The persecution of Maurice Kirk continues, MK having been in HMP Cardiff on dubious charges now since 17 Oct. 13 – there to simply halt his civil actions against certain Welsh authorities, as he states in his calls. Being remanded on dubious charges has happened often before to Maurice Kirk, and unless something is done regarding the rogue personnel working within the system in S. Wales and elsewhere it certainly wont be the last.

Now hes attempted to citizen-arrest a prison warder for the theft of personal belongings things have taken a new turn by way of the entire HMP Cardiff prison system turning against him. Recent letters from him on the blog tell of the chronic miscarriages of justice and other serious irregularities befalling him – in and out of HMP Cardiff – as do the recordings below – the recordings below consisting of todays call [26 Dec.], plus recordings from 25,. 23, 17 + 15 Dec. 13. which tell of appalling irregularities happening to MK within HMP Cardiff.

MK is still on crutches after being attacked by Senior Officer MYERS in HMP Cardiff [allegedly] just after his entry on 17 Oct 13, but it remains to be seen if S. Wales police are going to do anything about this as all is being covered up entirely. Apparently MK has already been attacked by this very same Senior Officer in 2011, when a visit to Cardiff Central hospital was necessary for MK. Regarding S. Wales police involvement see the letter from S. Wales police hq [not the Cardiff Bay, James St. letter] on, which seems on the face of the content of the letter very promising that some kind of justice will be done, although now this writer doubts if anything will be done AT ALL about the viscious assault on Maurice Kirk whereby his ankle was more than likely broken after being kicked by the Senior Officer MYERS.

Call from MK this morning 26 Dec. 13 @ 09.14 GMT =

Other things in the call speak for themselves, such as asking for supporters to please go to his court hearing very soon as he states to witness what MK is refused etc.

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above: Sept. 2011, MK in Cardiff Central hospital after an alleged assault whilst in HMP Cardiff

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