“protest against fracking and we will take your kids!”

from M. Tuttle:

Published on 27 Nov 2013

Peaceful protest in Salford at Barton Moss has been taken to a new level by Greater Manchester Police. Children visiting the site have been targeted by Social Services citing “safeguarding measures” that prevent children from learning the real truth about important issues like FRACKING. Detained for the good part of an hour under secretive “child protection” Acts of parliament (not laws, in fact Act is a very informative name). Thank god legal observers were on site to record this behaviour. Social Worker Harriet Wall who hid her ID badge and refused to give her name works for Salford Social Services 0161 909 6517 .

The following video shows how a protester in an anti-fracking protest being questioned and followed by a member of Multi-Agency Unit, the connotations is that the social service worker is threatening the parents right to have a family.
Beyond the video link, ONN has no other information about this case, although the footage shows that the social worker
a) does not know the children.
b) does not have any direct concerns about their well being.
The only point the social worker seems to be concerned about it that their parent/ guardian is protesting.
Protest in Britain is still a human right under the European Convention, whether you have children or not. 
In terms of responsible parenting, it could easily be argued that an anti-fracking camp is one of the most responsible places to take kids. To stop fracking ruining their future. Substantiating this idea, the industry’s own Greenwash undermines its legitimacy.


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