Andy Flynn writes, 21 Sept. 2014:

“My email today to the Home affairs select committee:

Dear Home affairs select committee

In November 2013 I reported serious crimes including fraud to Staffordshire Police, this followed a civil case in which the same person was involved in evidence tampering and illegally accessing my medical record following a lengthy campaign of harassment and stalking some of which involved Police officers.

Police had previously refused to take any action after I had received threats to kill, harassment at my work place and reported an armed assailant outside my home.

The individual concerned has connections within the Police service, I did not get a response to my report made in November 2013 until February 2014 when a Detective Tomlinson of Burton-On-Trent CID attempted to block the investigation. During an initial investigation in to Tomlison’s actions, he lied to a senior officer, saying I had refused to provide a statement so he could not continue his investigation.

This was in April 2014, Staffordshire Police have so far given poor excuses numerous times as to why the investigation in to Tomlionson’s actions has not reached a conclusion.

My report is substantiated with damning evidence against both Tomlinson and the person who committed the fraud. on top of this, I have previously been subjected to physical threats from a Police officer when I provided him with vehicle registration numbers of individuals involved in the harassment, two other Police officers were persistent in trying to get information relating to my landlord to undermine my relationship with him. They even went to the extreme of fabricating allegations of a previous incident which did not take place.

When I wrote to the IPCC I was referred back to the same forces who were responsible for the malpractice, harassment and failure to take action.

It is of grave concern that the threats against me might be carried out while the Police seem happy to assist the perpetrators.

I would very much like to present evidence of what the Police are doing to prevent justice while harassing me, and how poor accountability is allowing serious misconduct and perverting the course of justice by Police officers to go unchecked and unchallenged.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

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