Haringey went ‘behind my back’, says Mr Justice Holman over forced break-up of family

Mr Justic Holman condemned Haringey for having deceitfully broken both procedures and the law Photo: Alamy
Of all the scores of cases I have followed over the past five years where families have been torn apart by social workers and the courts, one has stood out as more shocking and harrowing than any. From 2010 on, when five children were removed from a Nigerian couple, Mr and Mrs Musa, and then a sixth was violently wrested from Mrs Musa’s arms by six police and three social workers when she was lying helpless on a hospital bed breastfeeding the baby to which she had just given birth, I wrote about this case in heavily redacted form more than any other (a seventh child was later also taken from her at birth). I can only now name both Haringey council (of “Baby P” fame) and the Musas, thanks to three very remarkable recent High Court judgments by Mr Justice Holman, which he ordered to be published on the Bailii court website, specifically allowing both the council and the parents to be identified.
Holman only came into this case at the end of a four-year long saga that had already been before more than half a dozen other High Court judges. What he had to decide was whether, as an earlier judge had ruled they must be, the five older children, now in different foster homes, should be allowed to maintain contact with the two youngest (who have been sent for adoption and whom Haringey wishes to be given new names). Holman discovered, first, that Haringey had secretly and blatantly disobeyed that earlier ruling, by last year breaking off the children’s contact for several months until, in December, they were allowed to meet for a final “goodbye session”.
Holman repeatedly expressed his astonishment that the council had knowingly broken a court order in this way. But he was then even more astonished to discover that Haringey had managed to get the court website to remove the very judgment he had ordered to be published. In his own words, Haringey had, “gone completely behind my back”, to persuade “Bailii to remove from the public website” the judgment that he had “deliberately placed” there, “pursuant to the practice direction of the President of the Family Division” (Lord Justice Munby, who has been valiantly striving to open up the family courts to “the glare of publicity”).
Again and again in his forensically argued judgments, Holman condemned Haringey for having deceitfully broken both procedures and the law, expressing his “grave concern” at what the council had been doing. While he very reluctantly concluded that, following that illegal “goodbye session”, it was probably not practical to undo the damage, he ended one judgment by saying, “On that incredibly melancholy note, and with the utmost despair on my part, I draw the present hearing to a close.”
But Holman was careful to say that he was not familiar with all the earlier stages of this case, although he knew that it has been widely referred to on the internet and has aroused huge public concern in Nigeria. Had he in fact known all of what Haringey and the courts have done to this family since 2010, he would have been utterly appalled. Right from the start, the children were initially removed from their parents on allegations so implausible that the council eventually had to drop them and come up with new ones, quite different. After many more tragic twists and turns to the story, the parents ended up, following a very odd criminal trial, being given long prison sentences,
The children who, in the early days, were constantly pleading to be allowed to come home, have, for four years, been kept unhappily in foster care, where they are now condemned to remain. Mrs Musa, whom I knew as a smartly dressed, capable and obviously devoted mother, has been reduced by her beatings in prison to a physical wreck. If, one day, the full story of the fate of this family can be told, it will be seen as a truly major scandal. Haringey’s bid to have Holman’s judgment suppressed was only the latest instance of an official cover-up that has so far been terrifyingly successful. Last Thursday, by another, very different judge, the council was finally given almost everything over those poor children’s future it had asked for.


Here is the HHJ Holman judgement of the 26 April 14:
Same case, from April: 

 Gloria Musa: her Deteriorating Health Condition in HMP Send:
5 July 2014

When I, with another friend visited Gloria Musa on Saturday 28th June 2012 on a social visit at HMP Send, we were shocked not only by at Gloria’s physical state of health and well-being, but also by what she told us on this visit.
She told us that she now had a “lump” in her groin area, presumably brought on by the infection she has as a result of bleeding from internally for so long since giving birth to a baby on March 10 2012. This ailment has never been addressed properly by any health official anywhere, as its obvious if this had happened Gloria would not be still bleeding, and, we are told, awakening each new day in bloodstained bedsheets.
It is thought this “lump” Gloria now has could also have been caused by her possibly having an untreated hernia, originating from the birth of her child in March 2014.
The authorities especially prison department personnel, including the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, and the Minsistry of Justice, N.O.M.S., and the I.M.B. have been told time and time again about Gloria’s serious medical conditions, including:

a] her painful hip and knee problems,
b] the “lump” she speaks of in her groin area,
c] along with a painful infection which carries with it “warts”in her groin area, making it very painful to sit down on anythuing except a cushion, we have been told, and
d] her continuous bleeding from her stomach, the blood exiting from her groin area,
e] Gloria is now vomiting continually also, and
f] her eyesight is failing.
g] Gloria speaks of having painful mouth ulcer alsos.
After a fall in the past from her wheelchair whilst in HMP Holloway it is understood, when she called supporters, she had a cut had which was possibly broken too. This hand has now reset but not to how it shouldve done. Gloria told us when calling in distress directly after her fall that when she asked for help in the prison she was told by warders that as she was a bishop she should “heal herself”. It is understood Gloria was finally given a plaster to put on the cut to her hand, but anyone seeing Gloria now can see the damage to her hand where the bones have not reset properly.

Most of these ailments have been with Gloria a very long time but nothing has been done by anybody to remedy and rectify properly these serious medical health conditions.On complaining to the Ministry of Justice [their reply is attatched to this note] their reply stated that all inmates get the best possibl;e NHS care. Other departments written to state whichever department cannot intervene in single case – apparently not even if they are as serious as Gloria’s obvious lack of medical treatment..

Furthermore, we were told on our visit on the 28 June that the standard waste bins in her cell are not being emptied, and the contents, which include items such as bloody tissues etc. used to deal with and clean her bleeding in her groin, and the contents from her continual vomiting are left to accumulate in these receptacles for periods of time. Gloria is bedridden and unable to clear this waste, she tells us.This is completely unhygenic, and surely goes against the Health and Safety Regulations in place at the prison.

We were also told how certain warders are telling Gloria that they “hate her” – showing her absolute contempt,which goes against these prison warders code of conduct for dealing with prison inmates.
We were also told how certain warders have been telling other inmates to avoid Gloria Musa at all costs, that she is an appalling mother guilty of heinous crimes. This again is completely unacceptable behaviour for a prison warder.

I ask you to understand what is going on here as this appalling lack of medical care and disgraceful victimisation against this vulnerable and very ill lady should not be taking place as it has been from day 1 of her entry into the UK prison system on the 28 November 2011.

Please see the attatched letter from the Ministry of Justice concerning inmates and the healthcare they supposedly get. This most definately is not the case for Gloria’ Musa, or if she is getting the best of healthcare, why is she still bleeding from internally for over 27 months, along with her numerous other continuing serious ailments?

J. Graham
Mckenzie friend to the Musa family and concerned citizen

UPDATED 5 July 2014 – this is a true sworn statement and for confirmation of anything written kindly confirm with Bishop Gloria Musa.

Attatched are a tiny sample from numerous replies from departments relating to Gloria Musa’s health and medical creonditions, including:

2 replies from the Inspector of Prisons

1 from the I.M.B.,

1 from N.O.M.S.

2 sheets from Prime Solicitors from August 2013 [entitled “gloria prime1 9aug”  + “gloria1 prime1 9aug”],

 plus an official complaint Gloria made re: being constantly harassed by certain prison personnel,

a letter from Killick, HMP Holloway governor, who states she will not be communicating with me re: Gloria – this sent after my very 1st communication to her. Maybe she knew something we didn’t?, viz., how Gloria would be treated whilst in her prison? Gloria’s health deteriorated rapidly after entering HMP Holloway. Needless to say, a great amount of discernment must be used when reading the government departments replies as they contain many inaccuracies – eg., Gloria has agreed to medical treatment, and we  swathe effects on a visit of her being on at least 5 unspecified medications, which made her ill – so ill in fact she had to come off these drugs. When asked for the names of the drugs Gloria was not told, worryingly. She  stated at the time, on a visit, that she was losing the sight of her left eye since taking the prescribed medications she knew not the names of, and suffered much nausea also. That is one fallacy in the letters of reply – there are more.

Also attatched is Gloria Musa’s affidavit 11/2011

REPLY FROM M.o.J. regarding prison inmates medical treatment – if you believe this, you’d believe anything. Gloria Musa got next to no medical treatment whilst serving her 3 years inside:she went in walking, and came out needing a wheelchair. Supporters sent into the prison a brand new wheelchair – but she never got it for the remaining months she had to serve, but it was put on the plane when they ejected her back to Nigeria, crippled, 3 years after entering the prisons on totally trumped-up charges of “mistreating their children” – how would the council know anything about that, instread going on the words of “actress” Michelle Collines [tv actress,so-called], who claimed the children to be “looking underfed and dishevelled” – utter nonsense!

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