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Code Napoleon showing through the veneer!

A draconian punishment regime seems to have been imposed upon Maurice since he has been returned to prison in Swansea. News just in reveals that he has lost as much as 20 kilos in weight. He is being kept confined and denied contact with other prisoners. He is not allowed to make phone calls out of the prison and has not been allowed to send out his appeal. Still no reasons for his licence revocation have been forthcoming, apart from a terse “he behaved badly”.

More than a week after he was recalled to prison, ostensibly on the orders of the home secretary, the “authorities” have still failed to come up with any sort of plausible reason as to why he was recalled.

This is because they are in a bit of a bind, contrary to what they would have us believe, Maurice was actually recalled to prison under European law and not under English Law.(remember the “fish tank” they put him in in court?)

This can be discerned because there is actually NO REASON under English Law why he can be recalled as he hasn’t actually done anything wrong! English Law also says that they must provide him with the reasons within 5 days of his re-arrest, well that has come and gone!

Under the alternative Code Napoleon, which is slowly being introduced by stealth, they need no reason, as he is already guilty under that twisted doctrine. All that is needed is for someone to make an accusation, no matter how trivial or unsubstantiated and they have him guilty until proven innocent and hence they can put him back in prison, indefinitely!

The trouble they now have is that their scam is in danger of being exposed, unless they can come up with a reason that will be plausible under English Law then it will be obvious to any thinking person that they are using a different law, a different set of rules. Obviously they are not yet ready to expose the full extent of their deceit in robbing the British people of their historic right to justice and protection from a corrupt state. (If anyone reading this is in any doubt as to wether our state is corrupt, then ask yourself who has the power to cover up the enormous and extensive network of paedophiles that have been and are now infesting the corridors of power?)

This is where they are stumbling because there just simply is NO REASON to put the man back in prison under our own Law. They are frantically having MAPPA meetings to try and find a way around this problem, but it seems as if they might have shot themselves in the foot, so to speak, (possibly with a machine gun!)”


Maurice Kirk, 69, is incarcerated in HMP Swansea after he was recalled there on the 10 July after being released on licence from HMP Cardiff to a bail hostel on 4 July.

It is unclear why this now MAPPA Level 3 client was recalled to prison – no proper reasons have been given. He has been classed now as a MAPPA Level 3 subject due to his behaviour during his release, it is claimed, which would make him ineligible for release on licence, hence his recall. No proper reasons have been given as to why he has been classed as a MAPPA 3 subject. A MAPPA 3 subject has many severe restrictions put on him as an inmate in a prison, something MK is feeling now, as if what he has already been suffering since October 16 2013 wasn’t enough [he entered HMP Cardiff then]. It is thought his sudden being classed as a MAPPA 3 subject during his release on licence was a clever ploy to get his licence [and release] revoked and return him to prison so as not only make him suffer the indignities of being incarcerated again, but also to thwart his civil actions in the courts, which is still unfinished and already had  seen 3 and a half months of hearings related to them.

Maurice has lost now 20 kilos, in weight,  and is still awaiting the colon operation – as we know many blocks have been put in the way of him receiving his much needed operation.

6 documents received from MK today 1 August 2014: Plase enlarge page to view finer details: – click the link in the blue box in the centre of the page that will appear, then click “open” in the box at the bottom of the page that will appear.

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kirk 1baMaurice outside Cardiff Civic Centre March 2013 at the very beginning of his civil hearing [which is still ongoing, halted by deliberate imprisonments so as to disrupt proceedings] against certain authorities regarding years of harassment by them towards him.

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