MAURICE KIRK – 4th + 5th Dec. 2013

Documents received from Maurice on Wednesday 4th Dec. 13, and the 5th are here:

Maurice writes he is only allowed one crutch to aid him walking having a possible broken ankle, supposedly, according to his letter below, because a judge was told by the S Wales Police MK has a “history of escaping”!! When has MK ever “escaped” from anywhere he’s been put? He hasn’t! MK must be finding it difficult going up and down 5 flights of prison stairs to get food, etc., and also he is offered only paracetamol for pain relief. Surely an anti-swelling medication could be prescribed for his ankle.
Isnt that one whole series of remarkable coincidences – firstly, to be put on the 5th floor of a building, [on a lifers wing, even if one has committed any crime as MK is supposed to have, to be put on the highest floor on a wing reserved for lifers is surely bizarre], secondly, to have a possible broken ankle enforced upon one in a way one wouldnt think could be possible – enforced upon one by an act of a prison officer, allegedly, a person who is meant to be there to protect one, not cause one harm, and finally, to be denied the very aids one needs to be able to move about with the least amount of pain – a second crutch – and practicable painkillers. This sounds like a premeditated plot somebody’s made up for a film or something – imho, of course.

MK also says he is awaiting but refused the official results of his brain scan.


1515 Steve Tunney, S. Wales Police
from: M.J. Kirk A7306AT, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd, Cardiff, South Wales CF24 0UG

28 Nov. 2013

1] Further to our intervire, under caution, the police refuse to let me have access to information on your dvds or my computer

2] In the light of my 18 Nov. 2013 defence statement I now wish to add the following information and again request a Section 8 disclosure e.g. as identified in my 22 Oct. 2013 letter to CPS and police today.

3] Police attending prison also took 10 pages of complaint, refused to photograph my injuries or secure my new medical records I have witnessed being back-dated.

4] Dr. Dave Barker, Bristol forensic psychiatrist was also denied my Austin, Texas psychiatric records, Caswell clinic and Swansea University records and MAPPA information all originallly before judge Neil Bidder QC with false PNC records for police application I be sectioned to Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital.

5] Please obtain todays brain scan information for jury.

6] I require Lincolnshire Air Museum witness statement re: police twice painting my machine gun for prosecution.

M. J. Kirk BVSC

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From the 5th Dec. 2013:


kirk 1ba

above: Maurice earlier this year at the beginning of his 3+ month long hearing at Cardiff Civic Centre.

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