Call from Maurice Kirk Sunday 15 Dec 13

regarding the court hearing on 10 Dec. 13 re: MK’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a prison officer, and more.

MK also attempted to citizen-arrested a warder, but they ignored that and charged him with assaulting a p.o. instead. MK denied this and asked to see the CCTV recordings from 7 CCTV cameras at the scene which would prove there was no assault, but the prison said there were no recordings and they didn’t exist. There was allegedly a prison officer in the “glass box” in the vicinity, where it is claimed these is a “concrete pillar” which obstructed this warders view of the proceedings. There is no “concrete pillar” in that location, it is alleged. Allegedly all the time at the hearing the judge THOMAS had a transcript of the “non-existent” cctv cameras recordings in front of him, contrary to the earlier statement by the prison that no such CCTV recordings existed.


From M. Kirk 14 Dec. 2013:

Justice is again made a farce of in the Cardiff court, for Maurice Kirk’s hearing – what a bunch!!

To: Mr. A. Cairns, MP Constituency Office, 29 High St., Barry, CF62 7EB

Sent on behalf of Mr. M. J. Kirk, no. A7306AT at present in HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd., Cardiff CF24 0UG

Mr. Cairns, MP

I received this urgent call from Mr. M. J. Kirk on Saturday 14 Dec. 2013 at approx.

09.30GMT. Mr. Kirk asked that I specifically contact you with this message, which is:

“To Mr. Alun Cairns MP, Vale of Glamorgan, 10 Dec. 2013

Dear Sir,

On the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Convention, Cardiff Court

refused me thus:

1] no legal papers in court

2] to have a pair of reading glasses in the dock

3] pen and paper

4] defence exhibits witheld by GEOamy Custody Services, below the court

5] an eye-witness who tape recorded the incident

6] a court without bullet-proof glass so i could hear from the dock

7] relavent witnesses by summons

8] relavent witnesses sitting in the public gallery

9] copy of CCTV record of 7 viewing cameras of the incident

10] copy of police notebooks at the scene

11] even to be handed the potential witness statement in the gallery

12] prison staff as eyewitnesses after they were identified by my cross-examination

Do you feel responsible as to what is regularly going on in S. Wales courts?

copy to ccrv”

The call:

More shocking messages showing just how much the system has broken down/;


Scroll down for more from Maurice Kirk, still on crutches in HMP Cardiff, and still without his official “brain scan” report from the hospital which shows he has no brain tumour – the basis for so much victimisation against MK, insitigated by the now disgraced doctor Tegwyn Williams.
See M. Kirk’s site

16 pages recd. still to decipher.

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