by mrnigelcooper

My name is Nigel Hands!

I don’t care what anyone thinks of who I am or what I’ve done, I done it all for my daughter. Ask me if I’d do it against? YES! for the love of my daughter.

I got a divorce from Anne Linda Hands of 3 Hewitson Road, west Derby, L13 0BD; she faked a divorce, used a corrupt judge who stole 2 homes, my life insurance all of by account savings, and 150,000 pounds of my pension. She left me penniless, homeless. Not just me, my daughter too! I had to result to STATE MILK TOKENS to feed my baby!To you Anne Linda Hands I wish hell takes you soon and I pray that you are punished every day for the remainder of your life. I never hurt you, and I never took from you. You stole from the hand that fed you for 22 years and I hope you suffer when the women of the UK read this and pay you a visit. All of this because of your senselessness jealousy. I never loved you! You were just a pen-pal for 22 years, [Thanks to Warrant Office Morton R.N.] Who rigged the sea drafting to make sure I was never at home and had the most miserable 22 years of my life.

I was forced to marry Gail Cooper after she demand I was sterilized!

I only changed my name to Nigel Cooper because my Ex wife forced me to and she forced me to become sterile to! [I’m now baron, along with about 180,000 pounds worth of debt all for her and her off-spring “FROM ANOTHER MAN”], I got a judgement is the name of Nigel Cooper to lawfully return my daughter, and I suppose it’s no good now? I’m Bailie’s dad and I’ve been refused my right by law and refused access to the law by the United Kingdom against the solemn oath of HM queen Elizabeth II under my contract “FOR LIFE” as a fully paid up member of the Royal Navy; 22 years! 3 Wars! 13 Medals! What for, to be abused be the social services? To have my child stolen by Joanna Bonar!

I truly hate the UK who have ruined my life; I’ll be glad when death comes to my door. I once thought “fighting for queen and country” meant something! Clearly not! So, to every serving member of the armed forces [past, present and future] I bear witness to the abuse of power that is wheeled in YOUR name when you offer your life to the Queen who broke her contract with me, and in doing so, broke the ARMED FORCES COVENANT and BREACHED MY LOYALTY!


Power of attorney Moylan Appeal refusal

As my punishment to YOU the UK for what you have done to me in NOT obeying the law. I publish this for the world to see! If you cannot and will not obey the law then there is no loyalty between us. ALL CONTRACTS ARE BROKEN.



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