1]  Position  statement 15 October ’14

2,3,4] Bristol Crown Court Appeal documents

5] My Orange Woolly Hat

6] 6] Judicial Autonomy with an Independent Police Force = [qu.] “The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s Prof. Roger Wood of Swansea University ignore Maurice’s correspondence even before  2010 when Vale hospital anaesthetist Dr.Anzani agreed he could not assist in my total hip replacement surgery, refused because Dr. T. M. Wxxxxxx’s police medical reports to avoid the machine gun trial, appeared to be true.” [unqu.]
 Adding further to this appalling ignoring of basic facts concerning MK by doctors and others being paid by the taxpayer, and therefore servants of the citizens of this country, this “ignoring” seems to by ongoing with MK to this very day. This is appalling. Not only are doctors said to be refusing to treat MK, but  doctors in the private sector also are following suit. Completely unacceptable, and all down to this rogue police psychiatrist’s fake reports from 2009, which were used in court hearings without the doctor even being qualified to make such reports, and making them without examining MK either. Escaping justice for making such a fake report, and also breaking the most sacred of oaths doctors take before beginning to practise – the Hippocratic oath – this so-called doctor has moved on from the NHS, thankfully. Lets hope the whole and true story comes out about what was behind this fake report, and the police’s involvement also, as what happened is truly a scandal. This, the fake report and whats behind it all, is just one reason ehy MK is being held in prison – lest certain connivances are made public. Maurice is paying, by being wrongly imprisoned and not being allowed to finish his civil case he has going against the S. Wales police, for others crimes – and this could not be more wrong.

7] H.M. Probation Admit 2009 Police Psychiatrist’s Reports Are Incorrect Requiring An Updated Psychiatrist’s ReportTo Secure Release



Appeal documents: 1, 2, 3816910 2ND LETTER 19NOV APPEAL17191707168121735166

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