Maurice Kirk position statement 3 March 2014:


Letter [below] from the “HMP Cardiff prison Healthcare”, stating MK went for a CT scan of his head on the 28 Nov. 2013, and the result of the scan has been given to MK.
The letter also states the “Healthcare Team at HMP Cardiff are striving to meet Mr. Kirk’s medical needs”.
Hardly true! They are meeting MK’s medical needs by allowing the removal of his wheelchair and denying him crutches as MK relates in a recent communication? By not dealing with his possible broken ankle by putting on their computers hed been receiving painkillers when he hadn’t, as MK stated in recent communications? Just 2 irregularities that contradict this statement by the Healthcare team that render it completely untrue.

The official result of MK’s scan on his head on 28 Nov. 2013, showing no trace of any “brain tumour” as reported in 2009 by the “doctor”.It was not a factual statement whatsoever to claim that Maurice Kirk has a brain tumour as the scan report below from the 28 Nov. 2013 at 16.18GMT proves, this report stating:


Name: Maurice Kirk DOB 12-MAR-1945

Reference No : 45669/9

Result Detail

Patient Details
Date of Birth: 19450312 Referred by: DR EU EU – REFERRAL

Sample 1 taken at 28/11/2013:16:18 Radiology Detail : CSKUH:CT HEAD-CH

Results: CT Read: Intracranial appearances are within normal limits, with no evidence of bleed or fracture.

Reported and checked by Dr. YOGISH JOSHI D.O.R. 28 NOV. 2013.

Result returned from PMS on 17-DEC-2013 10.48

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Letter from prison Healthcare dated 3 March 2014, stating MK has no significant brain damage, eg. no “brain tumour” as diagnosed by this “doctor” in 2009, also stating MK has not “Paranoid Delusional Disorder”, also stating that MK has no cancer – the letter dated 3 March 2014, the day MK ended his 35 day hunger strike in protest at the conditions he was having to endure in the prison, particularly not receiving official notifications regarding his alleged “brain tumour” and “cancer”.

KIRK healthcare 5 MAR14 14939


M. Kirk made a “MAPPA Level 3” Subject:

Maurice Kirk’s brain scan result showing unequivocally that Maurice Kirk has nothing wrong with his brain and his brain has no tumour or anything else to affect his behaviour as described previously in reports to the courts by Dr. Tegwyn Williams, “consultant psychiatrist”, and others, which claim to make him a danger to the public and be classed as a MAPPA 3 subject, with the dangers that holds to members of society – from http://www.prisonersfamilies.org.uk/uploadedFiles/News_and_events/Press_Releases/MAPPA%20information%20leaflet.pdf =

“Level 3 Only a relatively small number of offenders (924 in the year from April 2008 to March 2009)
are categorised as Level 3 offenders – normally because they are considered particularly dangerous,
or, occasionally, because their case has received a lot of media coverage. Being placed at Level 3
means that extra resources can be used to ensure that offenders are very closely monitored and
supervised. Offenders can move between the MAPPA levels if they are assessed to be more or less
dangerous over time.”

M Kirk’s site is http://www.kirkflyingvet.com.

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