Communication to a concerned party 30 Nov. 2014, 12.48pm GMT:

“hi ——

Maurice [Kirk] has gone missing – no prison will tell us where he is after his hearing finished on Monday at Bristol CC – he was at HMP Bristol. I , with others, have tried calling HMP Bristol [where he was] and Swansea but they refuse to say anything, and it is very worrying considering his health conditions – his serious long awaited stomach operation has still not happened, and although he was rushed to hospital on Weds 19 Nov halfway through the court hearing because he was in so much pain and given pain relief immediately as soon as he left the hospital hours later all medication ceased again at the prison as they’ve refused continually to give him any pain relief at all. Also his long awaited urgent stomach operation is still being refused by authorities after nearly 9 months of waiting. His sister will not be told either by anybody she contacts where MK is. If you know of any way we can affirm where MK is, pls let us know.


Below: replies from the P.M. – the latest communication received on the 28 Nov. ’14 – nothing has been received back from the MoJ or anybody regarding the serious situation MK is in despite what has been stated in these letters.PRIME 8 REDACT OCT14 133


PRIME 7 NOV 14 RED 199pm 26 redac nov14


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