Conference: Children Screaming To Be Heard – 25 JULY 2014

Has anything changed regarding the child removals, like the figures going down at all over the years? They continue rising, with Cameron setting ever higher targets:


Children waiting for adoption figures at all time high:
Sir James Munby, “President of the Family Division”

Appeal judge slams decision which led to baby being taken from parents unjustly

Sir James Munby#s reforms – what happened?

MailOnline article 26 July 2013 by Sue Reid: “For years I fought against secret courts breaking up families. At last there’s hope?”
What happened??


Conference: Children Screaming To Be Heard – Attend, Attend, Attend!

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Maggie Tuttle over at Children Screaming to Be Heard, a charity dedicated to helping children inside the care system find their voice and speak out about the often appalling treatment they receive (including denial of contact with parents and extended family), has put together a cracking conference, and worth going to if you can find the time.

The tickets are absolutely free. The event takes place on 25th July, from 9am-5pm, at Resource for London, on Holloway Road.

We’ve added the press release for you, below:

Children Screaming to be Heard Conference

(Registered Charity No. 1144679)

A Voice for the Silent Witnesses and their Families

25 July 2014 at 9am – 5pm

Resource For London, 356, Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

9.45 Albina Koumirova will speak of her art exhibition for the children – 15 minutes

10.00 Rosie, the little girl who spoke in the House of Commons last year, told MP’s how she was denied her rights to be with her family as a child – 20 minutes

10.20 Michael Unsworth. Short video from the Australian who wrote and recorded the song Calling Me, Calling You- 10 minutes

10.30 Laura Lian, the sculptress, who has designed the monument for the abused children – 10 minutes

10.40 The Emperor Rosko, famous DJ. A short statement read out on why he is supporting the charity -5 minutes

10.45 Tim Spearman, author of the book launched at the conference and written for the children – 15 minutes

11.00 John Hemming MP – 30 minutes – with questions and answers

11.30 Vicky Haigh via video link – pedophiles and the families – 15 minutes

11.45 Coffee Break

12.15 Sonia Poulton, journalist and broadcaster, a voice for the people – 20 minutes

12.35 Brian Daniels, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, speaking on the drugging of children – 25 minutes

13.00 Lunch until 14.30

14.30 Ian Joseph – forced adoption, a punishment without a crime – 30 minutes

15.00 Dr. C. Dennhey, Child Psychiatrist speaking on extended families – 30 minutes

15.30 Michael Bailey, Barrister of Tanfield Chambers – 30 minutes

16.00-17.00 Questions and Answers

The Charity – do check out their website, it’s very nicely done and informative, too.

Free Tickets for the conference

—Painting by guest speaker, Albina Koumirova


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