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From: Patrick Cullinane [] Sent: 10 August 2014 10:07Subject: Affidavit: Freedom of Information Request (FOI) re Headstone Lane width restrictions & UNLAWFUL Penalty Charge Notices’
Working Against all the Odds!!

10 August 2014
FAO: Paul Najsarek, David Perry, Caroline Bruce and David Eaglesham
Harrow Borough Council
Civic Centre
Station Road
Middlesex, HA1 2XY
020 8863 5611
Freedom of Information Request (FOI) re Headstone Lane width restrictions & UNLAWFUL Penalty Charge Notices’
Affidavit of Patrick Cullinane of the above address:

1.      Harrow Borough Council did WRONG in erecting a hazardous obstruction in Headstone Lane that is damaging motor vehicles and forcing We the People to drive through their ‘BUSES ONLY’ SCAM to raise REVENUE from law abiding People.


2.      Common Law does NOT include any statutes made by government or decisions made by judges.
3.      Magna Carta 1215 guarantees We the People Due Process via Trial by Jury for EVERY case Civil, Criminal and Fiscal:
4.      Therefore, what law is Harrow Council using to collect this victimless revenue from  your scammed Victims via ENTRAPMENT?
5.      I have been observing this SCAM for many years now, as I have received hundreds of complaints, and when I went through there myself, twice, I damaged my 18” alloy wheels.  The wheel alignment of my car was also damaged and virtually pulled the low profile tyres off of my motor vehicle costing me £380.04  : –

Harrow Borough Council must pay back this money to me for vandalising my motor vehicle and making it un-roadworthy.  I still travel this route to visit family members at the other side of this revenue monstrosity, but I now go through where the ‘BUSES ONLY’ go and wave to the FRAUDULENT UNLAWFUL SPY CAMERA that is watching us without our consent: –
In the Public Interest, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I request the following information

6.      How much revenue has this ‘Width Restriction’ generated for Harrow Borough Council year by year in the last 5-years?


7.      How many complaints has Harrow Council received about this ‘Width Restriction’ year by year in the last 5-years?
8.      How many claims for damaged vehicles has Harrow Council received re this ‘Width Restriction’ year by year in the last 5-years?
9.      How much revenue has Harrow Council paid out for damaged vehicles re this ‘Width Restriction’ year by year in the last 5-years?
10.  How many PCN’s has Harrow Council processed through Common Law Courts re this ‘Width Restriction’ year by year in the last 5-years?
11.  What date and year was this ‘Width Restriction’ put in place in Headstone Lane?  – And who was the Council’s Chief Executive then?
12.  Apart from generating revenue; why did Harrow Council erect this hazardous obstruction in Headstone Lane in the first place?
13.  How many people were killed or injured at this spot before erecting this hazardous obstruction in Headstone Lane?
14.  On Friday 25 July 2014, I visited the ‘Width Restriction’ in Headstone Lane to measure the height of the kerb and observe drivers and vehicles how they negotiated the two chicanes within the ‘Width Restriction’, which proved impossible for over TWENTY drivers in a 60 minute period.  The kerb height was 5” to 6” along the ‘Width Restriction’ and looking at vehicles with low profile tyres having to mount the kerb was sickening to watch what; Harrow Council will do to law abiding people for to make money out of them.
15.  The two STEEL Poles 31” high bore all the evidence of the CRIMINALITY and persecution that Harrow Council is inflicting on decent people to make MONEY out of them.
16.  Where are the Health and Safety Officers in Harrow, as these damaged vehicles are a danger to other road users?  – And how much money are the Police and the Commercial Kangaroo Courts making out of these un-roadworthy damaged vehicles in FINES?
17.  It is imperative that I am supplied with ALL the names of the Bailiff Firms that Harrow Council used to collect revenue since the erection of the ‘Width Restriction’ (CASH COW) in Headstone Lane.
18.  Who at Harrow Council authorised the issuing of warrants to Bailiffs without seeing the inside of a court?  = Judge, Jury and Executioner!
19.  Where are the English and Irish businesses in the Borough of Harrow now?  Harrow Council has NOT been a Public Services for at least 30-years, it is a DICTATORSHIP, as it has been infiltrated by Criminal Gangsters who are supported by the Harrow Times and the Harrow Observer to the detriment of the English and Irish communities who are virtually wiped out and have NO amenities and facilities for our communities, as they were ROBBED off of us and given to other communities.
20.  On Friday 25 July 2014, I took photographs of the broken reflectors, side mirrors, headlights etc, which I will be using to support my Affidavit that I will be putting before a Jury in the Queen’s Bench of the High Court to rule on, as this FRAUD and TORTURE of innocent families via Jew Process in Britain cannot go on: –  

Virtually, the Last Irishman standing:  Seamus Gaughan, an immigrant Irishman is also a victim of this revenue TRAP, as it broke his wing mirror, and before he done any further damage, he reversed out and went through the ‘BUSES ONLY’, which is the SCAM: –  Who is now going to pay for the mirror and to have the tyres and tracking checked?
The following is one of the ‘Jew Process’ wholesale FRAUDS that Harrow Borough Council used to cleanse the once largest ethnic immigrant Irish community from the Borough of Harrow, while the Zionist Press remained SILENT: –
Harrow Borough Council’s Lying Policy
See the following case of Arnold Layne and Harrow Council Plc using Newlyn Bailiffs Plc to DEFRAUD the People without Due Process; as it has now become Jew Process across Britain in their very own Commercial Kangaroo Courts and their Thug Bailiffs TERRORISING and ROBBING the People out of existence. – Apart from the chosen ones!
The UK is a Common Law jurisdiction and NOT a Judge, Local Government, Police or Magistrates’ jurisdiction: –
Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all of the lawful rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects individual persons from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law.
Due Process does NOT mean Jew Process.
Disturbing number of Jewish lawyers and judges in Britain’s KEY legal positions
Magna Carta (1215) {Article 38} reads:  “In future no official shall put anyone to trial merely on his own testimony, without reliable witnesses produced for this purpose.”
{Article 39} reads:  “No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or deprived of his freehold or outlawed or banished or in any way ruined, nor will we take or order action against him, except by the lawful judgment of his equals (Trial by Jury) and according to the law of the land.”
{Article 40} reads: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice.”
{Article 45} reads: “We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well.
Jew Process in the Peoples Courts is what caused, “THE CORRUPTION OF BRITAIN” – And CLEANSED the ethnic immigrant Irish community by FLEECING us without Jury Trials.  A foreign power has hijacked the Law of the Land = Magna Carta 1215:
THIRTEEN High Court Judges denied me my Constitutional Common Law rights under Magna Carta 1215 to a Trial by Jury:  =  HIGH TREASON
The Independent: By Tom Harper, Investigations Reporter on Friday 10 January 2014
The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals
Secret report shows how organised crime infiltrated judicial system as well as police with prison service and HM Revenue & Customs also compromised
Tiberius disclosed that the Met interviewed the journalist who wrote the story after the murder of Solly Nahome, a Jewish money launderer credited as the “brains” behind the Adams’ criminal empire.
The Turkish drug dealer was later convicted and told police he was an HMRC informant. He said he knew of “corrupt contacts within the police” and had a Cyprus-based customs officer as a handler who “took money off him”.
Now you/we know why the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are NOT prosecuting FRAUD : –
The Independent: By Tom Harper, Investigations Reporter on Sunday 12 January 2014
Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
Gangsters able to recruit police officers through secret society, says investigation for Scotland Yard
Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.
Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.
The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists
Thirteen High Court Judges CONSPIRED with HMRC, the Insolvency Service, the Official receiver, KPMG my Trustee in Bankruptcy, Moon Beever my Trustees Solicitors, MPs, the Bailiffs, the Police; Lord Chancellors, CPS and Psychiatrists to DEFRAUD me of my home, and my worldly possessions.  How was I made Bankrupted when I had NO debt and the Inland Revenue owing me over £5,000 in tax rebates? –
Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008
Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.
The 13 High Court Judges who conspired in Patrick Cullinane’s case to cover-up the HMRC’s INFORMANT and defraud him: –
  1. Mr Registrar Pimm
  1. Mr Registrar Simmonds
  1. Mr Registrar Baister
  1. Mr Justice Jacobs
  1. Mr Justice Neuberger – Promoted for Crime:
  1. Lord Justice Stewart-Smith  –  Also covered-up the Hillsborough disaster.
  1. Mr Jonathan Parker
  1. Mr Justice Hart
  1. Master Leslie
  1. Mrs Justice Ebsworth
  1. Mr Justice Ferris
  1. Mr Justice Pumfrey
  1. Mr Justice Mann
Thirteen JURISDICTIONLESS High Court ‘Judges’ denied me a DISCLOSURE of the Inland Revenue’s Proof of Claim for £68,831.31 against me and also violated my guaranteed rights in Common Law to a Trial by my Peers.  For his crimes; ‘Lord Justice’ David Neuberger was promoted to the highest Judge in the UK having STOLEN my home and possessions by CONSPIRING to pervert the course of justice and denying me Due Process via the Constitutional Common Law of the Land.
Jew Process in the UK is guilty of High Treason and Genocide, as Jewish lawyers and judges in Britain hold ALL the KEY legal positions and have stripped us of our properties.  Notwithstanding, the KEY positions held by Jews in Parliament, Media, Police and Local Governments: –
The Press is a key weapon in a just society to expose wrong-doing: –
However, the Zionist controlled Press in Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Ealing failed the immigrant ethnic Irish community, which led to our demise.  We were denied our rights to Trial by Jury.  Harrow, Brent, Barnett and Ealing Councils took FULL advantage of this and ROBBED us of EVERYTHING we ever had.
As former Leader, Susan Hall, and former Chief Executive, Michael Lockwood, ignored all my previous correspondence, and would NOT meet me.  As the evidence demonstrates, a complete oppressive DICTATORSHIP that we were/are FORCED to live under with NO remedies whatsoever.
Our Public Servants have gone INSANE with assumed power!  – Magna Carta 1215 is the ONLY remedy – Trial by Jury.  And NOT Trial by Jew, as We the People are subjected to now in the UK and stripped of our ASSETS.
Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of ‘Jew Process’ and the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.
From: [] Sent: 07 August 2014 11:25To:
Subject: Headstone Lane width restrictions/Penalty Charge Notices
Dear Patrick,
Following up on our conversation this morning, here are the contact details which you requested.  I hope that you find this useful.
The team I believe have responsibility for the width restriction itself is managed by David Eaglesham (
The Corporate Director for this area is Caroline Bruce (
The Interim Head of Paid Service (equivalent to Chief Executive) is Paul Najsarek (
The Lead of the Council is Cllr David Perry (
Finlay Flett
Head of Service, Corporate Business Support
Harrow Council

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