After contacting the N.H.S. in the U.K. with the faint hope they could help Maurice Kirk get the urgent stomach operation he’s been denied since the first week of March 2013, I received the 2 replies, below, on the 3rd December ’14, the replies dated 2 December and the 7 November.

Almost exactly 9 months ago – on the 3rd March 2014 – Maurice ended his 30-odd day long hunger strike in HMP Cardiff after receiving an official notification from a chief prison doctor stating, in writing, he had no brain tumour, etc. [see below]. He’d been trying to get official notification regarding this non-existing ailment since 2009 when he was falsely diagnosed as having brain tumour, without any examination or anything, by the then head of “Caswell Clinic”, Wales, a so-called “consultant psychiatrist”.

A couple of days later things turned really bad as parts of his stomach began exiting his anal orifice, and remained suspended. This was the origin of the serious pain he still is experiencing and getting no treatment for, not even pain relief, he tells us.  [MK is now bedridden, and is denied a wheelchair, we were told]. Indeed, he was swiftly taken to Bristol Infirmary on Weds 12 November as he could no longer continue his appeal hearing at Bristol Crown Court because he was in so much pain. At the Infirmary, the doctors saw the situation and immediately gave him medication, including pain relief, but after a short while he was returned to the prison where, he tells us, all medication ceased as per the norm there.

The following Monday he could not enter the courtroom for the continuation of the hearing as he was in so much pain and had not received any medication. Imagine that. A citizen who attended the hearing that day gives a report, below, which is as outrageous as it is shocking:

“At the last hearing, on 25 November 2014 at Bristol Crown Court, Maurice declined to appear in court as he had been denied his medication.A representative of Geo Amery [the contracted transport company used by prisons to ferry inmates to courts and back] told the judge that he was declining to leave the van as he had been denied his medication.The Judge directed that he be taken back to the prison and that the hearing and remainder of his appeal would take place in his absence.

He later gave a judgment that stated that Maurice had been manipulating the court throughout the appeal and accused him of histrionics.  He dismissed Maurice’s appeal and ordered costs of £1000. So Maurice was denied natural justice and denied the opportunity of giving evidence in his defence, so his appeal was denied in default as a result of the prison authorities deliberately abusing him by not giving him his medication. I’ve heard of proceedings proceeding in defendant’s absence who deliberately absent themselves from their trials, but someone who has been denied vital medication cannot be said to have deliberately absented himself from the hearing.”


“Hopefully Maurice will be applying to state a case regarding the dismissal of his appeal in his absence, as a result of the prison authorities again deliberately denying him his medication.

In addition, there was no evidence placed before the court on which Judge —-or Judge  Deputy Advocate General could have concluded that it was reasonable to order him to pay prosecution costs of £1.088.”  [from ]. 

What a situation.   Below, the 2 replies from the NHS, UK., stating to contact the “Welsh Assembly”. This had already been done a couple of weeks previously, along with the Welsh government at their 2 different addresses. No replies from either have been received to date.   Mr. Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Health, Wales was also contacted, but nothing became of that also.  Then follows the communication from HMP Cardiff “Healthcare”, which saw the end of MK’s month-long hunger strike, followed by the official UK NHS “brain scan” report from late 2013, showing, naturally, MK had no “brain tumour”.  

note 19 nov RED 14325note 19 nov red 14326

The communication from HMP Cardiff “Healthcare”, March 2014:

KIRK healthcare 5 MAR14 14939

The official NHS scan result report dated 28 Nov. 2013, showing nothing untoward:


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Maurice Kirk’s site is http://www.kirkflyingvet.comM kirk SEPT 2013 1ba.jpgA

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