From: Nigel Cooper
Date: 22 January 2014 23:09
Subject: Re: Log ———- – Email to Northumbria Police [RESTRICTED]

Ms. McGill,

Good Evening;

Please find attached a certified copy of an international judgement served against the UK and the named persons within the judgement.

Ms Bonnar was clearly informed by Belgium and its authorities of the gravitas of her actions in interfering with an international judgement served against an international felon as stated within the judgement for kidnap and conspiracy to kidnap.

Ms Bonar has assisted with the falsification of documents including the misappropriation of a high court stamp; when asked for all “Wet Signature” documents Miss Bonar refused to supply the said.

I want to file formal charges against Ms. Bonnar, Ms. Adams, Ms Cooper, Mr. Langlands, PC Ian Hailies PC 1362 of Sunderland Community Police, and all of the attributed social services staff which is INTERNATIONAL CHILD TRAFFICKING.

Should you wish to call me; my number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All I require is my judgement enforcing in full in public in accordance with the law; the law being the Hague convention and the recognition of international law signed by the high contracting party Queen Elizabeth II, and passed as an act of parliament 1998; where failure to comply with international law is a breach of the statue of Rome, a breach of the Geneva convention, a breach of the Paris accord to name but a few.

The documents attached are:

1. A certified translation into English of the International Judgement.
2. Annex IV – International Passport
3. The certified copy of the original judgement issued in Belgium by the Presidential Chambers of the first instance of the Hague.

Thank you for reading… I await your call.


On 1/22/14, 11:47 PM, wrote:

Good evening Mr Cooper.

We have received a copy of the email you sent to Joanna Bonar of Sunderland City Council.

Are you wishing to make any kind of formal allegation? and if so, what are you wishing to report?

If you are wishing to speak to an officer, we can arrange a convenient appointment time to come to speak to you.

Please call 101 and quote log number 1093 22/01/14 when you call, and let us know what, if anything you want to do.

Kind regards,
Tracy McGill 4963
Northumbria Police Enquiries

Nigel Cooper interview / Family Court (Thursday Dec 12, 2013)


well they took that down quick enough!!

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