Prison psychiatrist refers Maurice to a neurologist and more from the good doctor!

Well the appointed visit from the prison psychiatrist went well for Maurice, despite a witness who went along to sit in on proceedings being refused admission to the show!

After only 11 minutes Dr Sealy decided that what Maurice actually needs is to be referred to a neurologist. This would tend to suggest that a psychiatric diagnosis is not required!

Also emerging this week are more details of why Maurice was arrested and what he has been charged with, or at least accused of, by, the psychiatrist that didn’t need to examine him in the first place!

Here is the witness statement by Dr Who. He says that “several years ago he was tasked by the Crown Prosecution Service to carry out a psychiatric assessment”:

Another prison Doctor has been scheduled to see Maurice before the end of the week.

One has to wonder why?

NB – In this statement of the now disgraced Dr. T. Williams it is stated it was the SOUTH WALES POLICE who informed this doctor that M Kirk threatened to “burn his house down” in a phone call to the police on the 18th Nov. 2012, resulting in M Kirks arrest in Dec. 2012 for “breach of restraining order” against this dodgy dr…. this evidence is surely highly dubious, coming from the S Wales police who are guilty of so much victimisation and so many blatant and hostile actions towards M Kirk!!!


Another received on the 5 Nov.:


A letter received from Maurice Kirk on the 9 Nov. 13. The chronic victimisation continues for this 70 year old innocent man, put on the 5th floor landing in the “Lifers” wing of HMP Cardiff, for some reason known only to the Cardiff prison regime. In his earlier letter this month M Kirk told us of how his cell was “burgled”, presumably by other inmate[s], who simply walked into his cell when he wasn’t in it and stole his property – his sparse canteen was targetted by these lowlives – a tin of mackerel, stamps and now his radio, + whatever was taken. The letter below tells of him being robbed for the 4th time in 7 days, on the latest occasion whoever did it finding his hidden property. These “lifers” are not nice people he is having to put up with, and what makes it worse is that he hasn’t actually committed any crime to be put there in the 1st place. This is MK’s 5th remand this year I believe – this is what happens when you talk too loudly about wrongdoing by the “Powers That Be” [what a misnomer that is!!] in South Wales! Letters written earlier this month to authority figures – the courts, MoJ etc. telling of his being denied visits and more have obviously been a waste of time. Authorities were told of the blatant irregularities happening to M Kirk 9 days prior to receiving these latest letters and judging by what M Kirk writes in them obviously nothings changed and the authorities being told has been met with cold indifference as these letters show. Even the representatives of the Independent Monitoring Board – the people who are meant to keep an eye on the running of the prison – were sent packing, according to this letter below. Its just too much for words…


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