Maurice has been located in HMP Bristol, after vanishing completely for a couple of days in the system, with no authority telling anybody where he was. The games they play.

Below, a letter from “Dolmans” solicitors outfit, which explains, in part, MK’s actions against S. Wales police for endless years of persecution and harassment.

Below that – who calls doctors into account when they have fabricated reports on a patient?  This letter, from the “General Medical Council”, actually states that if a doctor makes a false medical report regarding a patient, not only can the report not be cancelled and deleted, and stays as a legal document, but also the doctor cannot be reprimanded for his dubious actions, or even crimes. This is exactly the case regarding a report a so-called “consultant psychiatrist”, employed by the taxpayer, made against Maurice Kirk – the report stating that Maurice had a “brain tumour”, when, of course, he hadn’t, which later proper NHS tests proved beyond a shadow of doubt.  So, not only can this report not be made null and void, as the GMC state in this letter below, but also any doctor making such a fastidious report cannot be reprimanded in any way. This, to any layman, or taxpayer, may seem ludicrous, that such legislation should be taken seriously, because it is ludicrous, and the sooner this legislative nonsense was expelled from the rulebooks the sooner this grotesque loophole defending criminal types within the health service, viz. dodgy doctors, will not be able to be used against patients. The doctor who made the false report stating MK had a brain tumour when he hadn’t, resigned from the health services when all became too much regarding his dirty deeds, and escaped all forms of prosecution and redress, but his dubious nonsensical report still stands as a legal document which can be used in a court of law, as it cannot be cancelled as anything null and void should be. What kind of legislation is this??  Rubbish legislation – that’s what, with the “old pals act” in full play, with doctors not bringing other doctors into line when they have morally or criminally erred. This “consultant psychiatrist” misused his position in one of the worst ways a doctor can, making the Hippocratic oath he took a complete joke, yet he stands protected by his peers – the GMC. This is outrageous, and shouldn’t be allowed to happen at all, but it is, and will continue to until common sense overcomes the “old pals act” between doctors, and its freemasonic connections.



Below, the letter from the GMC, outlining the bizarre position of honouring dubious medical reports which are, in fact, lies, along with the doctors who make them:



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