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Posted on February 22, 2014 by Belinda

Sorry folks NO NEWS of Robert all day yesterday Friday and still not at 11.30 pm following my return to London and checking phone-messages and email inbox. Spent the 7 hours’ train-ride from Aberdeen glued to my mobile hoping for an update from the UK Column or the family or whoever had got in there first but nothing from anyone regarding Robert or his whereabouts, not a sausage.

Was beginning to feel a bit gloomy by the time the East Coast train reached Berwick-upon-Tweed where I first met Hollie, Anne and Robert in the flesh 4 years ago (although had already become involved with them online). Anne told me how Hollie, up till her story beginning to go public had suffered terribly from PTSD; Anne had had to provide her with reams of paper on which she could ‘draw’/vent her anger, the pencil often going through several sheets of paper at once… But once the campaign had really kicked off thanks to Robert these symptoms had started to abate. In spring 2010 when I met her Hollie was already a lot calmer and happier, Anne said, knowing that her childhood tormentors had begun to be exposed and the public was behind her in her quest for justice.

STOP PRESS Robert is back in Perth prison after the usual protracted proceedings yesterday. The lady Sheriff, Mrs Macdonald from Dundee was quite gracious but refused bail on the grounds that previously bail conditions had been breached, apparently in relation to the previous trial/sentence.

Once again it was not entirely clear what Robert’s actual offence is or when or how that was committed although he did have a charge-sheet in front of him [I’m trying to ascertain what was actually on that].

He will now be preparing an appeal with the help of the solicitor who had been lined up in relation to yesterday’s proceedings but didn’t finally attend the hearing because of no paperwork. He will be applying for bail as a priority but it could be several more days before that issue could be heard.

For the moment therefore Robert continues to be incarcerated so please keep the letters coming and what he would particularly like is any news clippings relating to the paedophilia issue you come across to help boost his case, or just interesting articles you come across as of course he has no access to the internet. I’m about to post him print-outs of the latest articles in the Daily Mail relating to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) network in which top politicians were involved in the ’70s & ’80s, one of them Harriet Harman is Deputy Leader of the Labour Party today.

Robert also mentioned that the psychiatrists and psychologist who interviewed him on his arrival in Aberdeen on the day of his arrest (the 2nd interview took place after midnight!) were bemused that Dr Wearden had referred him to them, both expressed surprise as they found him to be perfectly sane and in his right mind.

As a remand prisoner there is nothing technically to stop him attending Rusty’s trial as a witness but of course whether the prison sees fit to take him up to Aberdeen is another matter.

Report on encounter with Sylvia Major and Rachel Keeley outside the court yesterday to follow – quite shocking stuff there…”

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