below – complaint form:

“Complaint Form

BS 614159 etc. – 18/11

Who did you speak to?

Dr. T. ——, Gaynor —–, Seeley, B— and D—- etc.

What is your complaint?

Pre action protocol in county court:
1] I submitted to most
i] 30th Sept. 2009 Caswell Clinic report
ii] 2 Dec. 2009 Cardiff Crown court transcription
iii] Nov. 2009 Dr. S—-‘s psychiatric report
iv] 1st Dec 2009 Dr. K— neuroradiolomical report
v] 14 Oct 2013 Dr. T. M. W—– MG11 statement report

2] Dr. David S—- has stated this week i should be seen by a neurologist ., not a psychiatrist

3] Dr. B—-today confirms:

4] Tomorrow HMP Dr. D—- needs the information, still witheld from me that judge RICHARD T—- put before judge NEIL B—- to verify, beyond reasonable doubt that i have “significant brain damage” and cancer.”


below – MK states he was denied a 2nd walking crutch “even to get to the bail court”. Truly outrageous. The officer receiving the application merely passes the buck onto another department, thus the application is stalled and waylaid into nothingness:


below Accompyaning this sheet MK writes: “The classic example – ask for your own money for court preperation – HMP refuse you because the officer you ask was the one originally arrested” – in other words, the prison warder MK asks about his money is the very officer MK citizen-arrested – of course MK’s request is refused.
below: “Request photocopying from private cash, for complaints to justice ministry / GMC, MP and police. Thank you. [Copy of this doc. for court, police + lawyer].

“Insufficient funds available”




Below: “1] I have been refused local remedies

2] The vetinary nurse in charge of any animals under my care, like i have been treated would have been stripped of her registration and sacked.

3] Why have successive S.O.’s expressed amusement?

4] Why did S.O. G. Mason refuse to explain my last total canteen, for 14 days, £1.38, is reduced to what?

5] Why did Mason refuse me library contrary to written requests?

6] Why did Mason refuse me kit-change, denied me for weeks?

7] Why did Mason refuse me access to court videos today?

8] Why did Mason state, before S.O. Courdly [sp?] “it looks very painful”.

9] Why 11 days delay in a doctor examining my suspect fractured ankle?

10] Why no date in seeing eyes / ears test + neurologist despite voiced opinion of Dr. S— in front of 3 prison officers?

11] unreadable

12] Why cannot these things be done as a litigant in person withut representation?

13] Or do I need to be on legal aid?

14] Why cant I see a private doctor?

signed: M. J. Kirk 28 Nov. 13



[below] 2 p.c.’s say “CPS posted this package [depositions] to you but prison refuse to accept it”


MK lists numerous irregularities, particularly:

39] Successive S.O.’s refusing to inform the Governor or obtain suitable medical attention
40] Prison refuses to release my car keys, allow me access to visitors and is blocking letters relating to court
41] Prison refuse to identify other staff present at time of my arresting DAVID ROGAN or release CCTV for incidents relating to them withholding my passport
42] Perversions of justice by HMP Cardiff by withholding current medical history re: my injuries


below, MK writes the medical staff deliberately deny all knowledge of MK’s repertitious actions trying to get “pain relief, police investigation and medical records disclosure”. The other comments are readable.



below, MK’s cases listed for 3 Jan 13:


Letter to J. Willott, and A. Cairns, MPs., from M. Kirk:


Below, just 2 of the scores of applications made by MK that have not reached their proper destination – destroyed en route to their proper destinations:



LOOK!! Cardiff Council spends £26 million on gagging orders!!!!! WHAT ARE THEY HIDING??


Scroll down for more articles and see MK’s site http://www.kirkflyingvet.com

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