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15 September 2014
Dear Gentiles and Non-Zionist Media Truthers,
Bob Marley: “The people who are trying to make this world worse, are not taking a day off, how can I?
If you missed this CCHR Exhibition it was educational and brilliantly presented; leaving no doubts whatsoever about the: “Industry of Death”

From: CCHR London []
Sent: 01 September 2014 09:25
To: Patrick Cullinane
Subject: Patrick, The Exhibition Returns To London
Importance: High
                   The Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK
Monday, September 01

Industry of Death Travelling Exhibit
Ealing Town Hall, London 8 Sept 2014 – 11 Sept 2014
Drugs prescribed to children labelled with so-called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are now being shown to cause some children to die prematurely from heart attacks, or to commit suicide, manifest violent behaviour or even homicide, as seen in schoolyard massacres in recent years. Then there are young mums, and the elderly population, all being targeted by psychiatry.
Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda
“We have never drugged our troops to this extent and the current increase in suicides is not a coincidence.
Today, with militaries of the world awash in psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, 23 soldiers and veterans are committing suicide every day. Psychiatrists say we need more psychiatry.
Featuring interviews with over 80 soldiers and experts, this penetrating documentary shatters the façade to reveal the real culprits who are destroying our world’s militaries from within
Your help is needed to make the truth known. Come and be a part of the team that is exposing the truth about psychiatry. You can make a difference.
Call Candy Welsh at CCHR UK to find out more:
Please note:  The CCHR save me and, several of my clients over the years, from a fate worse than death inside these Nazi Secure Mental Health units; because we were complaining about CONSPIRACIES against us by CORRUPT Government Organisations.  Release Stephen Clarke NOW: =
Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009
“This is a short video of the corruption at the Inland Revenue; who conspired with High Court ‘Judges’ and the Police to pervert the course of Justice.  Trial by Jury is the ONLY answer to this Government’s Tyranny.”
In the public interest:  It is imperative that the Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK is adequately funded to tour Schools and Universities up and down the UK, with a permanent ‘Industry of Death Exhibition’ at a central London location, as CCHR has proven, beyond any reasonable doubt that, Psychiatry is a complete FRAUD.  – And the People must know about this!
Thirteen Zionist High Court Judges abused their positions and violated the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, Magna Carta 1215, to defraud me of my home and possessions by denying me Due Process via Trial by Jury, which is my guaranteed right in Common Law. – These are the lunatics that need Sectioning in Secure Mental Health Units, as they have proved themselves to be a great danger to members of the public, by violating the Law of the Land in unison to defraud We the People.    
Because of my own nightmare experience in the UK Courts, I am a Common Law Lawyer now, and have dealt with over a thousand cases, with the same outcome:  NO Due Process, NO Justice!  – This is the Zionist SCAM / PLOT that has caused “THE CORRUPTION OF BRITAIN”:
The Independent: By Tom Harper, Investigations Reporter on Friday 10 January 2014
The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals
Secret report shows how organised crime infiltrated judicial system as well as police with prison service and HM Revenue & Customs also compromised
Tiberius disclosed that the Met interviewed the journalist who wrote the story after the murder of Solly Nahome, a Jewish money launderer credited as the “brains” behind the Adams’ criminal empire.
The Turkish drug dealer was later convicted and told police he was an HMRC informant. He said he knew of “corrupt contacts within the police” and had a Cyprus-based customs officer as a handler who “took money off him”.
As heard on 5th and 6th of September 2014, at the GMB Campaign for Justice Conference in John Moores University Liverpool: –
Alistair Morgan is 27-years looking for justice after his private investigator brother Daniel was found with an axe in his head in a London pub car park, 2 days after he spoke of uncovering “serious police corruption”
Ricky Tomlinson of the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign is 42-years looking for justice having been JAILED for taking part in building workers picketing during the 1972 national strike.
Margaret Aspinall of the Hillsborough 96 Campaign is 25-years looking for justice for the families who lost loved ones.  ‘Lord Justice’ Steward-Smith and former Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw MP, who were involved in my case also perverted the course of justice in the Hillsborough Disaster. –  Police altered 116 statements.
Tim Fleming of the IBRG is 45-years looking for justice having been Blacklisted in 1969 for joining the Trade Union Movement to prevent slaughter on UK’s Construction Sites.
Dave Smith of the Blacklisting Support Group  for building workers: –
David Hooper, General Secretary of the Durham Miners: “Tatchers death a great day for all the miners” –    
Patrick Cullinane of the IBRG is looking for justice for 28-years having been targeted by the Inland Revenue, now HMRC, and FRAUDULENTLY Bankrupted, on trumped up charges for, £68,831.31, without any PROOF whatsoever, while 13 High Court Zionist ‘Judges’ refused to ORDER a disclosure, and operated courts without Juries, to pervert the course of justice, which is High Treason. = Framed-Up.
Magna Carta 1215 must be RESTORED immediately to deal with these Zionist Mafia Gangsters who have HIJACKED the Law of the Land and taken over our Courts to TERRORISE and FLEECE us Gentiles out of existence.  The Zionist ENEMY within!
Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:
This man was right all along
Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty – so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue’s case. Phillip Inman reports
Bob Marley: “The people who are trying to make this world worse, are not taking a day off, how can I?  
The Zionist Mafia can ONLY be STOPPED via Trial by an informed Jury.
Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.
Backed by the   and the GMB Campaign for Justice.
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Preview YouTube video Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009.wmv

Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009.wmv

Preview YouTube video Dave Smith, Blacklisting Support Group

Dave Smith, Blacklisting Support Group



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