Received from Maurice Kirk, describing the outrageous treatment meted out to him whilst in HMP Cardiff:

1.Denied access to bail officer to arrange release
2.Denied facilities to interview my witnesses today
3.Denied facilities to examine Police CD and DVD
4.Denied for 3 months access to my own bank account
5.Denied for 2 months access to my car key to get evidence
6.Denied this week any canteen to buy stamps and phone calls
7.Denied cross examination or appeals to punishments
8.Denied proper notice for court appearances
9.Denied reasonable access to any law books (3 30 minute visits to library allowed)
10.Police ‘VISOR’ labelled ‘sex offender’ fabricated to oppose bail
11.7 weeks plus punished on IEP with no APOEPC (???), not even a radio
12.Denied a table even to write on for over 3 months
13.Prison refuses to disclose 2nd Dec 09 evidence of brain damage
14.Prison agree neurologist needed but nothing forthcoming
15.Court opened psychiatric report pushed under cell door by a convict!
16.Over 60 general applications not replied to despite charity
17.Over 30 complaint forms not replied to despite my verbal explanations
18.Yesterday maliciously blocked from Chapel by D. Rogan O27
19.Punished for ‘incitement to riot’ without an ounce of evidence
20.Police allowed to block phone calls to key witnesses for trial
21.Refuse release of passport for safe keeping
22.Police refuse to properly investigate serious assaults and theft
23.Lawyer denied access despite written consent given
24.My ‘entering the prison without permission’ allegation appeal delayed
25. A handful of officers hold administration staff to ransom putting security issues seriously compromised by plain greed. This list is far from exhaustive.


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