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The editor of a paedophile book to which Peter Tatchell contributed an article in the 1980s was jailed three years ago for child sex offences, Christian Voice has learned.

Warren Middleton, also known as John Parratt, was given a 12 month sentence in July 2011 after being convicted of having indecent images of children.

Middleton was the editor of Betrayal of Youth, a notorious paedophile campaigning manual to which Peter Tatchell contributed a chapter on ‘Questioning Ages of Majority and Ages of Consent’.  Middleton was also vice-chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, known as PIE.

Betrayal of Youth was published in 1986, just three years after Peter Tatchell lost to Simon Hughes in the Bermondsey bye-election.  The bye-election did not go well. Tatchell was disowned by then Labour leader Michael Foot and Hughes highlighted Tatchell’s militant homosexuality.

Afterwards, Tatchell complained of ‘a witch-hunt’.  An exasperated Neil Kinnock, who would win the Labour leadership election in October, was variously reported as saying ‘The trouble with Peter is, he can’t tell the difference between a witch and fairy’ or “I’m not in favour of witch hunts, but I do not mistake bloody witches for fairies.” Tatchell has since joined the Green Party, where witches and fairies are made more welcome.

Also jailed in 2011 were the leader of PIE, Steven Smith, aka Steven Freeman, John Morrison, Middleton’s flat-mate, one Barry Cutler, and Leo Adamson, a member of the PIE executive who was also involved in the 1970s with ‘Gay Youth.’

the court was told that more than 5,000 images were found on three discs at the Putney home shared by Parratt and Morrison after a police raid in July 2008.

Steve Smith’s history of PIE, as published in Betrayal of Youth, can be found HERE.  Steven Smith was also jailed twenty years earlier, in 1991, for child porn offences.

See: Press Association, December 16, 1991, Monday: PAEDOPHILE JAILED OVER CHILD PORN MAG. BYLINE: Sue Clough, Press Association Old Bailey Staff.
Jailed earlier were PIE executive members  David Joy of Loughborough, and David Bremner, a PhD from Clapton, E London.

Interestingly, who was the Barrister who defended Steven Smith in 1991 and came out with the rather lame line that ‘Smith and the others would not have published the magazine if the police had warned them it was in breach of the law’?

It’s the same barrister who served on the Gay Rights Sub-Committee of the National Council for Civil Liberties when Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman were in charge in the 1970′s and 1980′s alongside his ‘learned friend’ Geoffrey Robertson QC and paedophiles David Bremner, Michael Burbidge, Keith Hose and Tom O’Carroll.

Here is a clue:  He was the first openly-gay barrister, championed by homosexuals, to be appointed a High Court Judge, in 2002.

Here is another: It’s the same man who set up the Conspiracy to Corrupt Public Morals group to defend Tom O’Carroll in 1979. How nice to know he was still prepared to accept a brief to defend a pal of his old fellow sub-committee-members 12 years later.

Step forward, your Lordship, Sir Adrian Fulford.

Sir Adrian Fulford has now stepped down from hearing criminal appeal cases while he is investigated by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.  The same newspaper also reports how the Chairman of the NCCL in the 1970′s and 1980′s also sprang to the defence of PIE, both in campaigning terms and by acting for Bremner when he was convicted with David Joy in 1984.  He is now the Chief Coroner for England and Wales, Peter Thornton.  

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