Dead Human mssing Children in UK McDonald’s Burgers. WARNING DO NOT EAT!!! – YouTube


from M. Tuttle 22 Feb. 14:

“One of the reasons why the charity was registered as (Children screaming to be heard the silent witnesses here lies the truth) was due to the present day children who are still living in the days when it was said (children should be seen and not heard) the sadness for the UK children is that the rules and regulations laid down by Governments “In a child’s best interest” are the same people brought up from the days when a child should be seen and not heard and our children will continue to be only a multibillion pound Industry and from the loss of their childhood days going onto detention centres prisons living in cardboard boxes on the streets with many victims of child abuse from the care system who try to report abuse all seen but not heard.

With the vast research the charity has and continues to undertake research shows that 10.000 children are running away from the abuse of the care system every year which states “In a child’s best interest” they are trafficked prostituted sold to paedophiles their bodies sold for science and now murdered and sold as meat. What is the worlds people doing allowing this to happen to the silent witnesses.

21st Century and children are still being stolen murdered now cooked and sold and eaten as meat in McDonalds Burgers.

Kids stolen for Meat and Money

Please read the link for the safe houses for the abused children and help to support so we can as a Nation put a stop to what Governments say “In a child’s best interest” “meat and money”

The Link to the safe houses

Dead Human mssing Children in UK McDonald’s Burgers. WARNING DO NOT EAT!!!
Stevia Lov

Published on 11 Jun 2013

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Occultist bragging about human sacrifice and desperate for the Rapture.

Maggie Tuttle

The silent witnesses here lies the truth ”

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