Received from M Kirk Mon 9 Dec 13:

“To: Clerk of the Court, Cardiff Crown Court, The Law Courts Cathays Park Cardiff South Wales CF10 3PG

From: M. J. Kirk, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd, Cardiff CF24 0UG

29 Nov. 2013

Case nos.: T20130801 – T20131144 – 1300596600

R. v Maurice John Kirk

Application to Strike Out All Those 3 Above Proceedings

1] Due to failure, without good cause, disclosing CCTV [ Re: Brahim v Feltham Magistrates, Movat v DPP 2001, R v Beckford 1986, R v Grant, R v Mullen, and in particular


2 common assaults, allegations quite unrelated to Bailiff Eviction to allow a summary offence to be delayed and joined as indictable offences. They are not part of a series of offences of the same or similar character witness. I intimidation charge does not relate to assault ot assault related and therefore does not come within section 40 [1] [ / or [ ] of CJA Act Regina v Maurice Kellett April 17,18 June 20 1975 [court appeal] 1988


3] Threat of criminal damage allegation is flawed as police refuse to assist this accused [see Stayed v S Wales Police civil damages trial] in past 20 years!
Repeated complaint, reliant under 1 subsection [3] A] + C] of Pruemion of Harrassment Act , as amended, by all police used to detect or prevent crime is blatantly obvious and police neglect is malicious.
Failure to disclose CCTV in 1st Dec 2011 section 2 conviction, breach of restraining order 4th March 2012 jury trial and 24 Aug 2011 Threat to machine gun down Lord Mayor of Cardiff – £50 fine is an abuse of process as police currently refuse to release associated witness statements and the accused mitigating telephone calls in all above incidents recorded on 101 or 999.

4] Breach of Restraining Order / Likeness allegations require fanciful 14 October 2013. Dr. Tegwyn Williams statement, his jury 2012 one and disclosure of his application for work, to some foreign gentleman to further support my 28th Nov. 2013 MRI brain scan proving him a habitual liar.


M. J. Kirk BVSC ”


The metal sheet covering the hole in the door of the small room which held safety glass until Tottenham police locked MK up in the room, illegally – MK putting a chair through the safety glass, after warning the police for a full 10 minutes before freeing himself from this illegal imprisonment in Tottenham police station, September, 2011.

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