Documents from MK received tody August 19 2014. MK states the prison and Caswell Clinic are refusing to let the surgeon at the hospital [for his medical operation] or MK have his medical records. This is barbaric as a serious medical operation, long overdue, is being blocked by this deliberate action of not releasing his medical records. MK has already lost at least 20 kilos and needs this operation urgently.

I ask people with a conscience to please complain to the Governor at Swansea prison, and to those at Caswell Clinic about this refusal to release MK’s medical records. See link 9 below where MK states about this refusal to release his medical records.

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Latest documents from MK,69, received on the 14 Aug. and shortly before [click on the link, a window will appear, click on the blue box at the bottom of the page, then another page should show at the very bottom the options “open” “save” + save as” – no viruses in any of this]

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download link: http://www.sendspace.com/…/0gnzb9

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Some pages may be hard to read, because MK has been denied reading spectacles and simply cannot see to write half the time. I think it is fair to say MK is treated like an animal – in fact, we treat animals better!!

Regarding his being classified a MAPPA Level 3 subject – he has been made now a MAPPA 2 subject- a tiny tiny piece of progress that shouldn’t have to be made anyway as MK hasn’t done anything to justify such a drastic step of coming under MAPPA at all. Making someone a MAPPA subject is a very handy was to place the severest of restrictions upon that person – even prolonging ones imprisonment, such has happened exactly to MK now.

Still MK’s appeal documents aren’t sent when he tries to send them, or take a phenomenally long time to reach their destination – another deliberate ploy to block any progress MK has every right to make.

Communications to the Secretary of State Mr. Grayling [and many of them too!] are, of course, ignored wholesale, telling of the disgraceful treatment MK gets in these Welsh prisons. Everything is cruelly ignored. Hospital appointments and serious operations [for his colon problem] are also tampered with and cancelled without notice. None of these people doing this ignoring of what is really happening could do one single week of what MK is having to put up with, yet we, the UK taxpayer, is actually paying for the “privilege” of having these people in positions of responsibility and office. Authorities written to – the P+P.O., NOMS, MoJ.,IMB, + more, even human rights organisations do nothing when told about MK’s treatment in the courts [eg. his being denied so many witnesses,legal documents or parts thereof,+ more], in the Welsh prisons [too much to mention here], or his denied medical treatment situation – even the denial of a pair of eye spectacles. A reply from the Lord Chief Justice’s office stated I should try the Citizens Advice Bureaux for answers When written to explaining the numerous irregularities befalling MK. I was dumbfounded to read that I should go to the C.A.B. as surely one would expect those in the higher echelons of it all to show an atom of interest in how the system they are very much part of has become, when MK is incarcerated now for 10 months now not for doing anything wrong, but because his civil case against those authorities who have together targeted him for so many years was getting towards its end, and this could not be allowed to happen.

Meanwhile, the consultant psychiatrist – who made a false report stating MK had a brain tumour when he hadnt, also without even examining MK, for which MK suffered and has been suffering so much as a result since 2009 when the false report was manufactured – walks as free as a bird.

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