Documents received from MK on 1 Sept. 14.
These documents are a concise report by Maurice Kirk, the first 5 sheets entitled “Pre-action protocol regards the fairness, proportionality, apparent bias and bad faith in the decision of 11 July 2014 to recall Mr. M. Kirk to prison”, questioning, amongst other important subjects, the legality of the “brain tumour” report and the making of it by the “doctor” – one point considering the allegation that this doctor was in no way qualified to make such a report for a court, especially, it is alleged elsewhere, without even the examining of Mr. Kirk for the report.x1365x2366.jpgxxxxxxx3367.jpgxxxxxxxxSHEET 4 REDAC1043x4368.jpgxxxxxxx

It should be noted that since the report made by the doctor stating M Kirk had a brain tumour [now proven false – see official NHS “brain scan” CTI report 17/12/13 which shows no tumour in MK’s brain, KIRK BRAIN SCANplus letter from HMP Cardiff “Healthcare doctor” stating also officially MK has no “brain tumour”]:KIRK healthcare 5 MAR14 14939 M Kirk has been imprisoned at least 17 times – for a total of nearly 3 years locked away, with the majority of the charges causing the incarcerations being dropped without conviction.
 One such incarceration, for a period of 8 months, in 2009, saw MK placed in a  closed hospital [“Caswell clinic” – run by the same doctor responsible for the false “brain tumour report”] for 3 months of that 8 months, before MK was released, when it was realised something was not right. Also since 2009 MK has been stopped 35 times whilst driving his car – the reason being for alleged “drink/driving”, although no charges have ever been brought by the S. Wales police.

With so much taxpayers money being spent by the authorities – a figure of over £1,000,000 has been alleged – surely a proper honest inquiry into the entire “Maurice Kirk saga” should be undertaken, conducted by parties far removed from those involved at present, to show the irregularities which have  taken place over a period of many years by certain authorities – especially the police and courts acting officially on what is now proven to be the completely fake report stating M Kirk had a brain tumour when he hadnt, this report made by a former NHS consultant psychiatrist without any evidence of any kind, the doctor not having the right qualifications to create such a report anyway. Other serious irregularities include MK having his licence to practice as a vetinarary surgeon revoked,  thus depriving MK of a living, and also having his airplane licence removed – both these deprivations due to gross irregularities befalling MK.

MK is still awaiting a medical operation since serious stomach ailments began during the first week of March 2014 – those medical records which are holding up this operation still not forthcoming after so many communications by family and supporters to so many government agencies.

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