Maurice Kirk, rearrested last Thursday on ridiculous charges of “bad behaviour” whilst released from prison “on licence”, living forcibly in a Swansea bail hostel, and having to “sign on” there EVERY HOUR so as to make his presence known, sends the message below.

It is fair to say they are so desperate to keep MK incarcerated  so he can’t continue his civil case against  the S. Wales police + others regarding 20+ years of outrageous and blatant targeting and harassment towards him they had to let him out on licence – a deliberate act – so as to rearrest him a few days later on ridiculous fictional charges of “bad behaviour”. This bizarre conspiracy designed to  kick into touch his ongoing civil case against the S. Wales police and make  it simply “go away”… Meanwhile numerouse recorded delivery letters and emails sent to  many so-called “government figures” including the Secretary of State Grayling, the M.o.J., the N.O.M.S., the I.M.B., the P.+P. O. and more detailing concisely the brutal and deliberate criminal persecution of Maurice Kirk, 69, are all SYSTEMATICALLY IGNORED by all receiving the messages – with all  the characters making MK’s life a living hell able to continue their unspeakable actions without any hitch of any kind!!

How on earth has it come to this and why isn’t anything done about this cabal conspiring to cover each others backs and in the process make a complete and utter mockery out of the laws in place?, because that is exactly what is happening here – all paid for by the taxpaying general public!!!

From MK 16 July 2014:

“M is not ALLOWED to use 1st class stamps so only 2nd class please! (any 1st class ones go into his possessions (one hopes)

He is not allowed to write direct to courts…’they’ address the envelopes

Habeas Corpus

Only one phone number

Urgent representations delayed

Slow 2nd class mail only allowed            (why?)

Swansea Prison is furious that ‘they have been dumped on by HMP Cardiff

but it is all to do with MAPPA


No bail hostel found under Bidder’s instructions 3rd Jan 14 (blocked by MAPPA)


Not allowed out with tag on 3rd May 2014


Recalled from a licence with end date 7th March 2015 and draconian conditions by MAPPA

4. True release date 25th July 2014  (see Rowe document of 3rd July)


“MAPPA3 nonsense to do with keeping me in prison upto Prosecutor Arrest Trial…now delayed to 17 Nov 14 in Bristol where they hope I will have 1 yr sentence .

Everyone protecting their own backs:
a) when held for 1 hr in Barry Police Cell on 14 Oct before interview the sergeant woman feinted illness so she wasn’t involved in interview (only Gunney)

Judge said at end of Newport Trial: ‘if only you had signed for the passport’
(for Judge’s protection)

CPS Smyth deliberately played the 1st CD of 14 Oct interview so that neither the jury nor the defendant  saw the real one…….to protect himself. He knows that the whole thing was a set up.

As M is on B Wing he has no access to the library and its Law Books. They are denying him the ability to send out any appeals.

He is starving himself in readiness for the op booked for tomorrow although he has been told it has been cancelled.”

kirk rcj musa12

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