Some documents received from MK on the 8 Nov. ’14 – in order: 1 – 7]  MK v S. Wales Police 5 Nov. ’14 2] Medical update 6 Nov. ’14 3] 1 Hour Cell meeting with Independent Monitoring Board 4 Nov. ’14 4,5] 19 Nov. ’14 Bristol CC Appeal – Arrest of Crown Prosecutor  31 Oct. ’14 6] The Musa Case – Pt. 1, 6 Nov. ’14 Maurice is now bed-ridden, and has had his wheelchair removed – the healthcare staff claiming that to be without a wheelchair is better for him. MK has already collapsed once in HMP Swansea due to his painful and serious medical condition, which the authorities, by their abject indifference to things, ignore wholesale. MK has been awaiting the urgent medical operation since the end of the 1st week of March, 2014 – some 8 months ago now. Many government depts. have been written to, inc. the Prime Minister, Mr. Grayling Sec. of State for Justice, Ms. T. May Home Secretary, Mr. J. Hunt Welsh Minister for Health, and more – all  [except Mr. Hunt] replied that they have forwarded the sent details informing them of MK’s denial of the urgent medical operation to the “Ministry of Justice” – who have replied on more than one occasion that I do not have MK’s permission to deal with them, even though I have enclosed MK’s letter of permission with documents sent to them numerous times! Lest we forget:  Some calls from MK from prison: Jan. 2014: 1 K v SWP 2012 K v SWP 2023 K v SWP 2034 K v SWP 2045 K v SWP 2056 K v SWP 2067 K v SWP 207 Medical Update 6 Nov. ’14MED UP 6NOV14208 1 hour Cell Meeting with Independent Monitoring Board 4 Nov. ’141 hr IMB MTG 4NOV14209 19 Bristol Cr. Ct. Appeal – Arrest of Cr. Prosecutor1 BRIS CC ARR OF CC PROS2102 BRIS CC ARR OF CC PROS211 The Musa case – MK to others, Pt. 11 MUSA V H C 6NOV142122 MUSA V H C 6NOV14213 Please scroll down or see archives on the right of page for more important documents etc. from Maurice Kirk. MK’s site is:

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