As of late 2013 MK had also been stopped 35 times whilst driving his car, allegedly for drink/driving reasons. No charges were ever brought after any “stop”, and on occasions after being taken to a police station for an alcoholic breath test he was released without the test even being given!! Could it not be said that being stopped 35 times without any “positive result” since 2009 by the very people his civil case is against is clearly and undeniably “harassment” by them?

Latest update on 21 July ’14.

Maurice had been moved to another hellhole on Thursday 17th but HMP Swansea prison regime decided not to tell anybody, so when a friend and supporter went for a visit on the following Sunday a warder only then told him, after the supporter had waited in the actual visiting room for MK for some time, that MK had been moved 4 days previously to another prison. Another gross irregularity enacted by these charletans running these hellhole prisons.

A family member writes 21 July 2914:

“X went to Swansea to visit Maurice as arranged. He checked in went through the searches and even went into the hall. After 10 mins a screw came up and told him. ‘Are you waiting to see Kirk? Well he was moved to HMP Parc last Thursday’ (the day he was due his internal examination at a Cardiff Hospital.)
I cannot get info that he really is there…data protection! He may be in the morgue at a Welsh Hospital for all I know!
Anyway stop sending him post to Swansea for the moment until the Probation Service confirm to me tomorrow where he is.
I am trying ‘e mail a prisoner’ to Parc, Bridgend.
Frustrated but not so frustrated as my brother!”

Words fail me as to the deliberate misbehaviour of these so-called prison warders who have agreed to a code of ethics when doing their job – they simply aren’t worth a quarter of the salaries they are paid by the taxpayer as it seems many of them are not competent enough to act responsibly, which the job demands . They are an absolute burden who follow  their own rules and not those set out by government – some of them nothing more than violent thugs as has already been shown by MK’s beatings whilst in HMP Cardiff in October 2013 and September 2011 – both assaults carried out by the same criminal senior officer at HMP Cardiff whose name is well known!!


” I hear this being said in a police station in South Wales as a long running Civil Action Case against South Wales Police halts as the victim of many years of police harassment is again stopped in his tracks by a fictitious charge.
This has happened over 17 times since the opening of the case. Each time there are complaints by the victim; each time these are ignored and more often than not the victim is held in prison for weeks away from his legal papers unable to progress the case only to be released at the end of it with no apology from the police nor from the justice system.
Now this victim is being branded as having ‘a paranoid personality’ and likely to be locked away in a secure hospital wing so that the civil case will be finally abandoned. This is the catch-all phrase used by government and its officials to remove people who challenge an abuse of power.
In the meantime the South Wales Police, using nefarious means, has seen to it that this ‘irritant’ has lost his licence to practise his vocation; is banned from contacting his daughter (there have been no sexual charges laid against him nor has he laid a finger against his family); almost made bankrupt, hence the need to defend himself in court, and has been held in prison erroneously for over three years in the last five mainly based on a medical report written by a corrupt psychiatrist who has now been de-licenced and removed from the South Wales Health Service.
The judge in the case has tried hard to keep the appellant in contact with his legal papers but each time he has the means to extract the necessary details from the pile of paper and he is able to contact the court with typewritten letters and documents he is moved from within the Prison Service and his papers moved and thus jumbled up again needing hours of re-sorting. Do remember that a prisoner is not allowed paper clips, sticky tape, easy access to photocopying, hole-puncher and the usual accessories of an office.
As the victim’s  sister I ask ‘Is there a politician, journalist or lawyer able to rescue Maurice Kirk from the State?’ 


Following on from the earlier posts [scroll down for posts on MK’s release from HMP Cardiff for 6 days before being recalled to HMP Swansea – this time for the [bogus] breaking of his release licence.

UPDATE 17 July 2014:

More on MK’s present situation:

“M is so sure he has a date with an operating table for colonoscopy today at the Heath that he has followed the hospital’s instructions and has not eaten since Monday morning.
He says he is not allowed loose 1st class stamps and only 2nd class ones already stuck to envelopes!
Only allowed one phone number
Huge difficulties accessing the ability to send in Appeal Papers to the courts.
No access to the library and its law books
Has had no reasons as to why he is in Swansea rison”

A letter was received from MK 17th July ’14:

15 July 2014

To Whom It May Concern – please forward.

I have been diagnosed as MAPPA Level 3 Barry police station as PPD [Paranoid Personality Disorder] and therefore revoking my 11 July 2014 licence that allowed me to commence 1 month for closing submissions [for his civil cases against S. Wales police + others…ed.]”


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