The latest re: Maurice Kirk, who weas due in court for a bail application, but was AGAIN disallowed his papers, as before:

Thank you for your speedy reply, Mr. T,

Regarding the appalling treatment Mr. Maurice J. Kirk, 68, has been suffering in HMP Cardiff, a tiny part thereof I have already informed this department about before may I draw your attention to the latest bout of persecution and targeting by certain personnel, be they prison staff, or Geoamy contractors acting under the orders of prison staff, for they surely would not do or take the law into their own hands enacting this latest which has unfortunately occurred to Mr. Kirk.

Yesterday I received a phone call which was cut off by presumably the prison [as no one else would, or could, I allege] which is selfexplanatory:

but a much more detailed message comes from his sister, a former magistrate, who he also phoned, around the same time: this message reads, received 13 May 14:

” He [Maurice Kirk] phoned again in the afternoon yesterday (12 May 14)to say
A. he was due in Bristol court today on application for bail.
B. Paper under door of cell told him of his Rowlands (restraining order) sentence. He had not been informed before!
C. He was/might be eligible for a tagged release on application.
D. His long awaited doctor’s appointment (6th May) had been mysteriously cancelled.
E. He was v short of telephone money


Went [MK] to reception for transport to Bristol with a copy of Rowe transcript to hand to judge. Told he had to hand it over to GeoAmy. He refused as when he came to Cardiff court he was unable to access his legal papers which had been left in the cell below the court (24/25 March) and Judge Rowlands admitted he had no power to order the papers to come up to court.

Maurice was not allowing that to happen again. (The papers were in a slim folder which the prison staff could inspect.) As he had had very little warning of this Bristol appearance he wanted to study the papers before arriving in court as he was defending himself.
Of course the Prison Staff could not guarantee that he would receive the file back once he had arrived at Bristol. So he refused to travel without his legal documents being available in Bristol.


Now only 85p on his telephone account!”

Mr. T, I surely do not need to point out the irresponsibility of these prison staff and prison contracted staff undertaking these actions described above – on the 12 May and before, as described by Mr. Kirk – obviously to the detriment of Mr. Kirk AND LEGAL PROCESS, also their breaking of the rules, guidelines and codes under which they are required to act in the role of a prison warder or contracted staff.

I protest and complain most strongly about this behaviour, and please could you see to it the culprits performing these breaches of Mr. Kirk’s human rights, and rights as a convicted prisoner are brought to book, and that they are reprimanded for their gross indifference to the rules etc. in place regarding dealing with an inmate, his possession of his legal paperwork, and how that relates to the relavent court hearing happening at the time. The way the prison staff work closely with the contracted Geoamy staff and others to make a mockery out of British justice and the rights of inmates is a public scandal.

Please see to it nothing like what is described ever happens again and those responsible for the appalling behaviour as described above are, as I say, properly reprimanded.

Thank you.

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