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“This seems to be the only blog of the trial that I know about. I still have a few questions as to what happened – but it seems as though he still does not know what he was charged with, and Robert Green was not allowed to give testimony.”

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The Trial of Timothy Rustige – Part 1

“We were up early, 4am, for our journey down to Dublin. It was perfect weather, 2C in the West, 4C in Dublin. Terminal 2 was very quiet, only a few last minute stragglers for the rugby match at Twickenham that afternoon. Our plane to Aberdeen had real propellers, a brand new AVT something or other. We landed in Scotland in bright sunshine and 9C. It was a big day of rugby, all the pubs were packed out. Scotland v Italy were first up and I thought I would watch the second game, Ireland v England. I tried three pubs, there were bouncers on doors letting nobody else in. I gave up and went and watched it in solitary confinement in my hotel room.

Up at 6.00am Sunday 23rd February 2014, a momentous day in our lives, the start of a week we thought at the time was full of promise but deteriorated very quickly. The reason for our visit, Helen my wife, accompanied me, was that for some years I have been supporting the Hollie Greig campaign seeking justice for a young Downes Syndrome girl from Aberdeen, who was systematically raped by a ring of Aberdeen professional and legal people led by her father Dennis Mackie. Robert Green, a Warrington man, more than anybody has brought this campaign to the attention of the public and has been imprisoned for his actions. His main grief being the inaction of the ex-Procurator Fiscal of Grampian region, Elish Angiolini, a scrawny Govan chancer of a lawyer, who refused over a ten year period to investigate the case with the police. She went on to be Procurator Fiscal for Scotland and then Lord Advocate until she retired nearly two years ago, at the early age of 50, to become Principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford. Some might consider this to be a bolt hole, well constructed by the establishment.

Robert Green continued the campaign when he was released from prison in 2012 after being given a 12 month sentence for his alleged Breach of Peace and others fuming at the injustice joined the fray including a fellow from Altrincham, Timothy Rustige, who managed a blog called Rusty’s Skewed News Views and the organisation he was connected with, Prisoners of Conscience, ran an e-mail campaign on the announcement of Angiolini’s insertion as Principal of St Hugh’s. They tried to tell as many people concerned with this appointment of the dangers of employing Angiolini with all its baggage. This infuriated Angiolini that much she had the Grampian Police invade Manchester and arrest Timothy at his home in Altrincham and they confiscated all his computer equipment. He was arrested for causing her “fear and alarm” a criminal matter and not under defamation, which she pleaded later in court was what it was, the criminal route being more able to control. Since then he has been arrested three or four times, held for a short time and then told to find his own way home. The last time was 19th February this year, five days before his postponed trial date. The now Scottish Police considered he was a flight risk even though he showed them his plane ticket to Aberdeen and his hotel reservation and while they were at it they confiscated more computer equipment. Timothy appeared in court the next day, Thursday 20th February 2014. The local Sheriff immediately threw the case out but Timothy still had to fly back to Manchester at his own cost. To my mind Scottish legal intimidation knows no bounds.

The case now starts tomorrow, Monday 24th February 2014. Robert Green was going to be Timothy’s main witness, but no, Robert had been arrested on 12th February for alleged breach of bail conditions and was incarcerated in Perth prison, awaiting indictment. Would you believe they, the Scottish legal thugs, can hold a person for 110 days prior to indictment and we are expecting not to see Robert, if at all we do see him, until early June. We do understand however that he is being treated very well by the Governor and staff at Perth but it is no place to be for a 68 year old man when young murderers and thugs run free on bail and young children being raped and not investigated with all the evidence available. The main result of all this blatant victimisation is that Robert will not now appear for Timothy.

Timothy is due in Aberdeen today, 23rd February 2014 and we have arranged to stay in the same hotel, we await his presence with anticipation. We have never met but corresponded frequently over the last while. He is due at 1.00 pm and meets his legal aid team at 4.00pm, so we should have time for a preliminary chat and hopefully a glass of beer this evening. Over the last few days, even with the tribulations of arrest Timothy has appeared fairly sanguine about the whole affair refusing to let the Stasi/Gestapo behaviour of Scottish Police get to him, in fact he has been laughing at their behaviour. Let me just say that Timothy is a 65 year old man, yes another pensioner hoicked out of his home in the North West of England to face charges under a foreign jurisdiction, a jurisdiction unfathomable to most. He has spent the last 30 odd years running Prisoners of Conscience from first of all his previous home in Manila, to now from his home in Altrincham, helping prisoners jailed for their principles all over the world. He is well used to dictatorial police states, so these skirted Jock plods from Aberdeen do not worry him and the irony of the situation amuses him somewhat.

What is very obvious however is that the UK seems to be going down the same perfidious road as all the rest of the totalitarian states in the world. Today Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine, tomorrow the UK, America etc. We the people will have our say and make the politicians realise they have overstepped the mark big time. Revolution is on the way. These suited and sometimes bewigged bastards, especially those in skirts and knives down their socks, are finished. They do not realise how close to the tipping point they really are at.

Timothy bounds through the door of the hotel, his appearance a total surprise. I was expecting a tall avuncular figure, slightly stooped with age but what came through the door was a fit, medium size bundle of energy, looking more like 45 than 65, with a military swagger about him, culled from his time in the Philippines when he was attached to the American Intelligence Service from his unit in the Rhodesian Army. He is attuned to a 7.4km jog every morning and eats all the correct food and is dressed in combats. He is ready for a fight. We talk for an hour before he jogs off to meet his legal team and if it wasn’t obvious before, we are found to be of like minds and immediately gel. As he said the worse they can now do is give him 12 months and that will only toughen him up, make him even tougher than he already is. He returns even more confident and is pleased with the way his legal aid team are performing.

The real situation now is that Scottish Law is entirely and conveniently different from English Law, so how can Scottish Police come down to England and arrest a man and bring him up to Scotland to be tried for an alleged offence committed in England about an English matter, ie. Angiolini’s suitability for her new job of Principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford. It is now over 12 months since Timothy’s first arrest, so the matter reverts from one of solemn procedure where the trial is by jury, to one of summary procedure whereby the accused is tried by a sheriff alone. The sheriff appointed in this case by the accuser will be jumping for joy.

Monday 24th February 2014, we are up early to meet Belinda McKenzie for breakfast, she came off the overnight sleeper from London, Belinda has been a warrior for all things wrong in the UK and has supported Robert Green in all his travails and is today holding a demonstration outside the court with a few Scottish friends she has managed to gather through this nightmare. The Sheriff’s Court starts at 10.00am in Court 2, the main corridor is thronged, things go on in Aberdeen of a weekend that even the police cannot control adequately, with the oil there is a feeling of the Wild West about the place.

It becomes immediately apparent that two stories are being played out in Court 2, Timothy’s case itself and the ins and outs of the Hollie Greig affair. The personae of Timothy’s case are Sheriff Derek Pyle, the judge who has been brought in from outside the region, the Procurator Fiscal or prosecuting counsel; McIntosh, I did not get his first name, but he has been picked from outside the region also, Edinburgh in fact; Mr David Moggach, Timothy’s legal aid barrister and Graham Morrison, Timothy’s legal aid solicitor. The personae in the Hollie Greig affair are Sylvia Major, Ann Royal and Winifred Dragon, three middle aged and well- upholstered named abusers of Hollie Greig. Winifred Dragon stands apart from the other two with a male escort, it seems there has been a schism and they now do not communicate. Along with these three women sits another mysterious type, equally well up holstered, who so the word on the street informs us is a MI5 disinformation activist who goes under the name of Rachael Keely, her real name I was told is Mags O’Neill, married to some Socialist big-wig in the town. Why she should associate herself with these women is obvious if disinformation is her ploy. She seems anxious to talk to us all but gets no encouragement except from Belinda, who seems to know her well enough. Sylvia Major’s husband, who was also a named abuser of Hollie Greig but carefully died some years back, was chief forensic officer for Grampian Police. Personae connected to the two stories are Belinda McKenzie, five good men and true from Aberdeen, who have been wronged by Grampian and now Scottish Police, in abuse cases in the past and Helen and myself. Overseeing all this rabble is the burly court police officer and the humour rationed Court Usher and the Clerk of the Court, a lady, who did nought as far as I could see until the dying minutes.

The prosecution witnesses were first up. We had a secretary at St Hugh’s who said she received e-mails denouncing Angiolini and then in all her finery, the lady, now Dame, appeared for what was possibly two hours of questioning by Procurator Fiscal, from now on known as PF. She spoke mainly of the Holly Greig case and tried to explain that she had nowt to do with it, that the police had examined it and said there was no case. How they could do that without interviewing named abusers is beyond my realm of thought. She explained how full of fear and alarm she was with this campaign against her at St Hugh’s and in fact how boring it got and how all her friends rallied round and how it had done more good than harm for her. She had received an avalanche of e-mails from different IP addresses and that she is still receiving them, even though the courts remit is for a period during February and March 2012 and that Timothy Rutlidge sent them all, even funnily enough one from France where the well- travelled Timothy has never been. Angiolini, for an experienced lawyer, appeared nervous in the dock, her hands trembling, her papers shaking as she explained that a mother of two children should not expect e-mails of this nature despising her sexuality. She made one big mistake when she said she would have blamed all this bile on its source which was Ann Greig but as she knew Hollie’s mother was mentally ill and action against her would have worsened her condition, she pursued Timothy, the alleged scribe, instead. Now this ploy was tried on Ann by the legal system 12 or 13 years ago when she first made her complaint against the paedophile ring. They tried to section her then which the psychiatrists threw out on examination. They did the same with Robert Green last week, all to no avail. Old Elish, 53 years old now and who is now rather broad of beam having lost her scrawniness in the comforts of St Hugh’s armchairs, waddled off to hopefully examine her conscience, if in fact she ever had one. One other point I noticed and thought strange for a lawyer, she rarely answered the questions put to her but went off on tangents of her own, the PF continually reining her back.

More prosecution witnesses including some police witnesses followed who continually tripped themselves up and I felt could have been more closely cross-examined by Mr Moggach. It was the first sign that these jokers of legal aid were there only for the performance. The fourth witness a secretary from Aberdeen University gave a lovely smile to the well upholstered quartet another small sign that this game was being well managed. The fifth witness was the star of the day when he took the stand, Detective Terry Laing of the Special Operations and Terrorism Branch of Scottish Police. 26 years a plod and no mistake, preferring to stand in the dock rather than sit as he explained his role in Operation Chronicle. We all looked at each other, the Scottish Police certainly take things seriously when it comes to 65 year old terrorist pensioners, seven of them had come down on a jolly two years previously to arrest a youthful 63 year old and confiscate his family’s computers. It was obvious lies were being told and in cross-examination Moggach’s hand was very light. I could have done a far better job myself. It was now 5.00pm, a previous case came to light, the court was postponed for two days to reconvene on Thursday. A nuisance costing me an extra £500 pounds but I was determined to stick this one out. Belinda McKenzie had disappeared at lunchtime, back to London as it turned out after listening to Angiolini’s testimony.

Tim, Helen and myself went back to the hotel, chewed the cud, drank some wine, had hotel fish and chips and retired at 9.00pm. Tuesday dawned and lots of e-mails to answer. Our two day furlough will soon be over. We booked our return flight for Saturday at 12.00 noon. One piece of news I received the night before which I find intriguing is that it is almost 26 years to the day that Angiolini and that corrupt, lantern jawed BBC witch, Esther Rantzen, set up the first branch of Childline in Aberdeen. Having been listening all week to conversations, it struck me that Aberdeen is the epicentre of child sexual abuse in Scotland and what better place to be to have the pick of the crop. These two marked women underline the knowledge we all have that Childline is a child molester not a child protector.”

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The Trial Of Timothy Rustige – Part 2

“Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th and 26th February. We have to sit here now for two days and enjoy Aberdeen whilst a previous case conveniently reaches denouement, a dour grey town with lots of activity surrounding the docks. You tend to become bored with granite when it surrounds you but if you look up you can get inspired with the great masonic cupolas and clock towers. The chisel and hammer were certainly badges of honour round here. The two days lazing in armchairs gives, Timothy, Helen and myself a chance to get better acquainted. Tim turns out to be a great guy, grievously harmed by this case. Why should this woman, Angiolini, now no longer a public figure have the power to waste millions of pounds of public money on protecting her memory when everybody knows of her dubious and illegal dealings.

Tuesday passed and Wednesday was immediately livened up by Belinda McKenzie’s posting on the “Free Robert Green” website dated 25th February, a site that she solely manages. If you remember after lunch on 24th after listening to the two hours of Angiolini’s testimony, she high tailed it back to London, having spent five hours in Aberdeen. Her excuse was she thought she was about to be arrested. The content of the blog, entitled Advantage Angiolini, said that Timothy was obviously guilty, this was followed by a comment from John Asprey saying that Timothy should change his plea to guilty and fall on the decency of the Sheriff. For a start there is no decency up here and as Timothy said “why plead guilty when you did not commit a crime, surely that is illegal”. The thing that annoyed me was that Belinda McKenzie holds herself up as champion of the people who are wronged. She supports Robert Green in his quest for justice for Hollie Greig and she has her finger in many pies but it strikes me that her reversal of favour with Timothy smacks of something darker. I commented immediately on the said blog telling them to hang on because the case is not half over and I noticed later that Ally from Prisoners of Conscience had done the same. Injustices should not be perpetrated by so called champions of justice. Belinda McKenzie be warned your cover could be blown. We, who are in Aberdeen, feel absolutely let down by her actions. Why, oh why, did she come up here on Monday, she could have written that piece in the comfort of her own home in London without going through the hardships of a 20 hour train journey. Late on that night she rang Timothy in a nervous state and said it was all a mistake and that she would redact. As far as I could see over the following days, she didn’t redact but in a comment she apologised. Nowhere near good enough Belinda, I’m afraid.

It is now Thursday and Day 2 of the trial, 10.00am in Court 2 and the same personae, in the public gallery four well upholstered ladies, five local lads, victims of non-investigated child sexual abuse in the past and are courage personified, scared of nobody and myself and Helen. On the stage because the proceedings are becoming more a game or a play for the theatre are the same personae as Monday. The Court Usher, who seemed to have had his humour surgically removed some years previously and who told us all not to eat, drink or take notes as he finished his mid-morning coffee and his fellow keeper of peace, the burly copper, who had remnants of his, humour that is, still available, were both present and the same legal types. First up were more police witnesses. It has to be understood that this case has been evolving for over 700 days by now and not once has Timothy been asked a question by the police. This latest evidence was again about the arrest which we knew inside out. Eventually the Chief Inspector in charge of Operation Chronicle was called. I was just making a note of his name before he came to court when the burly policeman grabbed me by the shoulder and hustled me out into the corridor, I was barred from the Court, for the next two hours the evidence continued but it appears it was the same old, same old, the policemen not corroborating and Maggoch not pressing in cross-examination.

My disbarment, although a nuisance, was educational. I was thrust into the main corridor at 11.00am and shortly afterwards out came one of the five local lads barred for asking one of the policemen a question after he had been excused by the Sheriff, his offence was for intimidating a witness. The corridor was full of local humanity, all mumbling about the gross inhumanity of the legal system. Within their midst were unconcerned legal aid jokers in wigs and gowns full of their own importance in the way they smugly sought out and addressed their appointed clients. My mate, the witness intimidator, told me his story. He had a daughter with a previous partner who had been abused by his partner’s father, the child’s grandfather from the age of four onwards. He had appeared in front of Angiolini, in camera. Both she and the local PF laughed at him, and told him the usual, “no case to answer”. This was in 2004 and since then he has been blogging about corruption in Aberdeen. He started talking to the assembled about Court No 2 and the big cover up of paedophilia in Scotland.

Paedophilia it seems, because it affects the majority of the population here in Aberdeen, does not go down well, especially when it is mentioned that in Court No 2 are people trying to cover up the subject and pointing at me he said we had been thrown out of the court unjustly. I was expecting a riot, the police moved in and quelled the discontent but I was a hero for two minutes. It seemed I had missed nothing new in evidence, Moggach had broken no new ground in cross-examination. While waiting outside the court, a tall athletic man had gone in and came out ten minutes later having himself made notes, his book and pen in one hand. As we left the building for lunch he was waiting with two expert photographers, judging by the quality of their cameras, they started taking photos of us, not one but many. Three of our guerrillas ran at them and started to disrupt their actions, it all became quite surreal.

After lunch the burly plod allowed me back whilst Moggach started to cross-examine the police computer expert, very lightly as was his norm, he probably knew less about computers than I did. It is now Timothy’s turn, he expressed his innocence and said although the IP address which churned out some of the e-mails was his, because he paid the telephone bill, there was two Timothy Rustiges and there were four Rustys, he has three sons, besides all the Prisoners Of Conscience members, who used to meet at his flat. The authors could have been anybody. He explained the role of Prisoners of Conscience, supporting prisoners of principle round the world who have been unjustly imprisoned. Again Moggach said nothing preferring to listen instead of leading his client. The Procurator Fiscal stood up in his role of prosecutor and launched into Tim. He had shown no talent until now but he was very fierce with Timothy, trying to rubbish everything he had said, however Timothy stood his ground and remained calm. I looked at the court clock after noticing proceedings taking on a sudden urgency, it was 3.55pm. The PF finished his cross-examination quickly, turned to the Sheriff and said what more can I say my lord and that was his closing speech. Moggach stood up spluttered two sentences about Angiolini who should have not have been too worried and that was his final effort, no mention of the considerable doubt about who actually wrote the e-mails. Timothy stood up and asked if he could speak, to say that he had paperwork to prove he was in Wales mending a boat engine in Holyhead from 26th February to 3rd March of the period in review and when Angiolini received a lot of these e-mails. Moggach although knowing this, had not brought it out in examination and Timothy wanted it known. The Sheriff silenced Timothy and turned to him and said guilty as charged. The whole thing was over in two minutes. There was just enough time for the Clerk of the Court to tell Timothy to return for sentencing on 27th March 2014 at 10.00am, once the court had received a Social Services report from Manchester. One final word from the sheriff was that prison was an option he was considering. All over in a flash, we looked at each other not believing the speed of the coup de grace. The four well up holstered ladies gloated, their warped minds thinking they had won the day. Alas ladies this campaign will haunt you for some years yet.

Timothy still does not know for what offences he was charged or for that matter for what offences he was found guilty of. He has asked but not been told, legal aid is a ridiculous uncaring, low-empathy department, solely there for the pockets of the lawyers. Perhaps even the Sheriff does not know the offences for which he has given his verdict. My advice having seen Scottish Law in action would be to not recognise the jurisdiction of the court or fight the case yourself. You will certainly save time and energy, even if you do end up with the same result. Legal aid seems to me to be a travesty of justice. People put in place to fill a hole in the game, not even young bloods learning the art of advocacy were apparent, these men were in their 50s having learnt all they could know of the law, yet failing to grasp they were representing mankind and all its responsibilities and repercussions and only interested in the large income gained for being a stooge to the PF.

I asked Timothy if he had grounds for appeal and he named five points all of which are mentioned in this blog, I said go for it, the five points are very important. He said I have been told that if I appeal I lose my legal aid. A disheartened but not defeated Timothy flew back to Manchester on Friday in the arms of a cleft stick. We have another day to wait before we can leave this accursed place.

Writing this in reflection on the week, the morning after the verdict, with a PF sent up from Edinburgh and a Sheriff brought in from elsewhere it was obvious the prosecution expected to win, ally this to an inept but skilfully inept performance from a legal aid team in Timothy’s defence and he was bound to be found guilty. Angiolini could not be seen to lose. This morning she will be feeling good, but one more cloak of ignorance of Hollie Greig has been torn from her shoulders. We will get to the final cloak shortly.

Meanwhile Robert Green is still incarcerated in Perth Prison awaiting indictment on matters unknown. The information we were able to glean from the court officials yesterday was that the court has 110 days to serve the indictment from date of arrest. Usually this procedure takes on average 70 to 90 days. Robert has been there now for 16 days, so it could be another 64 days before we find out why he has been arrested. At some stage somebody will think up a story. I am sure that the Sheriffs and PFs who are members of that famous Violate Club, whose names are now known to many, are shaking in their fur lined boots as they await the outcome of proceedings. What kind of God-awful society do we exist in, when the likes of Heggarty, the head of the Legal Aid department, who was caught shagging an under-age boy in a public toilet in Glasgow and McFarlane from the Procurator Fiscal’s office in Edinburgh, who was shagging a whore down a back entry in broad daylight when surprised by two plods and who attacked them, injuring both. When his computer was searched an untold number of child sexual abuse photographs were found. Angiolini said neither case was in the public interest and their antics were dismissed, both men remained Scot free.

I indict the Crown Service of Scotland for Angiolini’s behaviour. Time and again it has been found out that in her time as PF, she failed to employ the law in a just and humane manner.

People have asked me was our trip worth it. Well this week has cost me over £2000 just to watch Timothy get carved up and I have to say that I would spend every penny I have, to experience the evil I have been exposed to this week. People need to face evil to understand what mankind is up against and if my blog can be read by a few thousand people who absorb its content that £2000 is cheap for its ability to teach.”

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Autumn 2009 was the 1st time the HOLLIE GREIG case was ever mentioned online…




THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – BY PETER EYRE, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST – – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 24 / 1 2 / 2012






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The Sentencing Of Timothy Rustige.

The time is getting closer to the sentencing of Timothy Rustige, which will be in the Sheriff’s Court in beautiful masonic Aberdeen. The date is fixed, March 27th at 10.00am for another massive miscarriage of justice, an everyday event of course in polluted, abuse ridden Bonny Scotland.

Timothy went down to Stretford on Monday to put himself through the ordeal of interview with local social workers so that theycould appraise him for a social report requested by the Sheriff, one Pyle, of the Crown Prosecution Service of Scotland. Why he bothered was a waste of time for all involved as Timothy’s renowned defence team of Morrison/Moggach had told Timothy already that Pyle was going to give him the maximum under the court, of 12 months imprisonment, social report or no social report. They also insolently warned him not to be stupid and do a runner. Do they not understand that as a martyr he can do more damage inside than he possibly could thousands of miles away.

I know I am repeating myself but can any sane person see the point of locking up an old age pensioner for making the broad of beam, split-arsed bitch, the empty, arid, insipid, farrago of a woman, Dominico’s scourge, Elish McPhilomy Angiolini, feel unmotherly and not very happy. When all round the streets of Scotland and England as well for that matter, there are murderers, rapists, thugs and thieves all walking round on bail with hardly a care in the world. Especially when that same insipid toss-pot of the judicial system of Scotland, Angiolini, had said that the head of the legal aid system in Scotland, Haggerty, could walk free after being caught in a public toilet shagging an under-age youth and that one of her co-prosecutors at the Procurator Fiscal’s Office in Edinburgh, McFarlane, who while shagging a whore down an alleyway in Glasgow was surprised by two policemen. In evading arrest he managed to injure the two coppers and flee. Later when his home was searched they found thousands of photographs on his computer of children being abused. Angiolini declared that it would not be in the public interest for these men to appear in court so they both got off Scot free to continue to pull their pricks out ad infinitum. McFarlane was shuttled out of the country with the UN whilst Haggerty hid behind Angiolini’s burgeoning arse.

So why should this harridan, who is well known to the queen; they cosy up at meetings of privy counsellors, be able to wield such power when now two years out of office. Well one thing is certain she was making a bit of a hames of her job as chief prosecutor and even a bigger mess in her position as Lord Advocate, that she had to go. She had attained her high position though hardly educated but having been co-opted into common purpose where she was able to say yes to any proposition put to her, she became ideal as a govenment stooge. Unfortunately as she rose she also learnt of the less than proper virtues of the great and good of Scotland, she knew of their vices, their crimes, their propensity to live on the dark side of life, their sins committed in the Violate club in Glasgow, she knew too much, outside of dropping her in the Forth with lots of weights the only other way was to protect her, give her a bolt hole, give her a title and this is what happened in very quick succession. Her rise in status made her impregnable, she was able to join the rest of the shirt lifters, paedophiles and curried, smelly muffs that govern our day to day existences. To hide her they had to make her one of the elite. With one twitch of her massive arse she can send men to the gallows or the modern equivalent. With her skirt off she can beguile the devil, a person along with the queen who she knows very well.

So during the sentencing procedure I pray that as many brave Scots can attend the Sheriff’s Court on that day the 27th of March 2014, I know my mate Malcolm will be there with his gang of braves and for those that cannot make it, make as bigger fuss as you know how wherever you are, fill the net with protest, write to as many people as you can and for those who do not know what I am talking about, google Hollie Greig, google Robert Green and google Timothy Rustige, all martyrs to injustice and illegality in Scotland. It is time all good men and women stood up and conquered the evil that is within our midst.

And while I am about it Robert Green still languishes in Perth Prison, 30 days in solitary, and still not having seen his solicitor. What kind of justice is that, the man has complained, he has pointed out how injustices abound in Scotland, he has not killed anybody, he has not raided a bank, he has not raped a child but he has pointed out who has and this worries them very much. This makes the guilty scared and thus makes them carry out even more outrageous acts. The end for these men and women is nigh.
March 14, 2014, Author: PaulMalpas
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Robert Green’s Indictment On 10th March 2014

According to UK Column it was announced that Robert Green, languishing in Perth Prison in Scotland since he was arrested on 12th February, was indicted on a charge that “you (Robert Green) faces a petition alleging that you had contrvened Section 24a of the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act 1995…the matter is a solemn proceeding where ultimately you will face trial by Sheriff and Jury.” So the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) have decided this is a serious criminal offence and will be tried in front of a jury with the Sheriff passing sentence if the jury can reach at least an 8-7 majority verdict. If found guilty the Sheriff has the power to sentence Robert to five years imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Now it does strike me that COPFS has been able to fix all proceedings Robert has been involved in, so it should be no problem finding 15 willing souls to stand as jury when only eight of them need fixing. This procedure is different than Timothy Rustige’s trial last week which was tried under summary procedure which means that COPFS thought his crime was less serious and was tried by a Sheriff alone who only has the power to give a maximum 12 month sentence of imprisonment or a maximum £5,000 fine. As we all know Robert has been fighting for justice for Hollie Greig, a Downes syndrome girl, just over 30 years of age now but up to the year 2000 when she was 16, she had been savagely raped by a ring of top drawer Aberdeen paedophiles led by her father Denis Mackie and aided by her brother for a number of years. On examination it was found that her vaginal area had suffered considerably and that she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Her mother Ann, on finding out of this abuse, complained to Grampian Police who tried to section her and the two women moved down to Shropshire for what they thought was their own safety. Whilst in Shropshire Hollie received £13,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board but Grampian Police, now Scottish Police, refused to investigate the crime and Elish Angiolini, then Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen and later Procurator Fiscal for Scotland and then Lord Advocate refused to have anything to do with the matter. Robert drew up a fund of proven evidence but still the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service refused to budge. One of the named abusers was the local judge and another was the Chief Forensic Officer for Grampian Police who has conveniently died. On top of all that Roy Greig, Hollie’s uncle, came across Denis Makie whilst he was raping his daughter and threatened him with exposure. Two weeks later Roy was dead, found in a burning car in a remote area. The police decided it was suicide even though there was evidence on his body to suggest he had been savagely beaten up. His sternum, the strongest bone in the body was broken as well as a number of ribs and he also had facial injuries. Again faced with overwhelming evidence the police refuse to open this case. Robert was arrested and given 12 months imprisonment a few years ago and released after three months under strict bail conditions. This recent arrest in February was obviously for a breach of those conditions. Robert is a 68 year old Englishman fighting for justice for a then child, the COPFS is doing its best to cover up all the harm that has been propagated by the Legal Services of Scotland. This cause of Robert’s and Hollie’s need supporting by everybody. So all you good readers in England who follow this blog make yourself aware of the details of this case, it is all over the internet. Tell your friends and relations, if there is any injustice in the world, this is it and it needs rectifying immediately. March 11, 2014, Author: PaulMalpas

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