I received a message this morning the MK has been moved to a different wing from the “lifers” wing – he was on the top floor there, and being on crutches it must have been hell going up and down the 5 flights of stairs. However, being moved to a different wing has drawbacks of the most serious and unacceptable kind = the wing is run by the Senior Officer MYERS who assaulted MK by kicking him in the ankle on the 17 Nov., enough to probably break it. This, of course, is a blatant ABH crime – but, naturally, this Senior Officer MYERS seems to have got clean away with it. MK called the police over 10 times about this assault, but they refused to take his reporting of a crime seriously. So did the prison refuse to accept his official complaints to them, and everyone refused to take photographs of his badly bruised ankle for weeks after, for after a month of being assaulted on the 17 November 2013 MK is still on crutches.

Apparently MK’s medical file has been altered to show he was given painkillers for a week for his painful ankle, when he wasn’t, and the prison computer, we are told, holds no record of his having a brain scan at the hospital either. See his calls here from the 17 + 15 Dec.:


MK is on a wing where, we are told, the Senior Officer MYERS who has already assaulted him twice [on Nov. 17 2013 and in late 2011] is in charge. We are told also that mail sent to prisoners is actually entrusted to an inmate[s] to distribute. This is outrageous if its true and this Cardiff prison is more of a hellhole than anybody previously thought. All social visits to MK have been denied him whist at HMP Cardiff, also legal visits from lawyers. MK’s legal papers are denied him whilst in HMP Cardiff, as they were for the court hearing on the 10 Dec. when he ws sentenced to 12 weeks for “assaulting an officer”. Access to his money is denied, so as his offer to pay for photocopies can be honoured, for instance. He tells us he received only £4.76 in a month for canteen, when the usual rate a week is much more than that for a week for a pensioner.

A package sent to MK from the CPS and delivered by the police to the prison was refused by the prison.

The senior “officer” MYERS should be arrested and charged with the assault upon Maurice Kirk – WHY HASNT HE BEEN?? Also, warder GOULD threw MK to the ground whilst screaming expletives – another blatant crime of ABH which is completely ignored by police, prison, and all the authority figures told by recorded delivery letters, including the MPs Cairns and Willott, who has turned her back on the entire subject of Maurice Kirk, even though she is MKs MP, as MK was of No Fixed Abode on entering HMP Cardiff and is now resident in HMP Cardiff, Willott is therefore his MP. See her letter below.

Why haven’t the prison officers MYERS and GOULD been arrested and charged with ABH – Actual Bodily Harm, or ASSAULT upon Maurice Kirk?? Why indeed – that is a very good question.


above: Letter from J. Willott, MP for MK as he is of No Fixed Address and resident at HMP Cardiff which falls within Willott MP’s constituency, and no longer resident in MP Cairns constituency when remanded. It seems Ms. Willott doesn’t want to help M Kirk in his precarious position, even though she is his MP, which she denies – the rules and guidelines they themselves make say different.

From 17 Dec. 2013:

Maurice Kirk called twice today – at 16.56pm with an extremely worrying message, and seemed very worried himself – the earlier call being at 08.55am this morning. Following that in the video below is the call from 2 days ago, the 15th.

His later message at 16.55pm – the 1st in the video – informed that he had just been told to pack everything and empty his cell in order to go down to solitary confinement in the punishment block, or somewhere – he wasnt sure where and we may not find out for some time.

He was due to go down to an adjudication hearing in the prison when he called at approx. 08.55am this morning, as told in the 2nd and earlier call, but due to a doctors appt. this hearing was postponed/cancelled. Both calls are here from today [calls 1 + 2], with another from 2 days ago – call no 3.


He tells that G was due to see him on a visit this afternoon after waiting 10 days [most irregular] for the visit but of course when he went to the prison he was turned away. Many legal reps visits and social visits are still being denied MK, obviously. This, of course, is completely out of order for a remand prisoner, as is the witholding of MK’s brain scan report. He states in the call there is no mention of his hospital visit on the prison computer – the prison employee showing him this, and the employee was apparently fearful regarding this irregularity. Could this mean that it could be denied that MK ever went to a hospital for a brain scan?

Worrying for his safety, the above should be sent to all concerned to possibly guarantee MK’s safety. He was not attention-seeking or overeacting when calling, contrary to views put to me before when I stated MK feared for his life in that place. Wouldnt you be worried in his circumstances? These 3 calls tell a lot.
Below is the reply received from the S.W. Police Hq., Cardiff – the only one out of a total of 6 sent on the 12th, followed with 3 sheets received from MK today – the rest will be loaded asap., and forwarded to them all.

Letter received today from S. Wales Police Authority stating a “continuing investigation” is underway, hopefully, regarding MK being assaulted by the prison warder, and hopefully more:


Letter to a prison governor re: the citizens’ arrest of warder David Rogan:

“From: M. J. Kirk, A7306AT, HMP Cardiff, Cardiff, CF24 0UG
To: No. 1 Governor
HMP Cardiff

11 December 2013

Dear Mr. Cross,

My Arrest of Prison Officer David Rogan

In court, yesterday, both documentary and oral evidence from both the Welsh court and police officers, was given that at least 7 CCTV cameras, covering both the inside and the outside of the “vehicle lock” facilities to your , were inoperative to record any aspect of the crime scene when I was arrested for “entering a prison without permission” and “assaulting a prison officer”.

Further, evidence was heard that the officer, Mr. Reed, was unable to see any of the incident, whilst operating both doors as his vision wouldve been obstructed completely.

Despite numerous requests, over many weeks, culminatingin my one for release of my passport and legal paper, to be put into the safe custody of the court, your staff obtain great pleasure in obstructing, each time, deprivig me of evidence for my defence.

Officer Gould went one further by being caught red-handed throwing one of the written applications ,for my court exhibits, into the reception area dustbin only to charge at me and grabbing me by the neck, throwing me to the ground, shouting expletives. Fortunately Wing Governor Sarah Rowe and ten other witnesses saw it all. Does that CCTV camera work?

Will you call the police in this time or refuse as earlier with the viscious earlier assault by Senior Officer Myers.


M. J. Kirk”


below, letter regarding “police interview”


Referral to police:


below, letter2 to governor regarding recent events:


Comment from MK’s site http://www.kirkflyingvet.com, 17 Dec.:

“Apparently Maurice has been moved, today at 5 o’clock, from his cell on E wing to the punishment block. This will of course deprive him at a stroke, of the priveledges which it has taken him so long to get access to.

Furthermore, he went to visit the doctor this morning and was shown on the computer, in front of a prison officer, that there is no record of the brain scan that he had at the University hospital of Wales on the 28th November, the same brain scan that showed his brain to be healthy, in direct contravention to the made up psychiatric evidence abused by the court so far.

There are two possible explanations for this:

The first is that there may be some kind of computer glitch preventing the record from showing on the prison computer.

The second is that persons unknown have deliberately interfered with his medical record in order to prevent the exposure of the truth. ”


This is otherwise known as perverting the course of Justice!”

“As far as I am aware he is still on remand for the charge of breaching a restraining order.

The two bit trial he had last week was for a different matter he said he arrested a prison security guard the guard said he was assaulted by M. The Judge chose to believe the guard and M got 12 weeks.

That sentence will have been served by now so he is still on remand until the 12th January next year when he will face yet another trial for breaching the never served and draft restraining order as they like to call it.”

More letters to come.

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