];
The Treaty of Amsterdam;
The Treaty of Paris, also known as the Paris Accord;
The Coronation oath of Queen Elizabeth II as sworn before the public, before the citizens of the United Kingdom on the King James bible witnessed by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury [holder of the law and faith within the UK];
The Magna Carta of 15th June 1215 [articles 1 and 29];
The Geneva Convention on Genocide;
The Hague Convention on international child abduction and trafficking and slavery;
The Parliaments act of 1998 of the inclusion of International law into British law creating a contempt of both UK law and International law.

This list is not exhaustive, but shows the gravitas of my CHARGE against the UK, its courts, its social services, select corrupt Police, its government and its CROWN!

We the people, we all know who is behind this, and, who will be punished! [sic] The UK never wants to be seen before the eyes of mankind allowing its Royal family to steal children, pay for children, abuse children and murder children! We all know that VERY senior members of past governments of the UK were known prolific child abusers and murders “Harold Wilson” to name one. [ ] We all know that the UK powers clearly knew of the activities of Mr. James Savile who was the go between for the government, the powers, and the children. He was the one who was hand picking the children for abuse. The children saw him as an idol, a good man, he was portrayed by the government and media as a good guy; who duped the civil population of the UK into believing that their children were safe in the hands of Savile when in fact he was hand picking the children to take them to their death. [How sick is that of the UK]?

The structure and pecking order of who’s who follows like this:

Q E II – (Protecting her son Prince Charles and hiding (a possible hidden twin)!
Chris Grayling – Via Prime Minister – Knows which judges are pedophiles and supporters of the Royal Child abusers.
Criminal – Civil – Family Courts – FAKE before the eyes of the civil population of the UK.
Freedom and anonymity if you meet the “private requirements of the courts” (Money, power, Royalty or VIP)
Chris Grayling runs a special legal panel “International Child abduction” – (Stephanie Adams of Williscroft & Co.)
Williscroft & Co where Ms. Williscroft was promoted to a district judge with no previous appointments what so ever?
Judge Williscroft openly stole a child (I’ve got the video unedited) as reported by Lord Mumby!
The stolen child co-in-sided with the so-called birth of Kate and William?
Williscroft & Co via Adam’s participated in the theft of my daughter as stated within the international judgement attached and within documentation that I hold marked “SMA1” highlighting a targeted child.
Judge Hedley “RCJ” High Court judge works for Chris Grayling – (Known child abuser and facilitator to the CROWN)
Chris Grayling “provides” “Toys” for Royal abuse!
Judge Hedley starts the ball rolling by removing my rights under the Magna Carta of 1215!
Judge Hedley “instructs the Social Services” to get involved this is to remove the mother!
Father out of the way in Belgium, Mother declared unfit by UK documentation, UK steals Bailie !
Judge Hedley hands accountability from himself to Newcastle – Moylan who admits on oath that Hedley broke international law!
Judge Moylan refuses to obey international law – CONSPIRACY
Judge Moylan hands Bailies case to local administration -(In an attempt to further remove connections to the Crown)
Local Courts create an ICO to steal Bailie – CONSPIRACY
Local courts [Judge Hudson] place me into exile so I cannot contact my daughter and cannot challenge the CROWN.

With the father removed and the mother removed Bailie in now “available” for abuse by the Royals condoned by the highest judges in the UK, condoned by the Lord Chancellor, condoned by the prime minister and condoned by royal warrant bestowed of Mr. Chris Grayling all acting like a group of VEXES JACKLES in their action to abuse children!

This path has isolated two things the father and Bailie – (DNA) !!!

Why DNA?
Charles – twin (Male unknown – DNA identical)
Unknown Male has a child ( a daughter where the DNA of the Child carries the “Y” chromosome of the farther and the historical “X” chromosome of the mother!
The “X” & “Y” chromosomes CANNOT be modified and show the historical genetic markers of ancestry!
The Queen’s “twin” is embedded into the “Private family Courts of protection” – To protect the Royal Family for their abuse of a child! [re-sic]
New Birth certificate generated to disguise the royal twin [Naturally dead] as assigned by an act of Parliament [You sick bastards]
The Twin is place into adoption
The twin is tracked until 2006 when the twin leaves the UK (they think it is all over)
The twin acquires a full power of attorney of the child 🙂
The UK must do all within its powers to “recover” the child as the DNA within the child proves the direct hereditary link to the Queen.
On the 2ND October 2011 the UK make a fatal error and refuse international law exposing the CROWN
The Crown all of a sudden change 600 years of tradition and allow females of royal heirs to become Queen against King Henry VIII who started all of this mess in the first place.
William and Kate have a child – (They never had a child at all, Kate came of out hospital looking more pregnant then when she went in).
William and Kate use the child as shown above to create a cover story as Royal’s are infertile! [sic] – “Due to the Royal interbreeding over generations as caused sterility”
The so called birth occurred on the SUMMER SOLSTICE – A little “satanic and spooky if you ask me”
Should William become King William VI – take closer look at the roman numeral “6” = “VI” look at the occurrences of VI in his title (3 times where “W” is two “V’s” hence 666)
The mark of the devil? Satanic? Summer solstice? Nazi? Rudolf Hess? Batten-burg? Mountbatten and Windsor?

The Royals are prolific child abuses sponsored and supported by the highest elements of the UK government and protected from any charge of criminal activity by the UK judiciary that dismisses all claims against the Crown, its co-horts, VIP and others.

This abuse of power has to be the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. The only way to PROVE ME WRONG would be an open public DNA test of royalty where the parental DNA of QE II and the Duke of Edinburgh would show flawed DNA markers along with errors in William and Kate. It would also show several so called Royals NOT being Royal at all. “Charles”? “Anne”? “Andrew”? “Edward”?

For any person who has taken the time to study the process of DNA will clearly know that “Prince Harry”, is NOT the off-spring of Charles and Diana, but the Bastard child of an illicit love affair of the mother and James Hewitt! As for William? A public DNA test is demanded as NO WAY is he the TRUTHFUL Royal HEIR to the Crown!

The world knows that Lord Louis Mountbatten “Earl of Burma, Viceroy of India” was a prolific child abuser who had “gone too far”, he was not “murdered by the IRA”, that was a cover story to “Protect” the Royal’s from the photographs that he, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were taking of their abuse of children and the deaths of children.

The world now knows that Prince Charles has paid for, [on many occasion] the sum of 500,000 pounds to persons unknown for services unknown as shown by the recent tax inspection carried out against the Duchy of Cornwall!

The world knows of the illicit links of the Duke of Edinburgh to the Rodolph Hess, the Nazi link to the ROYAL family and the link to Battenburgh with the change of name to Mountbatten.

The world knows of the utter corruption of the law by King Henry VIII who could not keep his penis in his trousers, who abuse the rights of man, who slaughtered and murdered many women just because of his own SEXUAL INCOMPETENCE as a man! [re-sic]

Princess Ann has clearly rejected the Royal family and has never been seen publicly for god knows how long.

Princess Margret (The Queens so called sister) – A DNA threat to the CROWN, To the Queen and to Charles, died of so-called cancer, was cremated so no DNA could be tested?

The Queen mother – was cremated so no DNA could be tested?

Diana was also cremated so NO DNA could be tested for royalty! The World knows the UK sponsored her death by the SAS.

To follow on with additional comments and observations, may I draw you attention to facts where evidence can and does support the facts’.

To look at who is who and who does what within the powers of the UK judicial system, [and what the Judicial system is there for]. We are all told that the judges “protect the innocent when if fact they do the opposite”

Let’s start at the top and work outwards is a unilateral manor where, at the top of the top is Queen Elizabeth II; Hence:-

Q E II – who has directed her “legal powers to a person known as the Lord Chancellor Mr. Chris Grayling”

Chris Grayling was “empowered” by the Queen on the instruction of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, [Cameron] is a known alcoholic, a known drug user in university and a child abuser where he left his child in a PUB!

I hold EVIDENCE that proves that the UK conspired with others to commit an act of WAR against another nation contrary to the UN councils resolution, and in doing committed act’s of murder that I was witness to.

I hold EVIDENCE that you UK carried out act’s of Bio-Warfare against the Geneva convention!

I hold evidence that the UK & the US conspired against its allies of NATO in a persistent operation of blatant “SPYING” on a friendly nations!

I hold evidence that the British Ambassador to Belgium carried out illegal act’s in support of the UK government, against the friendly country of Belgium which is a gross act against article 5 of the NATO convention which is an act of war against a friendly nation.

Back to Grayling, he is the “Executive Head” of the courts and holds on behalf of the CROWN the executive power and right to impeach ANY judge. In this way no judge is above the law. Therefore Chris Grayling holds the power to “police the police” as to say, but REFUSES to do so, WHY? Who is he protecting and WHY?

The UK judicial system fall’s into 3 branches – Criminal, Civil and Family (civil), where ALL family matters are run within the “Private family courts of QE II”… Hold on a moment “A PRIVATE” company determining the civil rights of a person? Is that legal? Can a private company take from another private person anything, surly that is theft and piracy under Admiralty law (oops that was created by the British Empire too).

Criminal Courts discharge justice? to criminal’s though it can be seen that if you have enough power and money or status you are above the law as a criminal (Several ex PM’s and current members of Parliament and the Judiciary are known to be child abusers along with many members of the Royal family ALL ABOVE THE LAW)?

Civil Courts – (someone done a wrong against me) – Hold on a moment, many civil matters (mostly abuse of power and financial issues) seems to be passed up by a judge where I have to revert to my statement above (if you are a VIP or a Royal or have the money you are above the law).

Family courts – (out right abuse of power, child theft, money laundering, prostitution, pedophilia and more) all housed under the “Godly title” We are here to protect the child! What an absolute lie “We are here to protect those who abuse children”!

What is going on in the UK?

Let’s get the show on the road, here is my address:

Labinska 12, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia. Come and arrest me if your DARE! The moment you do, you will have to charge me in public, the moment you do I will create a “shit-storm” upon the UK that will destroy the Royal family, destroy the UK government, destroy the UK judiciary, destroy the Social Services and destroy the police, it will cause anarchy in the UK. YOU, [The UK] have lied to your civil population, Defrauded them of free and honest justice to protect a child abuser or abusers. You the UK, have gone against the will of mankind, against the will of a defenseless child and abused your power utterly; for that you will be punished by the civil population of the United Kingdom, by the civil population of Europe, by the civil population of the world. You will cast down before the eyes of God and before the eyes of mankind for your evil deeds, you will be cast out and NEVER be permitted to be in the presence of mankind. Your names and history will be struck off! You will be re-labeled as “the most corrupt government and supports of all time”, your deeds and actions surpass King Harold, Go against the sovereign declaration of King Solomon, against the will of God, against the will of mankind, against the EXPRESSED WILL OF THE CHILD and you will be punished for all of time! [ ]

How much money is being paid to the media services [T.V. Radio, New Papers, CNN, Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc] NOT to run this statement and WHY? Is this GAGGING or BRIBERY more over, what has been promised to them, that “they” will not touch their children? Does that make the Media above the law too? I was lead to believe in the “The FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” to TELL THE TRUTH!

I am Bailies father, the acts that you have committed against my daughter and myself goes against the very creation of mankind, goes against every law every written for mankind, goes against all statements laid down within any region. You the UK are blatantly EVIL; as the father of my daughter Bailie~Kate; you BASTARDS stolen my child, as God is my witness [though the Arc Bishop of Canterbury has declared that God does not exists in his direct refusal to obey the law], I call on the civil population of the UK to re-claim their lawful right of law of the Magna Carta and of common law; to revolt and assist in the lawful recovery of my daughter; SO HELP ME GOD!

You may attempt to falsify documents but you cannot falsify every document as every parent as every CANNOT BE WRONG! You may be able to fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but it is impossible to fool all of the people all of the time! This is the day that the UK will go down in history as being EVIL, Corrupt beyond all realms!

To every person who reads this document, I openly welcome you to my home where I will present to you the categorical evidence for you to make you own judgment to the facts!

Nigel – the real person not the LEGAL FICTION of the UK.

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