ABOVE: IN Cardiff Central Hospital, August 2011

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from: Maurice Kirk Position Statement 25 Feb. 2014:

“A7306AT Maurice Kirk [29th day of hunger strike], HMP Cardiff
 BS614159 etc, T20130801,                                                                                           T20131144, T20130134,
T20140005, 6200EE74864 + 4 more

To: His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC
His Honour Judge Rowlands                              
Chief Constable                                                                                R.C.V.S.

25th  Febuary 2014

Position Statement  

1]  Prison continues to not allow my legal papers entry

2]  Prison refuse to release my passport and valuables

3]  Prison refuses to disclose whether it has ever been in possession of medical records to cause their current medical director, Dr. Rose Martell, to suspect that  between the dates of 25th June 2009 and Febuary  2014  I have indicated
1]  significant brain damage

2]  Cancer

3]  Paranoid Delusional Disorder [P.D.D.]

4]  Both previous transcripts [MAPPA Level 3, I.A.G. and machine gun incidents, currently protected by Public Interest Immunity [P.I.I.] and current 17th Oct. 2013, 3rd and 7th January 2014 and especially the latest 23rd Jan. 2014 transcript before the proposed trial judge to indicate
i] 17th Oct. 2013 judge ruled Dr. Wxxxxxxx’s statement, required for my 13th Oct. arrest, was deficient.
ii]  By 3rd  Jan. 2014 victims switched and reasons for arrest switched and refused my glasses to read Section 3.
iii]  Judge refuses me C.P.S. written submissions to prevent my cross examining by refusing to correct a host of F.T.A. convictions [Failed to Attend court] and that I am, or was, a “sex offender”, anything to prevent my getting out to access my legal papers in both Brittany and UK property.
iv]  23rd January p. 26A, on records campaign, not to allow legal representation for fear Dr. Txxxxx Wxxxxxxx is made, at last, to confirm the 2nd Dec. 2009 medical evidence for my being sectioned indefinately to Ashworth High Security Hospital, for those victims of 1983 Mental Health Act, were, in fact, fabricated under blackmail in Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, South Wales.
v]  Transcripts disclose T20130801 trial was set for dates in Nov. 2013 and her Ladyship, the Recorder of Cardiff, confirmed by Judge Bidder QC. [see 7th Jan. p4A] that there was no reason for A20130139, my arrest of prosecuting barrister Gareth David Evans appeal being heard before any other as it was obvious, not just to helpers and Mckenzie Friends, the 15th Nov. 2011 and 1st Dec. 2011 magistrates convictions of Dr. Txxxxx Wxxxxxxx harrassment was “abuse of process” in that subsequent so-called “restraining order” was never ever known about by me until days later when an interestingly marked copy of it was quietly slipped under a police cell door at the dead of night.
vi]  3rd Jan. 2014 p2, refused my legal papers and glasses from the public gallery and p15C onwards, recording the unlawful witholding of why, in writing, used in the 25th Jan. 2010 farcical “machine gun” case, following South Wales police, having failed to get me to Ashworth, blocked cross examination of their main witness. This tact worked in the covering up the Barbara Wilding “shoot to kill” policy, instigated with Dr. Txxxxx Wxxxxxxx despite my acquittal. For the same reason the 4th May 2012 had no doctor!
vii]  Likewise 7th Jan. 2014 p2B indicates the hearing should have been videoed for a subsequent jury to establish just what really goes on, day to day, at their personal expense.

5]  If I or the jury obtain disclosure of relavent evidence I am likely to be acquitted quite unlike the 3rd/4th May 2012 when both publicly owned CCTV and court ousted contemporaneous record was denied for the very same underlying reasons.

6]  Current persecution by HMP Cardiff is all influenced by police control of their victim and using  the past week as an example:  carried onto three different wings in one day but not into healthcare, Dr. Rose Martell confiscating my wheelchair, officers  TUCK and GODBEAR from another wing countermanding two governors orders I may have photocopying, Offending Manager Bethany Jones refusing my bail to “small change”, S/O Phillips refusing TV, radio, my watch or photocopying due his interest in seizing my passport is all in a days experience but abuse of process. “

It is a public scandal how these warders, prison governors [feigning ignorance of their underling warders appalling behaviour towards inmates, and MK in particular] and police act, all in the pay off the taxpayer – me and you. They should be run out of town and deported forever.                          

Further to the above:

“Maurice Kirk A7306AT

BS614159 etc.

Maurice Kirk v. South Wales Police

Dear Madam,

Please find enclosed my current “Position Statement”.
In brief, the conditions under which I am being detained, whilst unconvicted, is little different to the seven months it took me to get legal files and computer in order to defend to 25th Feb. 2010 notorious “machine gun” trial following South Wales Police Operation “Chalice” and Operation “Orchid”, the latter to snatch our 10 year old daughter, Genevieve.

“Evidence of Similar Fact” indicate many of those in both police and HMP Cardiff in the 90’s prosecutions also appear in current police prosecutions and incarcerations dating back to 1993.

As with all civil and criminal litigation without proper disclosure of relavent evidence there is likely to be a notable injustice.
I apply for a penal order!!

I also enclose copy of 23rd Jan. 2014 transcript to make my point as it mirrors our current civil proceedings.


M. Kirk”

from http://kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/news/archive/2014/02/25/files-into-prison-on-the-28th-day-of-hunger-strike.aspx

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