Len Lawrence writes, 16 March 2014:

‘Serious misconduct’ finding against senior judge | News | Law …

Lord Chief Justice Thomas

Leonard Lawrence SL03D00938

Senior master Steven Whitaker who was also the Queen’s Remembrancer, voluntarily resigned from his post last month.
Senior master Steven Whitaker has no record of what became of the Court of Protections Medical Certificates he held for Leonard Lawrence in 2008

Lord Justice Adrian Fulford has voluntarily refrained from sitting in criminal cases pending the outcome of the investigation.

Mr Justice Adrian Fulford ORDER did not allow Leonard Lawrence to disclose what occurred in the Queens Bench Division to Sir James Munby

Both of the above judges and one other not yet named (Master Basil Yoxall) have involvement in the Leonard Lawrence case.

They refuse to disclose to Sir James Munby President of the Family Division and Court of Protection the five Court of

Protection Medical Certificates held by the Queens Bench Division along with the admission by May Maughan Deputy Official

Solicitor to Master Basil Yoxall that the appropriate ORDERS in the Leonard Lawrence case had never been obtained by

members of the Official Solicitors staff, solicitor Helen Clift and Stephen Piper.

Lord Justice Adrian Fulford ORDER does not allow me to tell The Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and Sir James Munby that

May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor had instructed Court of Protection administration staff not to allow me to comply with

the instructions of Judge Phillip Weller, a Court of Protection nominated Judge, and file an appeal at the Court of Protection.

S—- C—-, General Manager Operations, Court of Protection is the person responsible for blocking my application.

However, Lord Justice Rupert Jackson has kindly alerted Mr Justice xxxxx High Court Family Judge of what is occurring.

Whistle the law firm Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors have deliberately damaged my case files, they over looked a DWP

medical report !!!

Leonard Lawrence



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