Received from M Kirk on the 30 Nov. 13 – Maurice tells of being denied a walking-stick after injuries received [for the 2nd time] by the prison warder, also denied to him is the use of the photocopier. Other received letters are below [scroll down] and much more is on MK’s site which tells the whole sad story of his 20+ years of targetting by the Welsh [+ other} authorities, including very much the prison service and police there.

From: M. Kirk HMP Cardiff,
To: Wing Governor E. Reed Esq., HMP Cardiff CF24 0UG
29 Nov. 13

Dear Sir,
1] It has taken 11 days to be seen by a doctor following a premeditated assault by a senior prison officer [his second]

2] I am refused transfer to an English prison for my own safety

3] I am refused copy of CCTV coverage or identity for witness summonses of prison officers and three wing governors at crime scenes of my last release and arrest of Officer David Rogan for conspiracy to steal my passport, car keys and legal papers all needed to assist police opposition to bail and my defence for eight outstanding criminal allegations

4] I am refused photycopying even at my own expense

5] Police interview today was ideal material for next years’ Monty Python Flying Circus comeback

signed M.J. Kirk BVSc

3 KIRK 30 NOV13626

5  KIRK 30 NOV13627A

1 KIRK 30 NOV13624

2 KIRK 30 NOV13625

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