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Time to start connecting the dots

Ok, guess what they have done now?

Maurice’s appeal against assault conviction, which was heard on Monday and Tuesday of this week and which culminated then in the revelation by a duty governor at the prison, from the witness box and under oath, that the prison phone line was monitored and controlled by the south Wales police, has now been adjourned untill 30th JUNE of this year, some 80 days from now!

So that is another 80 days on remand then,

another 80 days of isolation.

One can only wonder why this would be. One thing that can be stated with certainty is that it is not in the pursuit of justice!

Here is an interesting development that happened on Tuesday.

Whilst under cross examination by Maurice, a duty governor from Cardiff prison admitted that a legal supporter was prevented from communicating with him regarding his ongoing civil case against the South Wales police, whilst he was in the prison on trumped up charges by the South Wales police (that were later dropped).

Apparently the block on the phone number of the said supporter was arranged by the same people he was in the process of sueing, namely………….THE SOUTH WALES POLICE! Obviously this is now on the record, perverting the course of justice anyone?

This is only the admission of one witness about one incident, there have been numerous other incidents of visitors names being removed from the list and other phone numbers being blocked at critical times, as has been reported on this site over the last three years.

The court will not be sitting on Wednesday or Thursday and apparently can only sit on Friday with two judges instead of three!

Maurice seems to think he may be sentenced on Friday for the breach of the void in Law restraining order that he was convicted of a couple of weeks ago, although we are not sure why they would do that in the middle of the appeal against assault on the prison officer Rogan and before the appeal against assault on the barrister Gareth Evans. Perhaps they think they can stop the details of the truth from coming out?

In any case we think it likely that they will drop the Evans case in order to prevent him from having to take the stand and be cross examined by Maurice!

The truth is coming out, slowly, drip by drip but it is coming out none the less.

Softly softly, catchee Monkey(s)

Some interesting points came up yesterday, one of the most notable being that the judge banned anyone in the public gallery from taking notes! One has to wonder why he doesn’t want the general public making a record of official proceedings in open court? Particularly as the general public are paying for the court and are ultimately the observers to ensure that justice is done.

Which actually brings me to the second point of note, although this appeal is being heard in a different courtroom, number 7 as it happens, the ubiquitous fish tank made an unwelcome re-appearance. It was noted in this case for it’s superior ability to block out both the sound and vision of observers at the back of the court! not only that but it was connected to the cells by a glass, no doubt bulletproof, tunnel which intruded even further into the courtroom.

One got to wondering, whilst straining to hear the proceedings, about this bulletproof dock, connected as it is to the cells by locked doors in the tunnel which required the private security guards to open with a key. This dock, in the court, isn’t actually a dock at all. Rather it is a cell, connected to the other cells and completely insulated from the court.

According to British Law, the accused is innocent, unless and untill he is proven guilty. He may be remanded in custody untill his trial begins, but once he enters the court he does so as an innocent man. How then is it possible to put him in a cell and have him in court at the same time? The purpose of the remand is to ensure that he appears in the court, to prevent flight, but once he enters the court the custody of the gaol is suspended and he stands in the court as an innocent man.

It is against the Law of this land to confine an innocent man in a cell! The court is not there to imprison him (ostensibly) the court is there to decide if he is guilty as charged. How can he appear in court if he is still effectively in the cells?

This reminds me of the machine gun farce, you know the one where the police produced gender changing witnesses hidden behind screens, in the interests of national security! When, after the jury found him not guilty the judge insisted that he would be released after he had been “processed” down in the cells, but he was an innocent man! the jury, the highest law in the land had just said so, yet he was dragged back out of the courtroom and down to the cells, to be unceremoniously kicked out of the side entrance some hours later. So yet again they imprisoned an innocent man.

They cannot do this under British Law! it is called unlawfull imprisonment, or alternatively kidnapping and the penalties are severe! The ONLY conclusion that can be reached is that they are not doing it under British Law, they are in fact using continental law, code Napoleon, the inquisitory system! The main difference between the two? Code Napoleon presumes a man’s guilt untill he is proven innocent and if they are presuming his guilt then they can of course put him in a cell.

Of course this also conflicts with another pillar of British justice, that of equality before the law. Maurice is representing himself so he is in effect his own legal counsel for the defence. Now the counsel for the prosecution has at his disposal a large desk upon which to spread his legal papers, an assistant to sit behind him, and the benefit of being clearly heard by the court, (apart from those in the public gallery), he even has a ready supply of water to drink, should the proceedings dry him up!

Maurice on the other hand, is confined in the aforementioned fish tank, he has no desk upon which to spread the legal papers for his defence, which he also doesn’t have. he has no assistant to sit behind him and spent most of the day with his lips pressed to the one inch gap between the bulletproof panels in an effort to be heard. No water is provided for his refreshment.

How can it possibly be said that he enjoys equality with the prosecution? he is plainly at a disadvantage from the start.

Maurice appears in court again this morning, before Judge Crowther at 10 am. This time for an appeal against conviction for assaulting a prison officer.

Maurice claims that he arrested the prison officer Rogan for commiting a crime when he failed to return his passport which was being unlawfully witheld after he had been released from prison. The authorities of course had to cover this up and so they initially charged him with unlawfully entering a prison, then they changed the charge to assault!

They convicted him of course, in the usual manner. Strangely enough, although this took place right in front of the main entrance to Cardiff prison, which, as you would expect, is watched continuously by a security camera, there was no video evidence available for that day to settle the matter one way or the other! Apparently the camera was not working at the time of the incident, either it was broken or it was switched off, much like the cameras in the pont d’Alma tunnel were switched off on the day that they Murdered Diana.

One has to wonder why his appeal is being heard in the Cardiff courts where he was convicted? surely it should be in the London appeal court? Never mind, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be a rerun of his last appeal against conviction in the Cardiff crown court, which of course was held in the ……….Cardiff crown court!

During his recent trial for breaking the restraining order, Maurice was prevented from presenting his medical evidence to the jury, the evidence which shows that he does not have brain damage or a tumour. The evidence that discredits the medical report produced by the doctor who must, in the interests of “justice”, remain nameless. The same evidence that was used to unlawfully incarcerate him for 8 months before the jury spotted the lies of the police and aquitted him of dealing in machine guns!

It was deemed by the judge to be irrelevant. Of course if it had been presented then it would have proved that he was not guilty of harassment as he was pursuing and exposing a crime, which in turn would mean that the restraining order was unfounded in the first place. Just as well it was irrelevant then, otherwise it would have proved that they have unlawfully locked him up for the last three years or so!

Maurice puts this down to the “zero tolerance” policy of the South Wales police to accusations against NHS medical staff, he insists that they are pursueing a policy of immunity to prosecution for medical staff.

The NHS of course is one of the biggest gravy trains in town, the opportunities for enriching the masonic cabal are at least equal to if not bigger than the opportunities provided by the “law enforcement/ judicial” gravy train that was milked only last year to the tune of 30 million of our pounds by the bent cops and robbers, sorry , the bent cops and lawyers of the Cardiff cabal!

Does anyone remember the link I posted a while back to an article in the Independent? The one that told how masonic corruption and control of the police, judges and most of the rest of civic society has reached out of control epidemic proportions, well here it is, in the flesh so to speak!

Getting back to the appeal later on this morning, it is rumoured that the judge Crowther QC, appointed by the queen no less, does in fact know the barrister Gareth Evans, who Maurice also arrested for breaking the Law and was again convicted of assault. If this turns out to be the case then obviously the judge will need to recuse himself, he could hardly be expected to be impartial in such circumstances……………could he?

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