Maurice Kirk has been moved back to the notorious HMP CARDIFF – back to the warders who [allegedly] have beaten him up on many occasions, the S Wales police refusing to act, or refusing to even take statements for months about matters – then doing nothing.
This below sounds good, but aince then it has been updated with outrageous happenings.

From X, regarding Maurice Kirk sentencing, today, 2 May 2014:
“Sentence was passed today over video link. He’s got off very lightly.

8 months on each charge to run consecutively, making 16 months in total, minus the six weeks he also got for the Rogal assault, although if he wins that. that sentence will of course be quashed.
Rowlands didn’t order the restraining order to be amended. He stated that he was taking into account Maurice’s age and medical problems.
There was also no application for costs by the CPS. [which could’ve been £20000+…ed.]
If the six weeks for the Rogan appeal is taken into account he will be due for release sometime in the middle of August, on licence for the remainder of the sentence.
We were all expecting a three or a four, so he’s got off very lightly.
The judge cut off Maurice’s speech as it wasn’t mitigation and proceeded to pass his sentence.
We think the judge was running scared to give him such a light sentence.
From earlier:
“The maximum for the breach of the restraining order is 5 years.
The maximum for the threat to damage property is 10 years.
He does have some previous convictions which were read out at the end of the trial, and these would also be taken into account I’m afraid.
The judge can also either order both sentences consecutive or concurrent. We will just have to wait and see what he does.”
The above from a supporter re: Maurice Kirk.
It is stated above “he does have previous convictions”, but how many of them carried through where he was framed? He has also been acquitted on serious charges before, found not guilty by a jury, and numerous cases of imprisonment have taken place for MK where the charges were later dropped completely,making a mockery of those charges and the behaviour of S Wales police + others. there have been 20 incarcerationson remand or whatever since 2009, i am told, mostly on fabricated charges.”

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