The reply to the outrageous document produced by the CPS “barrister” helping prosecute Maurice: 

From: J. Graham, concerned citizen

To: Mr. C. Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice

Dear Secretary of State for Justice Mr. Grayling,

I wish to draw your attention to this outrageous document [attached] from this CPS “barrister” “C. Smyth”, who is helping to prosecute Mr. Maurice Kirk, whose contents amount to clear perversions of justice. Indeed, the very submitting of this document by Mr. Smyth is itself an abuse of process and an act of perversion of justice.

In this document this barrister states that Mr. M. Kirk should not question certain characters in open court. Whyever not? What is Mr. Smyth attempting to cover up by not letting any of these 3 answer Mr. Kirk’s questions?  Perhaps something very disadvantageous to the Crown’s case against Mr. Kirk?

Mr. Smyth also gives us his bizarre opinions regarding Mr. Kirk’s past actions – and I quote:

“2: The defendant has demonstrated in past and present court proceedings that he will go to exaggerated lengths to pursue perceived grievances”.

This statement – someones mere opinion – is only that – an opinion from someone trying to help prosecute Mr. Kirk. Opinions are not facts – and this is yet another blatant attempt by Mr. Smyth to not only sway the court but also to pervert the course of justice by attempting to silence Mr. Kirk, and deny him the most basic of Human Rights – Mr. Kirk’s own voice. Mr. Kirk has a voice, and has every right to use it wherever he likes, despite Mr. Smyth’s wholly prejudiced opinions.
This barrister’s attempts, in my humble opinion, seem to be blatant attempts at silencing Mr. Kirk from cross-examining witnesses by the use of this barrister’s mere opinions, which are not facts in any shape or form, which go against not only Mr. Kirk’s Human Rights, but also against the very spirit of the law. The only reason Mr. Smyth, in my humble opinion, is trying to silence Mr. Kirk is because he simply will not like what Mr. Kirk has to say, nor will he like the questions Mr. Kirk might ask the 3 persons Mr. Smyth mentions.


J. Graham  concerned citizen


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