URGENT MAKE VIRAL!!!! Seven + Patrick Cullunane Expose Lies, Corruption & TPV’S Agent Mark Windows


URGENT MAKE VIRAL!!!! Seven & Patrick Cullunane Expose ies, Corruption & The People’sVoice’s Agent Mark Windows by Seven4Justice

Published on 30 Mar 2014

RAW VIDEO — Targeted corruption victim/survivor ‘Seven’ and the brilliant outspoken Common Law Lawyer and anti corruption advocate Patrick Cullinane share damning evidence from ‘The Farrell Report’ by former police intelligence analyst turned whistle-blower the brave honorable Tony Farrell to expose the extent of ‘The Corruption of Britain’ and discuss the remedies and solutions required for public protection to prevent more people becoming afflicted.

Seven and Patrick provide detailed insight into evidence proving the UK to be fully complicit in a long history and epidemic of sinister practices against corruption victims to deliberately thwart their legitimate claims for Justice to keep serious crimes concealed.

Tactics exposed here are namely vast ‘gang stalking’ operations, the use of fake fabricated bailiff’s demands and the faking and misuse of official court documents to doctor and alter court rulings to favour guilty criminal freemasons and cabal members. Also exposed in this must see video is some of the sinister methods employed to target, terrorize, rob, abuse, torture and silence genuine victims, survivors, truth speakers, whistle-blowers and activists. In addition flagged up is the deeply disturbing smear campaigns and employment of a host of NWO Agents, Troll’s, Shill’s and Perps such as Mark Windows on tax payers money who many of you are already aware had usurped David Ickes TV channel called ‘The People’s Voice’.

The despicable illegal tactics to rob then block Seven and Patrick Cullinane from attaining justice, are also covertly being carried out on thousands of other victims across the United Kingdom, as was recently highlighted in the press against Stephen Lawrence’s grieving family for 21 years, proving just how far they are going to torture the population into misery silence and submission.

This video is designed not only to bring the truth behind concealed crimes such as 7/7 to the world’s immediate attention so that everyone can clearly identify those guilty and responsible, but also to encourage achievable solutions such as setting up support networks around victims, survivors and truth speakers. It is important that we fully expose the damage professional liars cause survivors and the resolution process.

A special Thank You to Patrick’s niece for allowing us to film in her home Please share to help make this important truth and cover up viral. Thank You!!

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URGENT MAKE VIRAL!!!!! Part 2 Key Witness in Case of ‘Seven’ Exposes TPV’S NWO Agent Mark Windows

Published on 30 Mar 2014

RAW VIDEO- Part 2 – Key Witness in case of ‘Seven VS Gossage and Nine Others’, The cousin Roni Nicholas of Targeted individual/ Organised crime survivor ‘Seven’ here Speaks out in anger to expose and demolish the lies being concocted by David Ickes ‘The Peoples Voice TV presenter racist NWO Agent Troll,Shill named Mark Windows.Here Roni reads out his written Witness Statement to the public horrified after watching the lies broadcasted on David Ickes TV channel and the attempts by Mark Windows and other known state hired NWO Agent racists (Don) Donny Jackson, Eddy Boyce, Deborah Williams, Ian Fantom and David Shayler to conceal the monstrous crimes and cover up in the case of ‘Seven’. This family demand a public apology for the foul treacherous lies being told by these nasty rotten people. Roni’s written Witness Statement read out here will also be posted online soon

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