These are the latest letters received from Maurice Kirk, sent from HMP Cardiff where he is being given a very hard time by the regime there, ensconced on the 5th landing [floor] of a lifers wing. There letters received by supporters, and put on his site http://www.kirkflyingvet.com where the full updates can be found:

“Had 4th burglary in 7 days [of his cell]. This time found my stamps and radio. [in other words the thieves who entered his unlocked + open cell stole these items from MK].

“Please send 4 1st class stamps after that i should be ok as i have made local arrangements.

I am still refused:

1] release of my car keys to my legal papers in there

2] Jxxx refused visit despite 2 visit application [in c wing and e wing]

3] refused send out my bank card for someone to pay my bills

4] will not let me hear dvds of of police interview

5] ELEVEN applications for police to take my statements of complaint re: 2 trials, one appeal and doctor’s fraud – all ignored

6] received all letters.”

These points, which are against the Human Rights Act and their own “guidelines” and more will be forwarded with a copy of the letter to MoJ inhabitants at Monck St., London and and others, including MPs and members of the judiciary as have already been sent by recorded delivery on the 1 Nov. – obviously ignored by those sent to if visits, for example, are still being refused. If murderers and paedophiles get can visits then something is very irregular if MK cant, apparently on the 5th floor of a lifers wing.

November 9, 2013 11:36 AM
” 1st November 2013

Kirk versus South Wales Police BS614159 etc

Position Statement

1 It has taken 15 days to obtain “canteen” only for nearly all of it being stolen from my cell.

2 Seven days ago I attempted recorded delivery documents to a lawyer and important witness only to find neither had received nor I being able to obtain “proof of posting”.

3 On 25-26 of October the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) visited reception to ascertain why HMP will not return/release either my passport or car key as the car contains legal data for all outstanding cases.

4 Reception staff refuse to either hand out or post either items or allow the claimant to have details of his debit and credit cards access to his cheque book knowing that his house is to be repossessed due to mortgage arrears.

5 Second IMB visit on a Saturday afternoon is warning enough for me to know “HM” has stepped in to block enquiry.

6 30th October I am informed of “1 hour” legal visit no other information forthcoming. I am never called only to find out next day it was the Bristol psychiatrist to consider a follow-up brain scan and fit or not for court.

7. 31st October prison doctor appointment never happened despite waiting

1 ½ at the exit door suspicious of HMP intent.

Copy to CCRC

(Signed Maurice J Kirk BVSc) ”
This letter received today 12 Nov. 2013 + posted online along with the scores of other posts relating to MK.= A7306AT Maurice Kirk – E5-06 – HMP Cardiff – 11 Nov. 2013:

“Dear Sir,

The Chief Constable was under fraud Investigation during HHJ Chambers’ QC’s ifnored 2009 disclosure order

2] I have found several Caswell victims similarly framed

3] HMP clearly have orders to block communications with outside world to limit S.W.P. investigations

4] Sudden 16 Oct prison meeting for me to have a psychiatric assessment without follow-up brain is 2009 “machine gun case” conspiracy all over again

5] Prison continue to refuse to disclose why was I a MAPPA Level 3, why cancelled, why on again?

6] CAA doctors await 12th HMP + 13th Crown Court psychiatric examinations before private pilots licence

7] Prison Reform Trust [Aimee [?] Emby] offer help 02072515070

8] CCRC now has access to a huge amount of “new evidence” re: 1st December 11 harassment conviction

9] Welsh courts / CPS / NHS / Police / IPCC and prison all ignore compelling evidence of widespread corruption within their own principality

10] Attempts for my being sectioned to Ashworth again is a very real risk

11] Continue to refusephotocopy at my own expense.

signed M.J. Kirk”

No replies have been received [or expected] to previous letters sent since 1 Nov. to the Crown Court, Magistrates court, T. Davies, HHJ B. + others explaining about visits denied for MK + other rights denied to MK, therefore will now expand 10-fold recipients via rec. del. Royal Mail + email to details re: MKs communications, eg, to authority figures and agencies [MoJ], and every MP + numerous “Lords”. A suggestion has been made by a supporter that a duplicate key is got for MK’s vehicle so as his legal papers can be got and forwarded to him. This is surely feasible as long as his vehicle has not been towed away as MK stated it was parked in a public place before.

November 12, 2013 12:43 PM

The gist of letter received by H 13 Nov. 13:

“Dear …..

1] Still refused follow–up brain scan

2] Refused car keys to move car and access computer files

3] Still refused visits with 2 lawyers – given up trying to get in

4] HMP refuse to release [CANT READ THE REST OF SENTENCE]

4] Police have me registered as “sex offender” to successfully oppose bail – refused explanation of fairy tale

M J Kirk”

November 13, 2013 12:37 PM

What is the point of putting tiny pics like that above that cant be read?

From a supporter:

“Phone message received at 1144hrs. 14th November2013:

Today 14 Nov. at 1122hrs a Dr. M, resident Cardiff Prison doctor, told Maurice that she was going to refer him to a neurologist. When Maurice asked why she had not done this in Jan 2010 (when he had first heard that the Clinical Director of Caswell Clinic had told Judge B at a bail hearing on 2nd Dec 2009 that he had brain cancer or possible brain tumour) nor in the subsequent years he had seen her and asked for a brain scan, she had no answer. He reminded her that at each asking the Prison Staff would peremptorily pull him out of the medical room. ”

And from the 13 Nov:

” Dear All,

I received a very optimistic phone call from m today. Yesterday Dr. S, psychiatrist from CC? visited for 11 minutes. He recorded the interview where M behaved well. He denied having met M before (despite writing a report about him for court originally!) He told M that he didn’t need a psychiatrist but a neurologist! (Brilliant!)

Although he had not raised his voice 5 heavies came into the cell and took m away but not before the Dr said on tape that M had not raised his voice or threatened him in anyway. (THEY are rattled)

After ‘lock up’ that evening a Senior Manager (custody supervisor) came to see him. M is sure that it is to do with letter to MP Cairns.

More amazing still, before 0700hrs this morning a member of the IMB came to speak with him……….GREAT PROGRESS.

It has taken M 4 years to get anyone (honest MPs and Judges)to listen to his plight.

The recorded delivery docs. had clearly been released by the police (under pressure?)

He was expecting to see the Bristol doctor today. (His secretary reported that he was not happy to receive unsolicited contacts from MJK’s friends so I ask that you desist)”

We are still trying to get this car business sorted out so MK can have his papers. We try.

November 14, 2013 8:33 PM

One of the letters above:

KIRK 12NOV13510

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