5 important documents received from Maurice a few days ago, followed by letter from Prime Minister, the recent radio broadcast video, + more – [click on the pic, then click on it again to enlarge]:
1] The Great Wheelchair Conspiracy 

2] Obstruction to Medical Care 
3] Prosecutor Evidence 1 Dec 2011 “Harrassment of Police Psychiatrist” 
4] Fabricated Medical Records Refused Correction 
5] Prisoner Brief Complaints List
3] 61474145314421435146
7148Received from Maurice on the 14 Oct:
“Meeting yesterday
probation assessment
for release on licence,
Barry police station, probation
manager admitted police opposing
my release, are still working off Dr.
Tegwyn Williams’ 19/10/09 and
30/09/09 psychiatric reports!!
and what doctor told 2/12/09
courts and judge Bidder QC.
MAPPA, police arranging I have  another psychiatric report.”
The reports he is referring to are from the doctor, the head of “Caswell Clinic”, Wales, who was in no way qualified to make such a report, stating MK had a “brain tumour” without MK even having a medical examination.
 A subsequent and proper NHS brain scan of 28 Nov. 2013 showed no signThe reports he is referring to are from the doctor, the head of “Caswell Clinic”, Wales, who was in no way qualified to make such a report, stating MK had a “brain tumour” without MK even having a medical examination for such!

A letter from the doctor at HMP Cardiff “Healthcare” also confirmed this, as well as MK not having “cancer”, or “P.D.D.” [Paranoid Delusional Disorder] as certain parties are attempting to state:

 KIRK healthcare 5 MAR14 14939
The report was used in court hearings to the detriment of MK. viz. being locked up in a closed hospital [Ashorth] for 3 months in 2009 when the report was manufactured. The doctor has now left the NHS and doesnt have to face proper and true justice for his actions.
The F.O.I.A. request [Subject Access Request] to the Sec. of State Mr. C. Grayling, and to also the governor of HMP Swansea regarding the release of MK’s medical records to the surgeons so they can perform MK’s long awaited stomach operation proved a waste of time as no response was offered to the request. The matter was progressed  to the Information Commissioner#s Office via a recorded delivery 1st class letter sent on the 8th October. I received a standard acknowledgement letter dated 9 October just after – this must have been sent immediately on the receipt of my communication to them, however on calling the ICO today 16 Oct. they proved to be not so helpful. 
I called them to find out what was happening regarding my contacting them, if anything, and when would an Allocation Officer be dealing with the matter I raised and when would a case number be allocated? The person called answered my questions by asking “how long is a piece of string?” We know that the length of a piece of string is what it is and is irrelavant. When asked further the figure of 2 months for the matter to be dealt with [if at all] and be alocated a case number was stated.
 I pointed out a serious medical operation had been put on hold for over 7 months now because the records had not been forthcoming, and the response to my telling this ICO representative this was “did you tell the ICO this?” I said this information was very much in the communication sent to them – but it seems to have been ignored. The ICO representative suggested I write to say the matter is urgent, which of course had already been stated in so many words in my original letter to them, which had every communication regarding the request beginning 22 Aug. sent to the parties already mentioned. 
The prime minister replied to my informing him of what was going on regarding this operation not happening and why.PRIME 8 REDACT OCT14 133
  and the response received was that the information was forwarded to the minister for health and the Mo.J.. [I am not expecting any response].  I replied the M.o.J. were very much aware of what was going on and always had been as I, for one, had been informing them and other government departments about developments over a time span of many months.
This day [16 Oct.]  last year MK lost his freedom, and now he is in a wheelchair, lost over 20 kilos in weight, and is still in great pain and is also on severe restrictions in HMP Swansea where he has done nothing to deserve such targetting.
Truly outrageous.  
Rough Justice: South Wales Police persecute former vet & pilot Maurice Kirk who’s suing them

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