Len Lawrence writes 18 May 2014:

Leonard Lawrence Pilot and Slough and Reading County Court


25 October 2006 at Slough County Court Her Honour Judge Campbell inspected and identified the then current situation  with regard to the court tapes for the following hearings, detailed below, in the case of Leonard Lawrence

16 April 2012 His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court.

THE JUDGE: Well, it actually says so in the Official Solicitor’s guide, does it not?

MR DAY: It does. THE JUDGE: It actually says in there, “We have to refer this to the Court of Protection”.

MR DAY: Yes In 2013 Mr Justice Adrian Fulford makes a order preventing Leonard Lawrence from informing the Lord Chief Justice and the President of the Family Division what occurred to him.

Tapes =

lawtence 18may14

Hearings 1, 2 & 3.

Harry Counsell & Co transcribers had precisely admitted liability for the loss of the first three tapes (8 Sept 2003, 27 Jan 2004 and 26 April 2004).

Their letter of the 17 May 2005 stated the tapes were lost when they moved offices.

Harry Counsell & Co transcribes held no professional liability insurance or held a court tape movement log.

Hearing 10. 1 July 2005 before District Judge Susanna Jones Application to discharge Official Solicitor and appoint Mr Wilson FFAEM FRCS OBE as my guardian (Refused)

District Judge Susanna Jones told by solicitor Sarah Benfield, Ratcliffe Duce and Gammer Solicitors that the case had to go to the Court of Protection as Slough County Court did not have jurisdiction.(Refused)

Hearing 11 District Judge Fortgang according to barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk in September 2010 knew that Leonard Lawrence was a patient subject to the Court of Protection.

In 2013 the disclosure authorised by Sir James Munby President of the Family Division and Court of Protection identified neither District Judge Susanna Jones or District Judge Fortgang held a Court of Protection approval.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard Lawrence

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