Andy Flynn

My Email to the Independant Police Complaints Commission requesting assistance in investigating the activity of Staffordshire Police who have been blocking investigations in to criminal activity.

May I please again ask for your assistance and for you to hold an independent investigation in to the actions of officers in the Police service protecting Mrs S F and her partner Mr C L.

Above is a letter I received in May 2014 confirming the assignment of an Officer to investigate my complaint. It is now August, I have received no report in to the findings of the investigation and it is clear any unprejudiced investigation will not be possible.

My original complaint was that in November 2013 I reported serious crimes committed by Mrs S F of [redacted], it took successive complaints to the IPCC and Staffordshire PCC’s officer before I received an acknowledgement. It then took further complaints before finally at the end of February 2014, some 4 months later – I received a call from a Detective T.

Detective T took clear steps and told outright lies in order to block any unbiased investigation in to Mrs Flynn’s actions. I now find that Staffordshire Police’s professional standards department are reluctant to hold an open investigation in to any connection between Mr L’s Police acquaintances, Detective T’s actions and the force’s lack of willingness to investigate Mrs F.

I understand the IPCC have been given greater powers to investigate serious matters involving Police Corruption and request this matter is dealt with as soon as possible.

Kind regards

A Flynn
[address redacted]

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