“Grimsby police abduct 10 year old child”

More torture and persecution on the say-so of sociaLworkers who care more about their bonuses for removing children rather than the childs’ or the familys welfare. It is a public scandal how the entire legal system kow tows to these social workers were it has been proven time after time evidence has been fabricated by these characters and outright lies told in court hearings so as the children are removed from perfectly good homes. Injunctions – gagging orders are spread about so . not much can be said about any case more often than not heard in closed secret hearings the reporting of which is disallowed. It is a public scandal. Sir James Munby calls for change – but when is it going to happen when Cameron wants the child removal figures to increase and every year sees new record figures for children stolen!

Grimsby Police Abduct A 10 year Old Girl

 3 April 2014

“There comes a time when soldiers,policemen,and the like have a duty to refuse to obey an order that is against human rights or is a crime against humanity..”


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