Received from Maurice Kirk’s sister 02 June 2014:

“Maurice had been given bail at the beginning of this year by Judge Bidder; it never happened. May 2nd 2014 he was eligible for tagged release; it never happened.

Now he has found out why.

Back about ten years ago Maurice was involved in an incident in Bristol which resulted in him being held in custody for a short time. He had a run in with the custody people and through their behaviour towards him he got them into trouble. Now he has discovered that the ring leader of the custody people has moved on and the same man is now head of NOMS, (National Offender Management Service) in the Cardiff area by the name Mulholland. He is Sarah Rowe’s boss and the boss of many other staff in the prison and it is he who has TOTAL control over what happens to Maurice within the Prison. Hence visitors are denied entry on the pre-arranged dates, Maurice’s access to his Judge demanded Computer has been permanently obstructed and of course any opportunity to leave the Prison under licence have been blocked.

Never mind Judge’s orders they are all overridden by this man. No wonder Judge Bidder, Judge Rowlands and others have said in open court that they have NO jurisdiction within a prison.

One can have no sympathy for the ‘overcrowded prison situation’ when the Ministry of Justice run the prisons with such as Mulholland given free reign to persecute those who annoyed him in a previous existence.”

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Above: Maurice Kirk outside Cardiff Civil court March 2014, beginning his civil cases against S. Wales police over years of chronic persecution by them. For example, MK has been jailed, usually for no reason, over 20 times since 2009. These hearings were to go on for 3 and a half months in Cardiff, with MK calling over 150 witnesses, the hearings coming to a halt when he was eventually arrested and remanded in HMP Cardiff on the 16 October 2014, where he has remained ever since, receiving a 16 month sentence in late March 2014 for an alleged “breach of a restraining order” charge – the mechinations of which are as complicated and dubious as they could possibly be.
Maurice Kirk has been brutally victimised whilst in HMP Cardiff, being denied urgent medical treatment also – a colonoscopy appointment was strangely cancelled when he arrived at a hospital for the urgent treatment, along with other outrageous targeting and persecution, such as not getting treatment from the prison Healthcare doctor for 8 weeks for his painful colon problem, it is told. He was hindered regarding his use of his computer laptop, being unable to undertake even the most simplest of tasks on it, such as writing to the courts.
All communications to authority figures by anybody trying to point out to them what is actually going on with MK in HMP Cardiff are systematically ignored – recorded delivery letters and emails sent to the Ministry of Justice, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, the Bational Offender Management Service, the Independent Monitoring Board [a hapless set-up!] – all these and more, including human rights organisations, ignoring wholesale the carte-blanche persecution meted out to this 68 year old pensioner. How bad can it get when one has to spend ones final days locked away with dubious bullies who do as they like and answer to noone?

02 June 2014


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